The Adin Ross Interview: Cringe Polo G beef, Stabbed in his Sleep, Dissing Dead Opps & More

Avaldati 26 apr 2021
Adin Ross, rising Twitch streamer, talks about his come up on Twitch, new girlfriend, relationship with , friendship with Lil Yachty, Tee Grizzly, Sheck Wes, Zias and more!




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  • 1:10 Adin talks about his streaming come up and being friends with Bronny James: "He's like my brother, he's the most humble guy I've ever met" 2:39 Playing this huge 2K wager was game changer 4:13 "PS5 and the new Xbox are the worst ever" + Bringing girls on his stream 5:31 Playing GTA with Tee Grizzley and befriending rappers: "GTA is like real life" 7:27 EDP445 is disgusting! 8:56 How Adin stream currently, IRL with a vlog feel to his Twitch 10:32 Adin working with rappers like Sheck Wes 11:16 Working with Cactus Jack 13:22 Cringe rap in front of Polo G + Making content 14:55 Living all over the US 15:48 Stabbed in his sleep by an unstable family member 18:04 Showing love to other streamers but gets shitted on in return 18:37 Adam explains the other side of an unfortunate event and to flip a negative to a positive 20:37 How to maintain long entertaining stream 22:01 Fans don't understand when their favorite figure takes some personal time 24:07 Adin talks about his relationship with past and current girlfriends while coming up in this content world 26:24 Adin hates when people say that he changed: "I've never changed as a person, my morals, but that gets to me when people say that!" 27:53 Adin doesn't want to be an "entertainment puppet"! 28:56 The difference between being online and meeting people who think they know you personally 31:31 Relationship with Tee Grizzley + How it also benefits some of them to drop new music 33:46 Adam asks Adin how he's structured his business operation so far + Maybe sign new creative talent 35:07 "Faze Banks changed my life!" 37:17 Adin wants to talk about current rap beefs and rappin the Yungeen Ace song on camera 38:50 Adam wishes OGs would step up and stop beefs in Florida 40:08 How he became friends w Yachty 41:36 Nervous around rapper 41:58 What kinda jokes you can tell around whom? 43:43 Squadding down on Zias: "That was out of pocket!" 44:31 Keep building his content and following: "Super grateful for everything!" 46:04 Adin doesn't care about spending money on expensive clothes or cars 47:43 More money more problem is real

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  • Adin a good guy fr

  • I wanna see adin fight that chick with the gap tooth lol

  • The new legend

  • Someone in the comments of one of my TikTok's @IvanDurhamComedy said I sounded like "Adin Ross" so I had to google him and actually like the cut of his jib. Hope he continues to crush the game in all his present and future endeavors. Great interview! @adam22

  • adin orders cold cheese pizza

  • dont really know this guy jus seen the name a bit recently , seems like a chill dude but if he hasnt already then i hope he sees somebody for the traumatic shit he been thru , its all well and good to be able to ignore it . . til 1 day u jus cant . hes young and his future lookin bright too , would hate for some mental health shit to happen and fuck that up . . especially with his fast rise to fame .

  • What’s up Broski 🦋🦋

  • bruh your fucking awesome i like how you drop knowledge to who youre interviewing , in the sense of not downing someone for someone but give them some advice that would help. not a lot of people like that 💯💯💯💯💯💯

  • aderall or adhd'd to fuck. regardless......respects.

  • He got lucky but he’s smart why I fuck with him even if he got lucky he took advantage of it and grew

  • Him and zias , and him and blue face & ddg are the best combos on the internet rn

  • 15:07 oh…Oh…OHHH 😂 adam’s face

  • He talks like a guys who’s mind is always racing . That’s a marking of a smart man

  • Adams Son

  • Shout out sam. Boonie. Kenny. Laura. Ben. Joe. Willard boys. Shout out Norwalk.

  • Polo g 21. Epidemic. Shout out stevie. Shout out Blodgett.

  • Travis Scott. Lose.

  • Ice box... One hundred...

  • Post malone.... Love the hair bro. Budlight orange.

  • Why is america not at war with China.

  • Tee grizzly and lil durk new shit.

  • Xxxtentacion. Lil peep. Drake. Future. Gabby parret. Charlie puth. Lil Tracy. Someone bring Tracy back btw. Shoutout xbox series x. And ps5. Shoutout to every musician there is.

  • dude thinks he has some super power in suppressing trauma. poor guy doesnt realize thats what everyone does and its horribly unhealthy

  • How many times did he say “like”

  • Now we’re getting into twitch streamers, we need Tyler1 and we’re good

  • SSB - super smash bros

  • "yeah ive always been super social and outgoing" - wearing an anti social shirt

  • Damn bro he’s like ground breaking, for putting EEpush content on tick toc 🤦‍♂️chill out bro your friends are tryin to get you hit 🤡

  • I feel like im the only one left who knows adam from BMX

  • i still have no clue why this guy is famous

    • people use youtube and social media to be entertained . and people find him entertaining . Not me personally but its not rocket science how people get famous.

  • Adin Ross the white boy who got famous off of other famous peoples clout haha id be lying if I didnt admit i was jealous haha ;)

  • He didn’t thank nade wow man

  • I have no idea who any of the guests are on this podcast. It's HYSTERICAL that the tattoed white dude who is obsessed with gang/street life is now constantly talking about teenage tik tockers 🤣🤣🤣🤣 This world is doomed

  • middle schoolers didn't get a pass and grown men for sure don't get a pass with that shaved eyebrow shit. maybe the worst trend ever lol

  • Adin really reminds me to my friend from junior high school his face, attitude, reflex or whatever is like 98% match, No cap!

  • Adin is a good story teller

  • 19:33

  • Bro when he say that’s the guy that does the sus shit had me dead 😂😂

  • Adin is me on adderall

  • Imagine Adin acts sus to Marshmello he would be so uncomfortable 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Say Like again

  • You should interview Tommyinnit lol

  • I’m 17 and I fw both y’all 😂😂 so idk i ain’t that young but yk 😂😂

  • 21:22 adults really have no idea what goes through our heads do they lmfao. like no bro, we dont see you as our "cool rich friend" we just watch you because we think gay jokes are funny tf

  • Very smart dude

  • This was a good ass Interview, Adin a real one and knows is spitting fax

  • 21:00 god bless you bro adin and thas why i started watchin you fr ian really like you at first but you so cool brah big respect hope i meet u oneday we can record and go crazy on ya stream wit my boy blou and zias ong my boys all love

  • adin need to stop dry snitching the twitch game, will close it off even further for new people :(

  • Adin Ross is going to be an empire

  • Adam should interview Zias 🤷🏿‍♂️

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  • Lebron’s a Humble Giant? Lmao 😂

  • Adin u changed

  • Smart kid

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  • I think a man that can be sus and a lil gay is more manly than the guy that is puffing his chest out

  • Adam asked if he was social growing up, he said he was very social, while wearing an anti social shirt 😂 this kid is kinda cringe to watch

  • Never heard of dude other than no jumper

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  • Adin looking sexy here

  • Interview Harry mack, best freestyler dead or alive

  • Interview Harry mack, best freestyler dead or alive

  • Dude is dope subscribed like a week ago easily one of the most entertaining guys on EEpush

  • Zach LaVines cousin on the white side lol

  • Ngl i never liked this kid but idk man this pod helped. I always fuck with the super genuine people. Mike Majlak too. Hope the success continues to find the homie

    • @Chris Costello 🎯

    • @Bentley Vianese Facts dude. Relatable to a shit ton of people. No matter what that dude does ill always be a fan just because who he is deep down and what he stands for

    • Facts, Mike Malijik grew up in the town over from me and I know people who bought coke from him when he was a heroin junkie drug dealer. Dudes an inspiration

  • abib ros

  • This guy is so lame 😂

    • How? 🤣 somebody actually acts like themselves instead of fronting and the soft ass mfs come flocking w hate

  • No jumper how does it feel that you have to constantly babysitting under 21 streamers and SoundCloud rappers. Level up bro

    • Grow up bruh. Stop hating on someone’s life. Keep up the good work Adam!!

  • So he gets famous for having bronny on his friends list to play 2k In mypark lolol it all makes sense now. Hate these 2k losers

  • Your shirt literally says you’re not social

  • Someone tell adin the lines on the eyebrows era is over.

  • The next scooter Braun

  • Wadin

  • I fw adin , he really a nice guy 👍🏽

  • Fire

  • He looks like lil mosey

  • he clearly don't give a fuck for the DRIP!

  • Adam "How concerned about the drip are you" 22

  • (5 hour streams , is haaaaard bro) If your making thousands of dollars doing that for a living No room to complain, coooome on

  • My parents divorced got married to other people And then Got remarried "Dude my life is crazy ". This kid makes it seem like he came up from the gutter

  • Can't knock the hustle But this kid comes off As a sleezeball Like one of the Bad Guys in a Disney highschool Movie

    • Honestly can not see it at all

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  • im high af and this fence in the back fuckin my vision up

  • I love seeing white boys who can get along with any race I just wish he could have more self respect on camera and not allow people to mock him and bully him just because they are celebrities like blue face

  • damn bruh shi crazyyy

  • only making 2 - 3 k from twitch.. heres me making less after studying for a degree for six years

    • @FRCooper6 bro its very tough to entertain people for 5 hours in one sitting as i said before the path less taken is path where u find money and prolly even clout making fans is kinda hard for a normal person his gift is his personality thats life he will soon start generating millions

    • @lil lava yeah I understand why they get paid more I'm just saying that it's annoying asf that I spent 6 years getting a degree to earn less than what he is lol and he was saying earning 2-3k per month was nothing... to literally sit on a stream and talk.

    • i mean ofc u get more money is the path less travelled and he millions of fans almost everybody goes to college he is earning prolly around 150 to 200 k a month from twitch insta yt is booming too

  • I feel like they became best friends by the end of this video and it’s so cool, I loved how they put the stream and fame life into perspective this video is 🤯💯

  • "Always been social" *wearing an anti social shirt* lol I love Adin

  • 41:25 the gay voice came out. “Just doing my sheihyet”

  • Really like seeing him winning

  • “Social” even tho he wearing a anti social shirt 😂😂 I’m dead

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  • Sold out 😳

  • Adin: if a rapper who’s fallen off wants to come on my strea fo sum promotion be my guest Lil pump:👀

  • Adin Ross gets shit on by a bird by accident " yo bro i've been thru so much traumatic shit bro"