The Eternals, Explained!

Avaldati 30 jaan 2021
Who are the Eternals and what are they up to?

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  • So kwill from guardian galaxy dad was a celestial. So

    • In the comics of the Prime MARVEL Universe (Earth-616), Ego the Living Planet is a Massive Cosmic Entity, but not a Celestial. Ego & the Celestials are MCEs, but not related. And also, in the PMU, Star-Lord/Peter Jason Quill is the son of J'son of Spartax.

  • Why are all the eternals Asian in the trailer?

    • There's three Asian actors portraying Eternals. Gemma Chan (Sersi). Don Lee (Gilgamesh). Kumail Nanjiani (Kingo).

  • Will the Eternals be released, on Amazon, earlier, like every thing else,..??

  • Redhead Miley Cyrus

  • Captain Marvel is one of them?

  • Wow I watch this video and ended more confused. Thanks😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫

  • So basically these guys are gods?

  • Can somebody tell me where I can watch all the movies of all the phases (for free maybe)?

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  • I’m confused

  • I have a question. Based on what Ive seen via Loki episode 6 and all this "free will" going around thanks to the Loki variant (Siv/female chick) and 14,000,605 times that battle Thanos (at least per Dr Strange when he looked ahead in time to find that "1" win) thus the question is are the Eternals in every universe through out the multiverse or do they just stay in 1 universe? This kinda reminds of the movie called "Time cop" with Jean Claude Van-dam, and that matter of the same kind can not occupy the same space. Also loved The Fringe, sad to see a father who lost a son to go another universe to kidnap another variation and raise him etc.. (I could go on and on).. The Fringe was a great tv show! Cant wait to see all these "what if's" shows coming out soon! Thanks! In advance

  • I want the most powerful being in marvel universe the 'one above all' to make an appearance..


    • Fun fact: Sersi, Gilgamesh & Starfox/Eros (Thanos' brother) were members of the Avengers.

  • The guy on the far rights mustache is hilarious 😂😂

  • Marvel studios is too cowardly to give them, the movie Eternals, their comic origins. They have both Celestials and a Deviant but just wait and see. MCU stopped taking risk.

    • You should've known by now, the films/television series from the MARVEL Cinematic Universe (Earth-199999) differs from the comics of the Prime MARVEL Universe (Earth-616).

  • > _< wow

  • Phastos seems like a really cool one

  • Looks busy. Head spinning...

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  • Yhi h brahma yhi ha vishnu yhi h mahesh 😂😂😂❤️

  • I like marvel but you guys are straight nerds. I'm going back to my video games now. 😂

    • You’re not that bright are you?

  • Cringe.

  • Zachariah Sitchin, anyone?

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  • Yeah, we get it mirrors of the Roman and Greek gods

  • I can already see myself crying to some of these characters dying

  • Any one watching this because they have no idea what was happen in that trailer

    • No, plus the trailer was mediocre, the characters in the MCU Eternals are nothing like the comic ones. That’s a bad sign

  • Rolls eyes

  • Boring af.

  • I'm still left with more questions that what I started when trying to find out what eternals were 🧐

    • From my ubderstanding they are like the begining super heros or beans rather on earth... they were create by some God's that were called the Celestials.... As a matter of fact the Eternals are just one of the 3 type of beans that were created by these "Gods". You had the Deviants and Humans. The Deviants have rather evil treats and have some mutant genes or something of the sort in them while the Eternals are from my understand totally good and seek to ever become better and bring peace. Humans are in the middle ground, that ying yang of both good and evil. An important thing to note about Eternals is that they can never die unless you totally dismantle every single molecule that makes them up... however they can be placed into an eternal sleep until waken again. Hence the eternals are somewhat viewed as the inferrior beans created by the Gods and they always seek to please these Gods unlike Deviants and Humans. 🤕🤕🤕 yeah this is a long explanation lol im still trying to figure stuff out myself

  • I thought thanos was a son of a'lar and im confused

    • @Gar Ez Jax MARVEL Comics 1976 origins: When the Celestials visited Earth one million years ago and performed genetic experiments on proto-humans, the Celestials created the Eternals, Deviants & modern humans (with the capacity of super-powered mutations). The Celestials also performed these experiments across the universe. That said, I think Thanos was born with the Deviant gene, probably because both Eternals & Deviants share a common ancestor.

    • @Alberto Rojas Thank you. How did he acquire the deviant gene?

    • A'Lars* is Mentor, and Sui-San* (Eternals) are Thanos' parents.

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  • Who are they every character in the tv 📺 and movie and video game

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  • So are the eternals celestials? I mean we only seen like 2 celestials in the whole mcu and thats eson the searcher and ego.


  • Do people believe in heroes ?

  • What is Thanos' power

    • He is strong and smart

  • Can’t wait for the movie to drop!!!!

  • Jesus that mustache is disgusting

  • To be fair, Thanos actually had a point.

  • I don’t ever think I will come to like this “hero group” as the avengers are no more and that really took a toll on me even after all this time :((

  • What a sweet Kiara Dior lookalike host

  • Where were these Eternals during the *snap*? And all of the issues in Earth?😂🤷🏻‍♂️

    • Disney needed money so they told Marvel Studious to make a movie inserting the Eternals awkwardly in the most unnecessary time after all the world ending events has happened in the MCU

    • Watch MARVEL Studios Eternal on November 5, 2021, to find out.

  • Literally DC Universe

    • Yes. But no

  • That's Miley Cyrus Chubby


  • Never heard of this...the movie look like crap fest

  • That guy must cut his beard

  • this kinda contradicts what variant said but let's see, I'm currently half way

  • correction - millions of years ago,, big old gods, because they r literally big n old, i like that dialogue

  • There's nothing more epic than that mustache/beard.. 😅✌️

  • My question is Where were these guys when the avengers were getting their asses whooped by Thanos?

  • I'm calling it now this movie is gonna suuuuuuck

  • 4:44 i paused at the wrong time

  • Angelina Jolie and Gemma Chan supremacy 💅🏾

    • GC as the Eternal, "Sersi". AJ as the Eternal, "Thena".

  • I don't understand a thing these guys say. Its all a slur and too fast. They keep mumbling words. Smh

  • Thus is the first question I asked when u saw the trailer

  • Does this new series wipe out the events of Neil Gaiman’s ETERNALS mini-series? 🖖♾

  • That’s mostly Greek mythological 😌

  • Rly? No one is gonna talk about my dude's moustache? xD

  • I so miss thanos everytime I come across cringe on tiktok and EEpush shorts 🥺

  • 3rd guys beard is disgusting, Jesus Christ

    • Why are you paying attention to another man's facial hair?

    • Bruh🤣

  • Everyone have superpower now. And when superpower become common, they're not interesting anymore.

  • This is fun

  • Gilgamesh be like: Enuma ELISH

  • Who's here after watching the trailer.

  • Cant believe mcu changed the story. So stupid

    • Its not earth 616

  • Everytime the facial hair moves i can't hear what is being said....

  • Who told this dude that facial hair was a good idea? Yo look like he screwed up and fixed that mess like 4 times before giving up and walking away with what it is.

  • Dane Whitman?? Where is He

    • Black Knight/Dane Whitman is not an Eternal. Black Knight is a human who wields a mystical sword the Ebony Blade.

  • I’m here because of the speedster! I want to see his speed and compare it with the flash!🔥

  • What about Angelina's role

  • Y it take a gang of eternals to take one thanos

  • .... sorry I’m juss not fuccin with it. Gimme iron man bcc.

  • I think they might be a good show because they were a very boring comic.

  • This video clearly explains why Eternal won't be a hit as other Marvel movies

  • The algorithm of youtube is working. Wooo

  • See that Kirby style artwork in this video? I would have loved to have seen an animated feature with Kirby backgrounds and characters with Kirby renderings.

  • I didn't know Homelander was one of The Eternals

  • Who knows who that Celestial in "Nowhere"is?

  • Nah sorry what is that beard???😖😭

  • eternal flame

  • Who is the Black Knight and what is his connection?

    • Black Knight is not an Eternal but Sersi had an affair with him. He loves Ikaris too. It's a Trio Love Story.

  • Are the eternals related to the inhumans?

    • No. The Kree made the Inhumans

  • i don't like it they're following the DC path more and more heroes like circus... one hero with one power... make simple and smart like after2000 don't make it under 18 only type

  • Annnnddd how do you not mention king kirby here ?

  • Who or what is the villain in The Eternals ??

    • The evil deviants

    • Yes

  • The Eternals trailer is finally released 😌

  • 3:24. “Step aside or there will be violence.” “I choose violence.”

  • Kratos will eat them all for breakfast

  • Petition to have the eternals revive tony stark

    • @Pete TheHawk that's not going to happen

    • Petition to not have this garbage looking movie released.

    • No, just no. Tony's arc is finished, RDJ is done playing the character, bringing him back would just ruin his ultimate sacrifice

  • Ikaris : I can lead avengers Rhodey : If you dont mind my asking Where the hell have you been all this time? Enternals : Sleeping Thor : *Stands up , Goes to them , Grabs Stormbreaker but through the heads of all of them

    • To bad the eternals can just get new bodies

  • @ everyone saying "the movie would be out by now if not for the pandemic" we're getting 7* MCU movies and like 6 TV series between now and mid-2022. *it's going to be okay.* . *8 if you count Venom 2

    • you think we care about venom?

    • Venom isn't in the MCU.

  • Wait... Thanos is an eternal? Interesting

  • So we have pretty much norse gods. And now the greek gods. Maybe in 10-15 years we'll get the egyptian gods because PLEASE I need that

    • All religions are real in marvel

    • Well, Khonshu is gonna be in Moon Knight

  • no one here gonna talk about the guys beard??

  • What? None from Indian scriptures??? It is ironical since the word "Eternals" actually means "Sanatan" in Sankrit/ Hindi and that's the actual name of Spiritual practices followed in India since millennia ..."Santana Dharma" meaning "Eternal Religion/ Duties".

    • Do you want Marvel to get canceled by idiots Indian religion is sadly a very sensitive topic since people can't distinguish fiction from reality here

    • Well its is not ironical since the word eternals is not orginated from sanskrit.just cos it has a translation doesnt mean its ironic and the comics and its characters were made way before Hollywood went woke,inclusive and diverse and stuff which is a pretty recent event

  • Is Peter Quill also an Eternal??

    • @uncanny dcmarvelous Thank you for reminding me..

    • No, since his father in the MCU, Ego is a Celestial that breed with a human, that made him half Celestial.

  • No one cares