Trope Talk: Powerhouses

Avaldati 23 apr 2021
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Everyone loves a powerhouse, and by "everyone" I mean "me, and I'm tired of other people not appreciating them enough!"

"Sneaky Snitch" Kevin MacLeod (
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  • Hello again everyone. We know this isn't our first time here

  • Yay found this again

  • 10:00 Yo! I love Leverage!

  • What about powerhouses in villains? Like Mecha Sonic from SMBZ?

  • 4:54 Ahhh! Stargate! Love that show.

    • 10:00 Yo! I love Leverage too!

  • Got into Leverage because of this video and now I'm done binging and I want more and now it looks like their bringing the show back next month, YAAY!

  • 3:40 _Oh god he’s gonna peel the crab_

  • This video was a "Be strong and hit stuff" away from being exclusively about Nora Valkyrie from RWBY.

  • Thank you so much for talking about Leverage. One of my favorite shows!!

  • Care to do Optimus prime ?

  • "I HACKED HISTORY!" one of the greatest lines I have ever heard.

  • In One Punch Man all S-class heroes are powerhouses among heroes. Tatsumaki is a powerhouse among S-classes. Saitama is the omnipotent guy, who is generally just oblivious to what is happening.

  • I feel like we use avatar for so many trope examples that it literally became the example for writing almost any trope.

  • The Villains in Jujutsu Kaisen always make sure that Gojo Satoru got disabled first before they act 👀 if they didn't do that they will got obliterated in like 5 minutes max

  • Can I just say after this I watched leverage on Amazon prime and am currently on season 3 and loving it. Thank you for the reccomendation 😂

  • Thanks for reminding me that leverage exists

  • 2:30 Raven of Teen Titans qualifies as both. Theoretically the strongest, rarely so in practice. 3:00 Huh, I never looked at Ben 10 like that. Makes me appreciate the need for the support characters more. 3:40 I agree with that assessment. Non benders struggle against benders, water isn't always available in quantity, air doesn't exactly hit the hardest (not without prep and windup at least), fire tends to backfire... whereas the number of places without earth can be counted on one hand... most of which are metal. 5:20 I was just thinking that Teen Titans doesn't have a straightforward powerhouse. Cyborg fits the bill at first glance, but is unreliable against anti-robot countermeasures and has power supply issues. Beast Boy has the most mass for tanking hits, but only if he has enough space to turn into a dino or whale, and even then it takes laughably little damage to turn him back into a tiny kid. Robin is too close to lancer/lone wolf/leader territory. I already mentioned Raven. Starfire is probably the most reliable overall - all terrain flight, infinite internal energy that was only shut down once IIRC, range, melee, durability, and no reliance on weapons, tech, equipment, and an extremely robust mental state. Last thing, I gotta say that this Kevin Macleod soundtrack is perfect a video with this kind of tone. "Sneaky Snitch" is the track IIRC.

  • Thank god there’s someone else who’s watched leverage!!

  • I came here for the Toph reference.

  • I love leverage! Haven't watched it in years but glad to hear it's still getting love. If you like this you might also like White Collar.

  • This is what got me to watch leverage, and I absolutely love it. But now I finished the show and am sad because it is over. At least we are getting leverage redemption!!! But until that comes, any suggestions?

  • I can't believe you went through this entire episode without mentioning The Heavy. Literally Powerhouse personified.

  • Mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell

  • Leverage sounds like a US version of Hustle, worth checking out though it is very British.

  • I'm glad there is someone else who's watched leverage

  • I love Leverage! I keep trying to get people into it but no one ever gives it a chance! 😍🤩

  • 1. I now need to rewatch leverage. 2. Where was the song??

  • Leverage deserves to be talked about all the time

  • I was surprised to get a leverage shoutout i loved that show

  • The best example of a power house I know well is Technoblade in the Dream SMP. Any time anyone needs someone to fight an army or blow up a nation, the call on the player that can take a team that was specifically made to defeat him and win the fight. He destroyed the forces of Manberg during the Pogtopia v. Manberg war, and after being betrayed, he teamed up with Dream to entirely destroy the country he helped save. He has the ability to sneak weapons into places he shouldn't have them, bringing a totem of undying to his own execution, and then killing the person trying to execute him while having major disadvantage in equipment. He's not invicible, but he's one of the few people who have gone through several major wars and kept all his conical lives. Granted, he hasn't been hit through a wall, but that's because he rarely streams and is the strongest man on the server.

  • I think a great example of a powerhouse who occasionally gets worfed is ban from 7 deadly sins, because he's definitely strong, but because of immortality can be ripped literally to pieces to show an enemy's strength. Escanor is just a powerhouse, no debate.

  • if done right (which is surprisingly difficult), my common favourite type of powerhouse is the silly jokester/comic relief, the kind of person that doesn't quite fit the group but they keep around because they are obnoxiously powerful

  • Be strong and hit stuff

  • Sure this is somewhere in the comments but can we appreciate that Cyborg from Teen Titans is a Big Guy, a Smart Guy, and a Lancer all wrapped in one?

  • Make a trope talk that involves teen wolf

  • Example: literally most extra rangers

  • Yes. Leverage! Man, I love that show.

  • Leverage reminded me a lot of A-team, but with less pew-pews.

  • Please do the smart guys and the heart next!

  • 5:38 Ah yes. Worf Syndrome.

  • One of my personal favorite Powerhouses is Murray from the Sly Cooper games. His sections are the Powerhouse personified, simple, but effective. His missions almost always involve punching, throwing, or smashing something. Sly and Bentley always insist that he is a core part of the team, in fact whenever in Sly 3 they need to get a team together for a huge heist, Murray is the first guy that they agree they need on board no question.

  • One of my favorite instances of the Worf Effect is One of the first battles between Kuvirua And Korra in S4 of LoK. Its a great way to express Just How much damage Korra sustained during Season 3 and showed that not every problem can be fixed just like that. it’s also a great way to set Kuvirua up as a very intimidating Antagonist And the fight choreography Is Amazing.

    • That's not at all how the Worf effect works. The Worf effect isn't a good thing. What you're talking about is just having a villain beat up someone strong to show how threatening they are, which doesn't really have a name, but I call it "prison rules", where the new guy beats up the biggest toughest guy to show how strong they are. The Worf effect is when that happens over and over again until the strong character getting beaten up seems super weak because they're always getting beaten up

  • Leverage is one of my favourite tv shows and it‘s such a shame how nieche it is somehow ?! It‘s baffling to me !! It‘s so incredibly awesome - AND THERE‘S GONNA BE A CONTINUATION COMING OUT SOON ✨🤩

  • Please do the smart guy they're my favorite

  • He who doesn't go down

  • Leverage is getting a new season! :D

  • *ahem.* The Mitochondria is the most simple and reliable heavy hitter of the cell

  • OMG, Leverage is one of my FAVORITE shows, for all the reasons you mentioned and more. And it totally does tie in here. Thank you for mentioning it, no one ever does!

  • Team Avatar: We need a perfect strategy to deal with the firelord! Toph: Step 1 - Become metal Step 2 - Throw rock Step 3 - Throw more rock

  • THANK YOU !!! Big Guys/Gals have always being my favorite : happy to see a fellow fan of this character type !

  • I know Red mentioned Hulk wasn’t the powerhouse but her description and criteria for the powerhouse describe hulk better prior to middle of infinity war. Maybe you can say Thor only became the powerhouse after they used Hulk to set the stakes

  • Hey, uh, so you told me to watch Leverage. But it’s literally not on any streaming service... sadness.

  • “Punching Superman Through a Wall Syndrome”… I love it.

  • Leverage was awesome. I held off for a long time but when I finally did watch it I was a fan for life


  • I would like to let Red know that not only is Leverage a GREAT FUCKING SHOW, it's also getting a REBOOT IN JULY!!

  • My all time favorite power house is black star from soul eater

  • Curious where Red would put Saitama on this list.

  • OMG LEVERAGE YES You've just made my day.

  • So escanor

  • Leverage is amazing!

  • I love when the powerhouse and the heart are the same person

  • Rest of the party: "The dm said that its going to a narrative, investigative campaign with little to no combat, why are you making a barbarian?" Player:"don't worry about it, just do your thing" ... Dm:"... and you threw her royalguard and the bountyhunter out of the same window... the evil baroness is now alone and shocked..." Player:"i said don't worry about it, now keep doing your thing"

  • worf got his time in ds9

  • My favorite powerhouse is The Great Messier

  • So leverage is like the bbc show hustle but with a man who's basically melinda may from agents of shield? I'm intrigued...

  • Fun fact: Toph was supposed to be a buff dude, but last minute the one of the artists was like "what if we make her a sassy 12 year old blind girl instead?" Really just through out all the stereotypes with that one 😂

  • Can you please do a trope talk about Necromancy!??? Please!

    • Ok, edgelord. Necromancy isn't a trope, though. There is no reason she'd do a video on that

  • I feel like Invincible and Omniman are examples of powerhouses done right.

  • Please can you blend the fire animation with the rest of the image? Anytime I watch these, my OCD kills me inside.


  • Ayyy, Leverage is the BEST! I've actually just been re-watching that show. Glad to hear it mentioned here on Trope Talks!

  • What’s weird is there’s a fairly similar role an actual combat where you usually have the biggest toughest guy be pointman during a breach. Generally he’ll be the guy with the heaviest plates and using a big ass shotgun. Also he’ll probably be the guy helping the squad gunner by humping more ammo than the other guys.

  • I like how you mentioned the powerhouse often having a penchant for food because that's also true of Elliot Spencer, but not in a "big eater" sort of way but rather a "he's eclectically good at a lot of subjects including a strong passion for the culinary arts"


  • Leverage really is an awesome show. I enjoyed it myself

  • Your forgot to mention the biggest power house, mitochondria from “The Cell”

  • The Worf effect always annoyed me and I didn't even know there's an actual name for it. There's this character in Saint Seiya - Taurus Aldebaran - and even though he's constantly regarded as the sturdiest and physically strongest of the group, he's always easily taken down by the bad guys like a random nobody instead of one of the elite as he's said to be.

  • Was there a Tank character in the Fellowship of the Ring Nine-man band? Was it Boromir or Gimli?

    • There wasn't a tank, but the powerhouse was Gandalf, as there were multiple scenarios where he turned the tide of battle after showing up later

  • This is the member that is seriously lacking from the D&D kids group in Stranger Things! They don't have a Tank! No one suggests the idea when Max joins their gang or suggest that Eleven should be Tank and Mage! Such a missed opportunity!

  • I absolutely love that the latest episode of My Hero Academia evolved Bakugo into a proper powerhouse.

  • Oh man, I haven't watched Leverage in a long time. That was my favorite series. Now I need to watch it again.

  • Omg I love leverage, especially the boxing episode where Elliot gets a super focused plot

  • The Sentry in Marvel comics is one of those power houses that is hard to convince to fight, but will get the job done such as in "World War Hulk" he refuses to leave his house until the last possible moment. Spoilers for the Marvel "King in Black" event, When the villain arrives on earth and the fight looks grim the Sentry has enough respect and power that all the Heros gain a confidence boost, than they show the level of threat by having the villain rip the Sentry in half like he was nothing. To emphasize the moment, it was the same way the Sentry killed another villain years prior. This moment was great at showing the level of threat they were dealing with.

  • Leverage is amazing!!!! Glad the series is coming back... though kinda depressing all the same because I just googled the news surrounding it

  • I would like to point out that I am making D&D characters based on these tropes.

  • Please watch leverage. Great characters everyone is a flawed hero with a criminal back story. Great chemistry between every character. They seek redemption throughout the series and it has a wonderful final episode that is not the end but only a new beginning.

  • Started a campaign as a Half-Orc Barbarian/Monk in D&D and will be focusing on grapples and fishing for crits with advantage and with the Monk's multi-hitting stuff. I also plan to get the Athlete trait to jump and climb with my hapless victim and piledriver them to oblivion

  • Junko from Storm Hawks, Tien from DBZ, Cyborg from Teen Titans Those are the only examples of complex, relatively developed powerhouses I can think of.

    • AND YES Tien is the powerhouse through much of DB and DBZ . . . . hes the first to beat Goku in a fight, hes got the most muscle mass, and he can take on opponents way fucking stronger than him and actually hold his own. He basically bodied semiperfect Cell, without taking a single hit. And lasted longer than Piccolo against the androids.

  • There or named something big like behemoth or something small like teddy it’s never in the middle

  • Upon rewatch: is Berserk what happens when the powerhouse is also the main protagonist?

    • @Eryvac *00 fair enough

    • That's every shonen anime, mate.

  • 10:24 this show sounds a lot like the anime "Great Pretender"

  • Question! How powerful, in your opinion, would a Powerhouse have to be before they start to fall within the Mary Sue trope?

    • @Eryvac *00 Thank you :) I’m currently writing a story where I want to explore the potential of my characters and their abilities, but I sometimes feel really anxious about if I’m making them too powerful in relation to their personalities and flaws. Seeing this really helps ^.^

    • Ooh, I like this question. It's all based on how many of a group's roles they take up. They're most definately not a Mary Sue if they're just the group puncher, but if they're also the smartest, and the fastest, and the best strategist, then they'll seem very Mary Sue-ish. But this can also depend on their personality and the characters around them. A character can't really be a Mary Sue if their personality isn't fit to be one. They need character flaws, which is why most powerhouses are pretty stupid, or have a crippling fear. A powerhouse can be as strong as you want so long as its addressed in the story and doesn't make them the only character who matters. Look at the powerhouses in this video; Toph is confrontational and quick tempered, Thor is egotistical and very naive about the modern world, Superman isn't very smart compared to the other characters and he always charges in the way of other characters to take hits because he can't really understand how fragile they are

  • 14 year old girls : “I’m like, a Cancer so I don’t want to talk to you, you Gemini” Me : “hmm, am I a powerhouse?” *I say as see the comparisons between a powerhouse and me*

    • @Eryvac *00 it was a joke but if you wanna take it seriously go ahead

    • That's adorable. You think the real world functions on the same rules as fiction. Mate, you're a normal person, not a powerhouse, or the heart, or a Mary Sue, or anything like that. You probably think you're strong and reliable like the powerhouse, but you aren't coming to save the day when you say yes when your friend asks you to move the couch

  • AHHH LEVERAGE!!! I saw the first clip and I screamed😂😂 oh god, I really need to rewatch that show

  • Would Levi Ackerman be a powerhouse?

  • So, is Goku a powerhouse really? While he usually ends up being the strongest in a fight, I don’t think he’s really reliable in a fight like a powerhouse needs to be. He’s a pacifist so he’s got the issue of letting villains live when he shouldn’t. He’s willing to draw out a fight because he’s doing this for fun rather than purely altruistic. And he’s late. I think he is seen as a powerhouse because he ends up being the strongest but he lacks the reliability to fit in exactly as one. Plus, he gets his ass handed to him frequently in all of the series. I mean, he’s died twice trying to make the ultimate sacrifice to save everyone and both times it turned out to be worthless. That sounds pretty non-powerhouse to me.

  • I ended up doing the opposite of the worf effect once. My berserker, Tuesday, is possibly the dumbest character in the group, and it's not at all playednfor comedy. Yet there was a situation in an rp where the system was getting hacked. He unplugged it. That solved it. The opposite of the worf effect being, the dumbest person there solved the situation intelligently, to demonstrate how simple the solution really is

  • So the Black Belt in FF1. He's very one-dimensional, to the point that equipping anything at all actually lowers his stats. But he's the best at that particular dimension

  • Speaking of leverage it's getting a reimagining/sequel called Leverage: Redemption coming out sometime in July they've got a trailer for it and everything.