Stop Sending My Mods Weird Messages...

Avaldati 27 apr 2021
My youtooz is live!:

Jack Manifold:

Edited by: BreadDotFLV

Most of the music I listen to on stream is made by LilyPichu:


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  • Get the youtooz now at

  • I can’t watch this without my jaws trying to kill me because I’m not used to smiling & laughing lol

  • Mnihnachoooowouwu

  • Is niki a mother like what

  • Niki's microphone is facing the wring direction in this lol

  • Alternative Title: Niki laughing nonstop for 12:42 minutes

  • 6:45 jack super awkward


  • ,,sad smiley face,,

  • It's official. This is not just a sad face :( It is a sad smiley face :(

  • Nikiiii nihachuuu

  • My 13th time watching this video 😩

  • Attack helicopter is a reference to a Wilbur soot video

  • N I K I N A T A R

  • 6:50 Haha funny moment

  • That was one of the funniest videos I’ve ever watched PLEASE do a part 2 luv you xx

  • Oh my god guys Jack is SUPER awkard at 6:25. He clearly does NOT know how to talk to girls 😂

  • 6:25 Hey guys, look at this timestamp, Jack is awkward

  • 1:43 The fact she said *sad smiley face*


  • Confusement 😅🤨

  • This is why the discord server was deleted

  • As an MCYT mod this video was great lmao

  • I've just found my new comfort video

  • 12:43 epic moment

  • agin plz

  • 4:50 straight to the point


  • 1:29 Fun Fact I’ve had school jello come out my nose, and the liquid Benadryl . Let’s just say the Benadryl did not do what it was supposed to

  • I just imagined a video saying Wilbur soot your new boyfriend lyrics as dream smp members niki being "Shes beauty shes grace" and Jack's being "I have trouble speaking to women-"

  • Pretty pls with da spinkle

  • Hi

  • hits different after niki’s discord is now closed :(

  • No Nihachu is Morebean!

  • Niki is literally dying the whole time XDD


  • It's official, Nihachu is 3 small Georges in a hoodie.

  • 6:28 jack is a SIMP

  • Pfft hahhahahah

  • ah yes when the discord server is still normal

  • Good job on almost 1 mil views

  • The youtooz looks like if Donald Trump was a girl, sorry lmao.

  • this is so entertaining already and I'm one minute in

  • 6:52 😏

  • … i ship it

  • Not trying to be mean or anything but Niacho, you should Wilbur again.

  • i want more of these its hilarious omg

  • Niki is just dying 💀 my name is Niki too bro


  • This video was probably the funniest thing I've ever seen!


  • yea i send mods weird messages...

  • Niki is like the berdholt of mcyts

  • Nihachu has big bahoongas

  • I use the same headphones as jack

  • 10:46 we now refer to her as "the nikinator"

  • Na-choooo....

  • Hey guys! Look at this timestamp! 6:54

  • I love how calm you are

  • i need you to know that no one is going to buy youtooz of a blond girl, they just watch you, no one cares

    • Cry

    • well, if that's the case at least 500 people care

    • @Al Ru if i was a stranger and saw this comment i would be like "woww... approximately someone makes 40k youtooz, it all sold out! no. She probably afford like 500 of them and it should not be too hard to sell 500 youtooz. No one cares

    • Guess what, it sold out a while ago, some people care.

  • 1 million pog

  • 6:25 me, after hearing jack saying that: -sniffsss air- I-... I smell a simp owo

  • I love you ninaniach!

  • Niki is indeed Goerges🥴

  • Jack Manisimp

  • Hi Iky

  • 8:04 he sounds like wilbur

  • A sad smiley face , so is it smiling , or is it sad

  • Most of nikis videos are so chill and so hilarious and I love it so much, just to put this out there

  • 6:25 though.. jack is awkward

  • nicholas nihachu

  • hi niki

  • Is it just me or niki said a sad smiley face...

  • Niki's laugh always gets me bruh XD

  • Somebody is impersonating Nihachu I believe on discord.

  • 6:46 amen

  • Niki you are my inspiration, my favorite dream smp member, I am allergic to gluten and dairy, I’m new in town

  • Why did i get a danish barbie doll ad? I’m not danish


  • spinkle

  • vector from despicable me is the leader of the super straights

  • Cgs for 1Mil :]

  • hey guys look at this timestamp, jack is awkward 6:25

  • jacks whoppa is missing

  • i forgot this is where my profile photo came from

  • it seems that the mods were actually the ones sending weird messages :(

  • hllo nannk nichuu my bolved

  • Anyone else notice that at 1:45 niki says sad smiley face ahhh

  • "Nihachu plays league of legends sad *smiley* face" -Nihachu

  • ily

  • Maybe the mods should stop sending weird messages to someone else

  • 6:26 haha funny moment

  • 8:41 I CANT

  • 8:10 Pls

  • Nikiiiiiii nihachuuuuuuu

  • 4:54 Me trying to flirt:

  • hey guys look at this timestamp 6:51 , jack is awkward

  • 5:31 CAN I SAY FUC.-

  • 6:28 haha funny moment

  • My fav person is ninachu guys