SpaceX Crew Dragon Relocates at ISS! (Full Maneuver)

Avaldati 21 juuli 2021
See NASA’s SpaceX Crew-2 astronauts on the ISS board Crew Dragon Endeavour and relocate to the spacecraft to another docking port. It will free up up space for the uncrewed Boeing Starliner spacecraft, expected to launch on its 2nd Orbital Flight Test later this month.



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  • Nice

  • If you did not seeit - you would not believe it possible. Just so amazing.

  • Now that's more like space travel

  • full maneuver??? then this video length should be >27hours.

  • Bezos is the only one who added a thumbs down 👎here...

  • Going extremely fast and extremely slow at the same time.

  • ວ້າວວວສວຍງາມຫຼາຍເດີ້

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  • Nice video sir