Twitter 2.0 features (YIAY

Avaldati 17 mai 2021
For today's YIAY, I asked you what cool new features you'd want to see in Twitter 2.0. Once again, this is a blind YIAY, meaning I had no idea what I was about to read.

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  • "I don't know Jack's last name. The Jack on Twitter." "Douglass." "No-"

  • Sus

  • 6:09 I thought he was going to say "it was funny for a minute"

  • twitter for light mode

  • Elon Musk's bio should read: Yesterday I asked Jeff Bezos for a ride to the airport.

  • my twitter is already black mirror with oled

  • Twitter watching this: Write that down, WRITE THAT DOWN!!!

  • Ratio

  • Yesterday, aye isked you

  • 6:38 oh cool it happened

  • YAItY Yesterday Asked I to You

  • #YIAYelon just bought all the fursuits in the world then burned them yoloooooo #blessed #yolo #gamer #minecraft #furryjail

  • Bring back the star button

  • Even though Retweet exists, we should see feet pics and unsee tweets LOL

  • nice one

  • "Jack, it's been two months, release the YIAY episode on my twitter bio already" #YIAYelon

  • Ligit answer: Hoe about a Dislike button. Democracy is a thing you know.

  • I love yaiy

  • Alternate title: White man complains about Twitter for 8 minutes straight

  • Jack do be kinda sus tho

  • Me: light mode

  • Ratio EDIT:My phone just caught on fire from commenting ratio

  • 1:48 you got what you wanted.

  • fo sho the black mirror thing blew my mind 😂

  • #YIAYelon Oooh wario spicy garlic ahaha get it snl that was hip and cool right anyways follow for more epic Reddit funnies

  • and if the ratio people start tweeting from their pc does their pc blow up too

  • Is twitter for android the theme of twitter?

  • Twitter asks me if I’m sure I want to send my tweets

  • Ratio

  • Am I the only one that thinks jack is hot?

  • what if i get a new phone and not install twitter on that one

  • "A before I, you're gonna die"

  • the golden age: here are your best answers the dark age: here are your most _____ answers the renaissance: here are you answers that i'm seeing for the first time

  • ratio

  • i know its over but i feeture that goes back in your twittes and deletes your old twittes so you dont get cancelled for being young and dumb

  • "How'd you get 5 millions dollars in debt?" "....I tweeted out that I don't like Dream"

  • Every new video, jack becomes more of a boomer

  • Yesterday ask i you

  • I can't believe you laughed at "a like button"

  • YIAYdea: wtf does turbo virgin mean

  • One time my friend joked about how this girl used light mode and she said "dark mode is too scary"

  • Yo, Facebook actually picked up the safe replies concept. Wtf?

  • I before A. That spells YIAY. A before I. It's time to die.

  • i'm up for yif #YIAYelen

  • #YAIY

  • Sus

  • YAIY is my favorite internet show.

  • #yiayelon Not like the other billionaires, im a memer

  • ඞ *S U S*

  • #YIAYelon Oopsie woopsie *nuzzles you* I made Jeffy Amazon guy ewwewevant *cutely points gun at you* now you muwst buy my supew coow cawr, UWU.

  • I use light mode because dark mode gives me migraines

  • a hyper intelligent a.i that stops you from posting something that isn't true

  • Ratio

  • You had me at "View Feet Pics". Don't judge a EEpush video by its thumbnail, kids.

  • 0:33 that's just Eye Bleach

  • #YIAYelon haha rockets and shit 😎

  • a dislike button could kill


  • Dan Schneider is gonna love this update.

  • how to fix twitter: dont go in there, ever, it'll make you sad

  • Jack looks like he just got done crying.

  • Is that a fucking Perrier bottle in the backround

  • alkhamed al barsad ul umesh

  • #gaming

  • Omg! This is so me! (i'm an aries)

  • My phone has a setting that forces all apps to be in Dark mode at once

  • Ratio

  • i would really want the unsee tweet

  • #YIAYelon I'm so rich, I named my son after an equation. Hell yeah.

  • ratio

  • wait, I swear there was another tweet that was deleted.

  • Well this kinda aged well

  • Twitter 2.0 features (YIAY #539)

  • I want EVERY social media app to have a huge deactivate account button on the screen at all times

  • I am literally on Twitter for the porn, the furries and making fun of dream stans.

  • 6:51 is the best one

  • #YIAYElon haha elonwario go brrrrrrr

  • what kind of onlyfans is jack on??? 💀 drop the link tho 👁👁

  • i use light mode because as an early internet adopter, you didn't have a choice, yahoo was light mode, skype was blue mode, youtube was what ever mode, word document was light mode.

  • ratio

  • When Erin said Douglass i lost it

  • No we can’t

  • I swear people like to be mad about something

  • 2:47 should become real

  • imagine subbing to jacksfilms, im no virgin!

  • Wikifeet makes me wikibeat my wikimeat

  • Oh my god jack, just give Erin her own mic already

  • twitter premium is real. It's called twitter blue.

  • Kony 2012 wasn’t that bad *notification* five dollars?!? What the is heck

  • Twitter 2.0 should add a "reply with fancam" button for K-pop stans.

  • "everyone hates light mode" yes. It's the devil. #darkmodeyoutubeganggang

    • Omg this is the funniest YAIY ever

  • 6:52 i lik profiel pictur

  • page.

  • when he looks down to read it looks like his eyes are closed and I'm just seeing this

    • You should get a notification every single time someone tweets, and you can't turn them off to

  • I want to point out that the extra dark mode is already in Twitter.

  • #YIAYelon sending shit into space since 2008

  • #YIAYelon hey remember when people used to like me?

    • about Mario because I am Elon Musk, bitch." #YIAYElon

  • I am not sorry for the snl wario video. -Husband -Father #YIAYelon

  • #YIAYelon currently doing something either completely predictable or fricking amazing

  • #YIAYelon You can't think about me being Wario. I will forever be Wario that you will think of when you think of Wario suck it up you dinguse