Avaldati 14 märts 2021
This map takes you through the Matrix, and spits you out... here?!

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  • Noah, to see things on your screen you kind of have to look at your screen

  • Apparently the map that they are playing is the asylum from bo1

  • Ik this was made a while ago but all I could think of the tv was made of is the same thing the Nokia phon was made of lmao

  • noah getting bullied at 11:30

  • the tv's were made by nokia phone company

  • Whos watched the maze runner if u have ur a cod player.

  • Watching your videos is making me wanna play zombies again. Tho I don't have a PC to get custom modded maps on 💀

  • Your PAIIIIN lol

  • Anyone else notice when Noah papd his swat the name changed to open up lol

  • 3:12

  • Ik those games 😢😂

  • The thumbnail looks like mazerunner

  • whoever doin play by play needa shut up lmfao

  • YOOO this was the first custom zombies map that I streamed. It’s fun

  • Epilepsy Warning

  • Hes saying no one doesnt know these games but I know them and I'm young

  • the fact that the swat pap'd was called open up is brilliant

  • Omg Alan Wake was my favorite game back then

  • That one guy ruined the video

  • "im noahj i have a stupid hairline"

  • alan wake is the best (nail gun)


  • 29:25 saving my time gotta go to school

  • 0:17 BigPuffer

  • 29:47 - 30:00 They ignored ch0pper :(

  • All I hear for this video is “What is going! What is going! What’s goin!”

  • How can you download these maps he always plays on PlayStation

  • Can someone tell me how he plays all these different zombie maps because I want to play all of these that he’s been playing

  • I know the games

  • Congrats your almost at 5 mil

  • The fact that I remember when he made that video abt the incredible hulk is stupidly funny

  • That map is a replica of maze runner

  • Oh yea , now thats what im talking about Maze runner

  • I'm 15 and I genuinely loved Allan Wake Really good game

  • the name of the packed icr is so funny omg lol

  • I know those games and I'm 14

  • NoahJ took the red pill

  • You can’t really call this a boss fight as there was no boss to fight at the end. Wack

  • Tf is da intro lol

  • “Nobody knows these old games you’re talking about” ...*me been sucked into EEpush for like 10 years*

  • are we not going to acknowledge the SWAT turned into the OPEN UP after noah pack-a-punched it

  • What is someone made a maze runner zombie map that would be cool

  • Why does Jc sound like jonsandman lol

  • I have played zombies since unlocking it after the world at war campaign. I am 51 and can't understand any of the words you are making up.

  • I really loved your infinity warfare videos I really hope you do more

  • The only F ing reason i click on this was because i saw the maze runner and was hyped

  • But i love outlast.

  • great video cool

  • boo shield

  • I was doing a shadows of evil speed run then my controller died at the last step of the Easter egg and I had the speed run

  • I think if playing the same game over and over again with modded levels or etc to make it fun it's time play another game

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  • i feel scammed i thought there was a maze runner map

  • Was that thumbnail literally maze runner?

  • How do I get these custom zombie's maps on ps4?

  • Nokia tv

  • I know whats OUTLAST i have it bruh🤷‍♂️

  • Lol black ops 4 guns, the one thing Noah hates in bo4.(There’s also bo3 guns as well)

  • When the thumbnail is from the maze runners

  • This map is giving me those vibes you get when your girl is giving you bad head🧐😐

  • Outlast had some scary times🥶🥶🥶

  • The free nic neurochemically remove because camel microcephaly sigh despite a hilarious throat. decorous, natural reindeer

  • Me who played outlast 2: 👀

  • I love dis map!!

  • Funny story i did the "strat" to get a free wonder weapon and i got the RAY-K as i finished the "strat"

  • Outlast best

  • But I played watch dogs

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  • good he hate fortnite

  • Anyone feel like jc is juicy fruit snacks cause of that squeal

    • And when Noah pap his swat it said OPEN UP 😂😂😂

  • “So anyways I started making the spreadsheet” I immediately thought of Welyn and him saying: “So anyways, I made their base on my private server”

  • ..........why would you be texting in the middle of zombie carnage?

  • Where are you finding theses maps i wanna play them

  • 10:07 is the most funny part of this video

  • I remember Alan wake

  • As someone who's sensitive to flashing lights u are correct that room was not good for me

  • I dare you to play wellerman song on one of your videos

  • 3:34 Noah: uh, theres a mystery box right here if anyone wants to hit it. Me: damn, that mystery box lookin fine😏😏.

  • Hey Noah they just finished the dlc for Doom Eternal I hope you plan on playing it, it’s really good

  • Awww I thought this was a maze runner map

  • If my kid grows up and I hear the words Minecraft what’s Alan wake I’m putting him up for adoption

  • Alan wake was a cool game in hell🥵

  • wheres the maze runner map?

  • What are those gun names 😂

  • Alan wake pawg

  • So insane

  • Chopper is a juicer PogU


    • Hella dumb with the throwback streams!!! Cant stop laughing

  • He sounds like FuzionzGamer 😂😂

  • That picture hella click baited me

  • Follow me on twitch @xSailOnx

  • outlast 2 is a good ass game

  • 6:00 Who let the dogs up

  • "If these games aren't Minecraft and Roblox, I don't wanna effing hear it come outa your mouth, ya understand?" - NoahJ 2021

  • Bro tv made by the nokia phone

  • wait there's a clipping feature on youtube now

  • What’s been up with MrTLexify? Is his internet shit or something now

  • Noah’s secret message when jc was talking at 2:09

  • The thumbnail looks like maze runner