Where is America?

Avaldati 26 apr 2021
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  • AmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAricaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaAmericaaAme

  • Saint brendan discovered america

  • When we say "Colombus discoved America" we don't mean he discovered it for all humanity, we mean he discovered it for our civilization. Like if you say to your friends "Jeff found this great new restaurant." You don't mean that your friend Jeff was the first human to ever visit that restaurant, you mean he was the first of your group of friends to find it. So when White liberal hipsters say "Colombus didn't discover it, there were already people there" they aren't being humble like they think. They are actually being super arrogant and profoundly White supremacist. Their premise is that when a White man makes a statement he must act as if he represents all humanity instead of just his particular group.

  • I can think of worse uses of taxpayer dollars *cough* blue Origen bailout *cough*

  • People just call the US “America”, I can it US or United States

  • I feel "Make Chad 3 great again" is a much better slogan than recent falsely named ones!

  • 3:23 OMG HUMAN SKIN SOFA!!!! (8 bit)

  • Americ the Welshman was most likely the namesake, not Vespucci, else it'd be called Vespuccia.

  • Merica?


  • Loving the 8-bit skin sofa

  • north america

  • I always liked to think that United States of America means "some states from this part of the world that are united"

  • It's everywhere

  • When the last President of that country first talked about "making America great again", my kid (than 15) proposed to rename the country from USA to USHNA, i.e. "The United States of Half of North America" - just to remind him and other people that e.g. Brazil and Mexico are a part of America, too... and why would you build a wall across that which you want to make great again?

  • "Amerigo said he got there first and soon the entire landmass was named after him" " *VESPUCCIVILLE* "

  • Glad I found this video I was panicking cuz I couldn’t remember where America was thanks man 🙏🙏🙏

  • god save the queen

  • America being part of America is like describing a set of sets. Erwin Gödel and Douglas Hofstadter enter the chat.

  • It took the Brits to tell Americans they're not the only Americans. I'm american but I'm not American.

  • No it’s Patrick!

  • why don't we call it "the Union States in the center of the north American Continent "

  • Personally, I in Canada, call them United Statians

  • America is a continent and the United States of America is a country, why don’t we just take of the “of America” there and just call them… uuuhhhh… Statean? Stateanese? Idk something like that

  • According to Americans it's the whole world.

  • Slightly Newer Mexico is a great name

  • Actually we refer to ourselves as "The United States".

  • North Mexico seems fair since they stole half of it


  • The fact that Chad came up three times is absolutely hilarious. 10/10

  • Atlantica is the best potential name

  • I really want to see a video with Mark and his brother from another mother Henry Cavill

  • AMERICA is a huge continent, not a country. US, Or United States, or USA (United States Of America) is a country located in the north of the Amercian continent. American continent is divided in 3: north, central and south. In north America, we have also Canada and Alaska. I don't understand why people say: Im going to travel to America (when actually they are going to US). There are many countries in America! (which is a continent, not a country).

  • Beautiful stuff.

  • As a Canadian, it’s true - we don’t like being mistaken for Americans.

    • *U.S. Citizens/U.S. Americans. Anyone from the American Continent(s) is an American, including Canadians.

  • Merica

  • Let's face it, we'd rename it "The 'Merica"

  • 5:56 I vote 'Have a Nice Day'. It has a certain ring to it.

  • 1:59 Something to that extend. But not exactly like that. In English spelling I'd write it as wahldtzaymøller. Since ø is clearly English.

  • I'm pretty sure America is in Limboland. Seriously though, it's in Limburg, the Netherlands. We all know this!

  • Here's a thing,if Mexico and Brazil din't use the state system,United States of America would actually be THE united states of america,they would be the only ones who use states instead of provinces,departments,etc (in the continent,not the world)

  • America is in the Netherlands am I right?

  • I claim Britain as a colony of Rhode Island's smallest county

  • i think so

  • Soy es Estadounidense

  • "Fredonia" (for the unaware) was actually considered by a minority of Americans wanting to change the name of the country for a long time, until it was turned into a name of mockery by opponents and became a byword for absurd hyperpatriotism, as well as just a bunch of regular placenames-I guess there's more than one town called Fredonia in this country, strangely. My first exposure to the word was, naturally, the Marx Brothers movie _Duck Soup._

    • Imagine the United States of Fredonia

  • *Hot Canada*

  • For a long time Columbia was synonymous with America.

  • The China theory is made up bullshit.

  • Jay hollering in the street 😂😫

  • Ok I watched the ad. Well done

  • In German it is even more complicated, here means "Amerika" both the US, North America and North/South America together. (Depending on the context)

  • I suddenly want runny honey.

  • Please make sure you pause this video at 3:51

  • They should have called the America Eriksona, after Leif Erikson

  • More people in South America speak Portuguese than Spanish.

  • USArians

  • It’s where my finger is on the map

  • hmm.. vespucia, sounds nice

  • *The Land Of The Rising Gun* 😂

  • CHAD 2 NOW

  • I cowerd at 1:38

  • We're all living in Amerika Amerika ist wunderbar

  • Did you end your stereo show?

  • On Brazil we do not say "Los Estados Unidos", but just "Estados Unidos", since we speak Portuguese...

    • Funny: In Spanish we also drop the article most of the time, and it's the article the only thing that's different between Spanish and Portuguese

    • or something is "Estadunidense"

  • Just call it Leif Eriksonsland

  • 6:15 *Gasp* _Really???_

  • 3:54 number 10 had me dead

  • Little is known that when Amerigo departed, also set sail his twin brothers, Afrigo and Antarctigo, to discover new lands.

  • How does the America part make "a lot less sense"? It's referring to the continent

  • That wasn't electrical tape at the end, it was Gaffer tape, or Duck Tape, or 'duct' tape.

  • 1:42 I hope he was doing that in The City of London.

  • Ah yes, The Lincolnland

  • Enfield Town

  • alright, time for “The United States IN America”

    • "... that aren't Mexican."

  • It's clear what the USA would call itself if it were to change its name. It will be called 'MERICAAA WOOHOO BOOM.

  • Skin sofa song in background, love it

  • 2:23 and you know how british jay is when he used the abc uk jingle from the 50's?

  • How about the Viking name for the place? "Vinland" Vin after Wine. Vin Scandinavian for wine.

    • Vinland was in Canada though

  • As a Oregonian, I don't think there is a single point in my life of nearly 30 years I have ever referred to the US as America. The US/US is the go to always for me, with the uncommon use of USA/The USA. I never myself understood why the hell this nation wound up calling itself America when there is two continents and a subcontinent all with that title. But it's about as US as you can get with that massive arrogance haha. Also, it's akin to calling Native Americans "Indians" - the only Indians around are from India, so when people say that I always have to ask if they're referring to "Indian Indians" or Native Indians, which Indian Indian is the perfect way to show how goddamn stupid that is in the first place.

    • It depends on who and where you ask.

  • rifles weren't used in the 1700s guys

  • 3:53 rip that guy at #10 LMAO

  • The District of Columbia was named after the goddess, Columbia, not the lost explorer, Columbus.

    • But from what/who the godess Columbia named after?

  • When Pax Americana fails they'll have to change surely

  • So Really it's, The United States of the Americas

    • Or the United States of North America but there are a few countries in América with States.

  • "north mexico"

  • I'm waiting for the day that the map map map men men men part is "finished," and they start talking and a men comes out of nowhere and they're confused af

  • Hey. You know joke are funny when you understand them. So just so you know I find your talk confusing. I know you were joking but joke is built upon common sense, things we both know. So people who have not studied Your History, this is totally not for them(that includes me) will take what you say seriously. Because of the way you say jokes like everybody know otherwise. things in history books are not even accurate in the first place, so to be made a joking on history as you retell creates misunderstanding especially when you joke as your joke is casually said matter of factly. Don't spew the bull**** with a straight face with informative talking. You are now becoming a historian. History on the other hand should not de mixed with unnecessary shinanegans because you were not there in the first place. And historians are humans too who writes with bias. Look what the Americans do just to justify their forefathers and company for slaves in the past. You did not experience it for you to be making a joke that can mislead us who do not study your History. Then you talk so fast and words somehow hard to understand.

  • The USA of America 😂 😂 sideways laughing emoji

  • Canadian-Mexican Border Patrol

  • America meets all the requirements to be called Atlantis

  • Vespucci gang represent. Columbus was a shite geographer and his shite fan club think he discovered the earth is round for some reason

  • Hmm reminds me of the City of London in the city of London.

  • If asked i usually say I'm from the US. Its usually when I'm being described i hear "he's american".

  • Forget America... they’re really stretching the definition of ‘United’ these days.

  • *Land of the Rising Gun*

  • 3:52 One has to appreciate just how difficult it is to tell whether or not any of these are real

  • The Mostly United States of Mostly Central North America and Some

  • The US is on the verge of collapse

  • That part of America is clearly named *Virginia* (slang "Wahinia") since times immemorial (except Florida and the southern tip of Texas. Even New England was once just North Virgina!