THAT'S CRINGE: Girl Defined Edition

Avaldati 28 märts 2018
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About Cody Ko:
CODY KO is an actor/comedian/EEpushr/podcaster/soundcloud rapper/internet badboy based in Venice, CA. He speaks in several podcasts and makes comedy videos on EEpush, some of his most popular videos being his commentary on funny things he finds on Instagram.

THAT'S CRINGE: Girl Defined Edition

Cody Ko


  • Amogus dababy sussy balls

  • 6:03 to 6:31

  • I think my favorite assortment of words ever is "Sorry babe I can't mow the lawn. I got God shit I gotta do."

  • Life hasn’t been the same since I found out both the girls are 6’ 1”

  • Faborite video ever. On Repeat 🔁

  • I come back to rewatch every thats cringe episode atleast twice every month

  • Hahahah xD My buddy personally knows these girls... We were dying throughout your video... These broads are batshit crazy avoid this type of girl. #SpiritualGirlLeadersForChrist

  • I think I've seen every creator who has tackled these two. They are the WORST in just so, so many ways. But this might be my favorite take. Laughed so hard I may have peed a little. Anyway newest subby!! 🤩✌

  • Only cody and noel cud have an entire comment section roasting Jesus himself and not get cancelled My Gs

  • So ummmm…. found out today that Bethany comes from a family of Nazis… 🙃

  • 5:40 Sounds like *mr obsessed* to me

  • “Ight gonna cum” “Mr. struggles what the actual fuck”

  • This video has so many iconic quotes I think of randomly and so often. "I thought about him........ in the shower"

  • pov: it's not your first time here

  • Is anyone else distracted by the length of their necks?

  • Back watching this again

  • 11:00

  • i got god shit i gotta do

  • Is it okay to be obsessed with guys? Don't waste your life.

  • girl defined just accidentally promoting homosexuality 🏳️‍🌈👀💕✨

  • They think Christianity is a personality trait

  • C# is not a low level programming language, it's high level. Don't disrespect C#

  • “Here’s how to be single and satisfied!” Aroaces: “It’s my time…” “NO NOT LIKE THAT”

  • I'm surprised Bethany used the r-slur.

    • when did she say put a time stamp plz

  • Watching this again for the 100th time

  • I would watch boy defined tho😂

  • 11:29 Cody's delivery of this punchline is a work of art

  • I watched this video when I was a Christian. It was really offensive to me. Now though, I'm an atheist and this shit slaps

  • That quake line is so underrated

  • "Ladies and gentlemen" My nonbinary ass losing interest in the video

  • I love the little pat on the shoulder Noel gives when he names the price of the apartment he's "listing." Adds so much.

  • I almost choke on a chickpea bcs of your jokes guys 🤣🤣🤣

  • Struggle is a part of the human condition. I understand the reasons for their standards, but in no way do I think it should be THE standard. Paul himself said that his flesh battled constantly with his spirit. Sin is unfortunately present in even a Christian walk. Certain sins can be overcome with time, practice, and appropriate boundaries. But not all sins will, as we are fallen creatures. The Christian needs to be there for their fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, amidst their struggles, not apart from them.

  • testing

    • Not only do you look ridiculous for criticizing me for spending lots of time doing something that took a few sentences total, but *in criticizing me for responding to personal attacks by others, you're doing the same thing you're accusing me of since you keep replying to my personal attacks of you over and over. MORON.*.

    • AND this is aside from the fact that your entire premise of me only debunking jokes in this thread is nonsensical. I made many posts in this thread, starting off with partially disagreeing with the OP. Two people made the same inane joke of a personal attack at me (you haven't even argued otherwise), which were targeted personal attacks at me, and which I spent very little time shutting down..

  • The disclaimer was very professional and well worded. These women of god are crazy as hell.

  • in the last second of the video did she not just say “and this is r******d” HUH

  • This is gold. Girl Defined is maximum cringe.

  • You can’t commit lust with another nor yourself. No sex before marriage. No masturbation. You must suffer for God and purity. Be virtuous for The Lord. Even if it drives you to the brink. But I will be DAMNED if you date a Mr Struggle..

  • "Hey I got a present for your bi-" "Woah, calm down mr.obsessed smh"

  • This is my comfort video

  • Here rewatching this video after the girls’ family IG shared a pic of Bethany and her n@zi grandma and then had to turn off comments once they got called out for it

  • I’m back after finding out they come from a family of literal Nazis 👁👄👁

  • the girl on the left looks like dollar store meghan trainor


  • 14:59

  • dude the sugar ray video got age restricted 😪😪 saddest day in history

  • theses "Christian" women act like love and forgivness aren't the biggest things Jesus preached

  • Jesus: "faith, hope, and love, of these three, love is the greatest" These women: "i felt attraction to another person, omg talk about being guy obsessed"

  • this is just weird man, Christians arent supposed to act like we don't feel attracted to others lmao

  • The boy is just a symbiote

  • As a Christian these people are insane

  • I come back to this video at least 3-5 times a month

  • phew you guys are FUNNY I'm over here dead on the floor. lmao.

  • I watch this every time I need to get out of a depression

  • As a queer, normal Christian, this is just wrong. If you want to devote yourself to Christ that’s okay, u do u, but like this??? Stay away from me pls mum come pick me up I’m scared

  • Thank you! Guys need to react to fundies more often.

  • Watching this while being high is one of the best experience

  • The outta nowhere sugar gay callback never gets old

  • oh my GOSH guys. ur not allowed to have a crush! god! Mr. struggle over here, am i right??!!!👁👄👁

  • Ned Flanders would be good for them

  • I know it’s this is 3 years ago lol but the thumbnail looks like MIA from RE7 okay bye

  • Sorry, bae... I can't sleep with you today, I'm sleeping with JESUS CHRIST today

  • Is sex always a three way for Christians, since they have to leave room for Jesus?

  • bruh in the last vid she was pale as shit

  • Your humor is not from earth it’s form a far better universe

  • PleasSE will you do another one, it's been three years and these are still my favorite

  • Imagine being cockblocked by God with these chicks

  • 6:20 what did he say I can’t tell

    • He says "i thought about him in the shower"

  • My girlfriend recommended this to me. you guys are great. 10/10 would rate

  • "I'll just take down my harrystyles posters I guess"

  • This video is so quotable

  • " Get the fuck out Janica" haha

  • "No other girl can have him that one's mine" hahah

  • im gonna comment everytime im back here

  • They literally did a u turn

  • I've rewatch this so many times and it makes me laugh so hard

  • My guy Justin is better than this guy come see on my channel

  • the amount of times ive watched this video is just,,,, unhealthy honestly

  • 2:25 Me, a Transmale: *Haha yeah funny...*

  • This has to be my favorite that’s cringe video in addition to MATTYSMOKES 🤪

  • lol they said they were obsessed with certain guys, then they said dont date guys that obsess with you lol

  • God’s probably watching up in the clouds like… “What in my name are these girls doing now?”

  • Not my proudest fap

  • Honestly as much as they talk about being feminine and a stereotype to attract guys, can you imagine being in a relationship with one of these women O_O?

  • 3:26 I thought Noel would say meth or some shit stupid

  • obviously the man of their dreams is a priest!

  • ive watched this video probably 70 times in total in the span of 2 years

  • jk she lied

  • my friend jadyn like likes you

  • still watche this once in awhile XD Evrytime I'm filled with hate for these girls XD And I love it !!!

  • "That don't mean I don't spend dollars Whenever I go to Home Depot" ~ Daddy (Song by Cody, Noel and Quinn XCII)

  • Mr. Struggle needs to overcome his sin of being late by talking to a older godlier man who can hold Mr.Struggle ACCOUNTABLE FOR HIS SIN!!! Dude, being late is not a accountable sin. This is the zealous side of Christianity that is gross. These little woman need to realize that they are actually being prideful in these discussions which is a sin. They need to find a older godlier woman who will make them accountable. F-ing weirdos.

  • They Girl Defined girls are experiments that escaped from basement of the Vatican Cathedral

  • ٢٨ م فيوز

  • I still can't believe that she did a *literal* u-turn

  • @6:50 All hyper-religious people smile like that. God is always watching, and he has heaven guns, so you better be fucking beaming.

  • @girldefined

  • Y’all are stupid I am obsessed lmao