Songs that BLEW UP on TikTok vs YouTube #2

Avaldati 19 veebr 2021
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Today we compare more viral songs from TikTok vs EEpush
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Songs that BLEW UP on TikTok vs EEpush #2
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Edited by Jiva Brown


  • I can still remember how I felt when I first saw This is America

  • crystal dolphin should of gone up against jack staubers buttercup

  • i wish stunnin and crystal dolphin were switched around. curtis is ok, but his tone in stunnin makes me want to projectile vomit and rae sremmurd cant be done like that

  • Roomie: that guitars not plugged in Beach Bunny: busted

  • Repetition legitimizes

  • Black beetles should of one it’s comparison

  • Joel says that Beach Bunny’s guitar isn’t plugged but she plays better than him 😆

  • When he mentioned Benny I was like uh hey I died my hair like hers with the green without even knowing her at first

  • Oh my god, finally a brazilian song, not the best kkk but at least is brazilian kkkk.

  • Dude I’m from Brazil that’s my favorite forro song

  • I popped off when I heard Tunak Tunak.. It's such a Vibe ❤️

  • Original Song VS Remade song (example: Falling in Reverse - The drug in me is you VS The drug in me is reimagined)

  • 1:00 here we have younger michel telo reacting to michel telo

  • The second music was in PES2013 PS2

  • This is America song got really big because of the history behind it. It was just brilliant

  • yeah youtube-

  • Disagree, the tt song is just a meme

  • yesss finally some ok go!

  • I think Crystal Dolphins is kinda annoying, and I think Black Beatles is very catchy

  • literally all the tiktok songs that roomie said were bad seem the be the only ones people focus on when they think of tiktok songs which is kind of sad, the ones he did like was just a taste of what on there, ive seen so many music artists blow up from tiktok and theyre music is incredible compared to some youtube ones ive seen. i feel like we really gotta compare youtubes best with tiktoks best, not youtubes best with tiktoks worst or youtubes worst with tiktoks best ya know?

  • Come on guys let’s bring back the mannequin challenge 😂

  • Tim tok songs make no sense to me

  • It's funny how you say Ai Se Eu Te Pego is the precursor to Despacito when it is in Portuguese and Despacito is in Spanish

  • Black beetles is a tik tok song kinda

  • this video dated you 20 years, i do not appreciate the yung gravy hate

  • Please watch this is America 2

  • Black beatles is just better...

  • prom queen is about eating disorders, it’s literally a song ed people use as motivation to keep starving and people on tik tok dance to it. pisses me off

  • Roomie is missing because of subjectivity

  • 14:09 that song have the last good challenge of youtube.

  • the dude in backyard boy got the Winne the Pooh outfit tho

  • 11:33 Shia Labeouf is superior so no matter what song was on tik tok Shia Labouf is always gonna win

  • Nah bro, my man danny glover got that ray gun to ice the teddy bear

  • yung gravy was popular on youtube then he took that fame to tik tok and I really like his music the one displayed was one of his bad ones but still

  • Crystal Dolphin is from Lu Over the Wall. At least that's what I'm guessing because of its music video. I've never watched Lu Over the Wall, but my sister has watched it so many times.

  • Fun Fact: Every Music Uploaded On Youtubr

  • 'This is America' explained America perfectly during 2020. Just watch the music video, it has some real history.

  • Is the this is america the guy from hamilton???

  • As much as I love beach bunny, as soon as This is America came on i knew it was no competition. It's hard to compare just a chill indie song with the genius piece of satire.


  • We watched ok go again the same day this was uploaded but it was in class

  • Does anyone else get chocolate rain vibes from the attack on titan intro music

  • Joel ouvindo Michel Teló mds kkkkk

  • The rhythm of the music that Michel Teló was singing is called "sertanejo", it´s from Brazil

  • You are so biased towards youtube

  • *wassup bro*

  • Vossa Vossa Baseumsemimata was playing right before i went to prison in 2012. Strict regime. i just got out. 3 month. gotta say, music sounds better now. i time traveled 8+ years and i'm grateful that Flo Rida, Justine Bieber and Kanyea West aren't around anymore. that was trash.

  • 0:52 As a kid like when I was 4 I would ALWAYS hear that song it was a banger🔥

  • joel saying "ai se eu te pego" its just the BEST to brazilians like me

  • Crystal dog was a big hit in youtube memes



  • My votes were all for EEpush, I never liked tiktok original songs and still hate them

    • Exactly. It is hard to see the guy from community

  • Roomi: I still can't believe that this is the guy from community My entire fucking existence has left the chat

  • P

  • Can you react to a filipino singers🥺

  • i would have to think that black beatles didn’t blow up on tik tok... tik tok wasn’t really a ‘thing’ when it was made in 2016, which was the same year that rae sremmurd released his song. I think it blew up from being used for the mannequin challenge in 2016

  • All the portuguese speaking people legit scream as soon as michel telo apear with AI SE EU TE PEGO

  • The crystal dolphin vid is from lu over the wall


  • *renegade plays* Joel: why Me an epic gamer: I got it in fortnite like 4 or 5 months ago

  • The fact first time i heard Ai Se Eu Te Pego was around my BIRTHDAY WHEN I TURNED 5- i really loved it and its my childhood song- 😭❤

  • fun fact ai se eu te pego is my fav song like it's #1 on my fav song list

  • Chocolate rain🎵🎵

  • 15:39 omg yass yt has to win

  • Stranger things kid name he was talking about was Dustin

  • Exactly. It is hard to see the guy from community

  • Can you go back to creating garbage instead of watching garbage

  • I love tunak tunak tun 😅 idk it makes me so happy 😂

  • I go to tiktok to see the memes not ppl dancing in the camera ☹️

  • When he cut kJ theman getting snog I’m those I’d America

  • Who else skip the skillshare part and then watch the mom come in Dancing with groceries in her hands

  • why didn't you add Michael Jackson.

  • youtube is always the winner

  • this is the epitome of roomie videos

  • see tik tok songs are so overplayed I can't listen to them, at least with the youtube stuff it gets a bunch of listens and can be a bit cringe but its not overplayed

  • Hey dude, I want to review and react song create by bronies like Stranger, Lullaby for a Princess and more

  • the way you said "ai se eu te pego" cursed me

  • I'm actually kinda surprised that he didn't pick Ashes by Stellar It's everywhere on TikTok lmao

  • I love how he pronounced it as e•pi•tome

  • Michel Telo smirking like he preheated every oven in the room and knows it.

  • Roomie is biased...

  • I saw OK Go in concert, and they actually performed that song on the treadmills. Was pretty epic. I'm old now so I can't remember if they sang live or not, but regardless.. I was impressed. :) OK Go has TONS of great videos. I love their albums, they are really great imo. Also, the Shia LaBeouf song is one my husband and I actually like. It gets stuck in our heads all the time! SHIA SURPRISE!

  • personally stunnin is my favorite song from this video

  • sad by x got a billion veiws

  • bro a brazilian music THANK GOD AAAAAA

  • Tik tok somgs are enjoyable Yt songs are danceable

  • Songs that blew up on EEpush blew up on tik tok

  • Crystal dolphin what a great song

  • you compare bad EEpush songs with good tiktok songs and its still close calls lol

  • Please react to sugar crash

  • It's really not fair to put backyard boy against chocolate rain WHAT HE DIDNT CHOOSE IT

  • Joel I love you and all but don’t ever disrespect yung gravy that way

  • Roomie when listening to tunak tunak tun: Play this when you want to annoy someone..... Me playing the song in front of my friends and them starting to like it and dance: ok....................

  • Joel (when watching renegade): what am I even watching me: laughing on top of my lungs ( don't know why)

  • As an under 30 mom who never went.... I have no desire to go to prom.

  • this generation sucks.. Im *13* and I'd still listen to 1980s rap over some of the stuff that blows up on tiktok

  • Me seeing the views on this vid* Views:666 Also me: †


  • I strangely like how you censored This is America, it’s pretty funny.