The Crew League Funny Moments

Avaldati 18 apr 2021
The Crew League's Funniest Moments features rappers Jack Harlow, Russ, Swae Lee, Lil Mosey, DDG, The Kid Laroi, Lil Keed & G Herbo! Comment your favorite part of the video and be sure to check out the full episodes with the link below.

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  • I didn’t know Russ was that short.

  • OMG RUSS’s personality makes so much sense now omg it’s because he’s a short ass 🤣🤣🤣

  • nah when druski said herbo had the shiraq demons out tryna smoke someone had me dying

  • bro really asked jit if he know what a 360 is 🤣

  • "lets keep it real were there any metal detectors" Druski too funny bro

  • “Can’t be feeling like DDG, that man weak asf” I ain’t like Laroi much shit was funny😂💀

  • Jack Harlow one of the funniest rapper alive rn

  • We got a waterboy looking like lil uzi lmao

  • 0:43 had dying

  • Niggaaaaa I’m cryinnnnnnnn 😂😂😭😭

  • Damn I cant believe Mosley got Za'Darius Smith on his team wearing #33 3:56

  • "I recruited one homie" then guineas world record looking dude walks on the court...


  • “Yeah they COVID testing but they ain’t pistol testing “ druski is fucking hilarious

  • How tf ddg lost he has 2 7ft players (LSK,and the other dude)

  • Russ seem like a real fun dude to be around.

  • We need Harlow on an adin ross stream😂😂

    • @Culture Link I need that shit ASAP 😂😂

    • I believe Adin Ross confirmed it was going to happen in one of his IRL streams

  • Kid Laroi is not from Australia with that voice bro 😂

  • Russ is the most under the radar disrespectful human on this planet.

  • Why Russ think he smooth

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  • druski and jack are hilarious af

  • that somebody lil cousin

  • Lmfao you heard of a 360 yeah I got one of those for you

  • drake son looking like him fr

  • 18:23

  • druski & jack together is fucking hilarious.

  • That boys marrying a princess tonight!😂😂😂😂Okay then😄😄

  • 20:00

  • “You heard of a 360” 😭💀

  • Why everybody hate russ

  • I love me some jack jack

  • "They some real demons for real" "Its die-monds but ight" lmfaooooooo

    • “o shit i cant read”

  • was that a fuckin FaZe bodyguard?

  • Glen Davis being there makes a Celtic's fan happy

  • where mosey at rn ?

  • “aye u heard of a 360” 😂😂

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  • Bruh nobody is taking about ddg that dude funny too

  • 8:00 ddg is a crakup😂😂

  • Okay but why is Russ a lot shorter than I thought he was...

  • G Herbo shot 😆

  • Bruh Russ takes himself way to serious. Makes him look like such a douche bag.

  • LMAO "big bastard" 😭


  • Bro laroi is such a tool lmao

  • Bro said " you got a 360?"

  • Why laroi sound so weird?? Mans tryna hide the Aussie accent lmaoo and they right he don’t know no one on his team tryna pretend like he from the hood in Australia came up rich and now tryna sound hood?😂😂

  • “They had the schedule”😂

  • Druski’s the best🤣🤣

  • "That's how killers talk."

  • Laughing so hard and its 3 am

  • “ That is a Liberian man👉🏼” 😂😂

  • He sumbody lil cousin

  • Would’ve been funny if one of them recruited shaq to play

  • “Ever heard of a 360” FUCKKKKK🤣🤣🤣

  • “ yeah man that's the end of this bullshxt” 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • russ so annoying

  • Kid Laroi: Bosketboll

  • They got Goblin commentating


  • 90% certain that Laroi dude has herpies

  • Lol Russ is so sassy

  • Jack Harlow is hilarious omg he’s that one friend that keeps you laughing all day

  • LMFAOOOO when big baby pushed Hurbo and he hit his head on the wall Im crying .😭😭😭

  • “Cousin? That is a Liberian man” 😂🇱🇷

  • 16:36 his dance💀

  • Russ Is short

  • This is the funnuest vid ive watched in a while

  • Kid Laherpes

  • Bro russ is like 5’4

  • "Hey, Liz😌"

  • When they went in on the refs I screamed lmaoooo

  • “russ gon take another L this time” *cuts to his loss*

  • Jae lynx look like zendaya

  • Crazy that the dudes from Faze take more perc 30s and xans than the rappers playing in the game lol dudes looking like ghosts out there

  • Season 2 isn’t as funny as season 1

  • The white dude with all the excuse tho 😂😂😂😂

  • Some how all my hate for Russ transferred to kid Lori that boy would not shut the fuck up … Russ greifer

  • “his shit sittin” -jack harlow

  • “One of the dudes I asked what he’s refd he said kids soccer”

  • Russ is the least likable person on the earth.

  • “At the end of the day we all cheating right??” 💀💀💀💀💀💀

  • 11:20 busted. They got my man in 4k Dolby hd.

  • Gotta love Swae Lee

  • Why 24k look like A character from Robot Chicken 😂😂

  • i still hate russ.

  • The Kid Laroi a dumb ass

  • Russ lol

  • We had to catch you while you were crying💀

  • “Hey Liz👀😉”😭😭😭

  • Laroi is so jarring in this video

  • Russ built like a chicken nugget bruh

  • ion like russ he too little to be talking the way he do to people.

  • Russ is cringy af i liked his music but damn

  • i love druski 😂😂😂

  • All these dudes passive aggressive

  • “let’s get big bastard out here” druski needs be hired asap for the nba

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