The Main Character of Dream SMP

Avaldati 28 veebr 2021
technoblade tries to cope with the realization that he is a side character

edited by Wardenboo

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"The Happiest Days" by J.F. Gloss


  • Technoblade sayings he gonna die A couple months later "I have cancer" Me: 😢

  • I didn't know technoblade watch anime

  • 👌

  • Who else is now thinking about how Ranboo can just pick up a person if he develops this enough

  • Technoblade's videos are literally some of my favorite to watch. XD I'm always laughing all the way through. Never a dull morning with the blood god.

  • I like how it was a skeleton spawner but then when techno put the spawner again it became a PIG spawned and techno's a-

  • Do second elbow reveal at 10m

  • “The sensei I always dies” *gets cancer* Welp… (this is a joke)


  • I’ve been thinking so endermen can pick up end portle frames right and ranboos part enderman…. can he pick up end portle frames?

  • Naaah..... The Thing is that Kakashi died and get reviewed xD And there are even more mentors who don't die lol

  • I got a screen shot

  • And ninjagos sensei Wu

  • Wait Dekus sensei lived

  • Fun fact am half pig half gren enderdragon

  • Technoblade:hes gonna punch the ground and the whole planet is going to go in hes invitory

  • His parents are ghast and enderman

  • So um guys... endermen can pick up bedrock we need to test this an ranboo he may just be the most op character here

  • This is my absolute favorite video, nothing tops it


  • Yes such a techno blade video

  • While he just sees floating snow


  • Love your videos Im watching all over again

  • ranboo can litterally pick up spawners... he is the chose enderman

  • "Technoblade never dies!" **me seeing his gravestone after knowing he has cancer and saying he's gonna die** Me: My brain cells are broken-

  • 😂😂😂

  • lol🤣

  • 3:29 but jiraya is more like a teacher to naruto and he died

  • Ranboo is half enderman and half ghast

  • TechnoThenk

  • Not so main charecter now

  • 3 million subs in 3 moths. Amazing

  • technoblade: “yo, i’m so rich i have to drop gold blocks to pick it up” also technoblade: a piece of dirt in his hot bar

  • "a government got in the way of phil and i, so i blew it up" Technoblade-2021

  • “Let’s go to the heather and find strong holds!’’ - TechnoBlade 8:36

  • dream XD: *hey u cant do that*

  • Go in ranboo comment in sadist video

  • Ranboo and Techno just being hilarious, meanwhile Phil just dying of laugher every minute


  • Bruuuh Bruuuh Bruuuuuuh Bro

  • "Are we side characters phil?" N o ?


  • Start selling spaunes lol

  • Orphan square always gets me lmao

  • "I want Superpowers too!" -Technoblade/God

  • is anyone gonna talk about how does ranboo do that?

  • e

  • This is why techno is a main character beacause the sensei makes the main character go on adventures right but techno is really close neighbors the old time then they spent alot of time together and there can be two or more main characters so that means we are the sensei beacause we leave the video but when we rewatch it we are alive still in so techno the only thing to do is watch movie

  • Techno: "I'm so rich I had to drop gold to pick it up," Also Techno: **has a single piece of dirt in the toolbar*

  • To make a cake you need 3 milk 3 wheat and 1 egg and 3 sugar look al done!

  • Is it just me or the Dream smp server youtuber forgot the camera

  • T h e c l i p i n l i k e 2 : 0 5

  • H E H A S S i l k T o u c h o n h i s f i n g e r s ?

  • Techno blade: what is a super power I want superpowers. Me: you have superpowers you never die

  • In Minecraft

  • And the best fighter

  • Hi I like your videos and are you the best in Minecraft dream SMP server

  • Ranboo MAIN CHARACTER??? good for him # sensei techno

  • Almost 7 million I only see 9.08 million.

  • Sensei wu isnt Dead yet

  • meow

  • Can we appreciate that in technos ended chest there’s all of these rare items and then there’s just button

  • technoblade's in the cusp of 10mil subs

  • Is it me or Technoblade and Ranboo have such deep voices

  • “The rat from teenage mutant ninja turtles didnt die” D: How can I explain

  • Scammmmmm

  • Ranboos par tender man and part tarts I think

  • Ranboo = slik touch man Techno = walking GPS

  • Kakashi teacher of Naruto didnot die

  • Kakashi did die but he was revived after Naruto defeated Pain

  • Ohhh noooo...

  • sensei -> antagonist

  • you have a super power you never die

  • This is the video with the most advanced editing out of all technoblade videos. He uses an image filter and an audio filter.

  • The rat from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles died to

  • Rambo: where the spawner Techno: human gps

  • Orphan² anyone said orphan


  • techno, techno you have weapons mass destruction

  • The sensi doesn’t always die.

  • "Let them eat cake" Love it that he actually knows something about history😂

  • Dream XD is the villain in the story

  • I'd loose it if techno drops 128 raw pork upon death xD

  • Ranboo: I don’t remember my parents* Techno: - *holds orphan obliderator*

  • kakashi did die, he just came back to life

  • Then who was the one who would kill you hmmm 🤔 R.I.P techno blade 🥲

  • Anyone : does anything a little bit better than techno Techno : HES A MAIN CHARACTERRRRR

  • the sensei ended with the evil plot twist, the main character gotta fight him now

  • for anyone looking for context on why ranboo loses his shit at the end with the enchanted golden apple - he'd spent like five hours the day before hunting for them solo and never found one.

  • Kakashi didn't die yes

  • Techno can't die he is mantor that can't die

  • "you'll be gravely injured" thats the biggest foreshadowing i've ever seen, rest up big man


  • Dream said he was better then you. Is it true?

  • uncle iroh from avatar the last airbender

  • i am crying "But the sensei always dies"

  • Try bedrock

  • tell ranboo to take bedrock plssss

  • how in the nethur dose ranbo have sillk touch fist