Skeppy Pranks BadBoyHalo By Faking Memory Loss

Avaldati 26 aug 2020
Skeppy Pranks BadBoyHalo By Faking Memory Loss
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Fanart By: @olka_purrfect on Twitter
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  • How is this getting views suddenly after 2 months?!? D: (Edit: No, I AM NOT SKEPPY. A lot of people are getting confused. I'm just one of the compilation channels named "Skeppy Clips" so yeah...)

  • Skeppy activating no iq mode

  • i love how they end up and the jungle cus thats my nation and `village` also an d home :))))))))

  • why is wood cutting so amusing to me-

  • if my bestie did this to me i'd start to overthink everything and start crying

  • Xbu2n1x

  • One I feel so bad for bad boy halo and two I wonder what his face would look like in this moment

  • To be honest I kinda wish he did

  • Bad : tears forming and shaky voice Skeppy : oh duck uhhh remembered something from a while ago

  • Plot twist : skeppy is in the rarest biome called jungle edge

  • what the- skeppy bad doesnt work for you...........

  • Wtf skeppy almost made bib cry

  • Mah ships in Mcyt: dreeamnotfound/dnf skephalo karlnap sapdream ( idk if sapdream is real-_- ) and DoNe

  • Just think about they wear the same ducky skin :)


  • Badboyhalo is a potato :DDD

  • oop you acualy made it

  • i think i can't sleep by BBH Screaming on my Earphones Really Loud at 21:06

  • 11:12 everybody spam in comments: BAD BOY HALO IS A POTATO🥔 BAD BOY HALO IS A POTATO🥔 BAD BOY HALO IS A POTATO🥔 BAD BOY HALO IS A POTATO🥔 BAD BOY HALO IS A POTATO🥔 BAD BOY HALO IS A POTATO🥔 Now copy this and I want to see this a lot in chat in the next MONTH...starting NOW!

  • Skeppy : there’s a stranger in my bed Subtitles:there’s a stranger in my bag

  • Skeppy : “ Where’s a stranger in my “ Bbh: you can’t have strangers in your bed

  • I feel bad for bbh ☹️

  • BALD like BALD

  • 1:23 as a halo fan I get it

  • I just felt so bad when he sounded like he was going to cry

  • Endearment like just tell him Skeppy

  • U should make bad boy halo date moody unicorn twins

  • 9:14 badboyhalo trys to scam skeppy

  • weird concoction of muffin-e-ness

  • Everyone: *looks at tilte* XD or o.0 Skeppy: Best thing to say; yOu WoRK fOr Me!| BBH: NOOOOOOOOOOOO *about to cry probaly*

  • bbh he said skeppy so sad lol

  • I like how bad dosent notice that he knows how to play minecraft dose not "know" him

  • You mess up skeppy Bad : how do we meet Skeppy : its a long story No you should not said that you should say i meet up with you when i ask you who are you in dream smp server

  • Did he find out then?!

  • Skepamnesia

  • The pain in bads voice its just heart breaking 😭😭😭

  • Rip bbh

  • skeppy drinks on his own time

  • Imagine your boyfriend of two years completely forgetting everything about you... Poor bbh /j I know they're not dating

  • Omg bad was gonna cry I can hear it in his voice

  • *legend has it he never hit the subgoal*

  • S x Bbh

  • What if Skeppy realy forgot BadBoyHalo😂


  • "this is very 'muffin-y' of a troll." oh my god, he must be serious, if he's swearing like that...

  • bbh sounds so hurt

  • Skep and bbh: talking Skeps keyboard and mouse: S A T I S F Y I N G C L I C K I N G

  • Content idea have dementia

  • I ship skephalo 😁

  • i sub to you

  • bbh sounds so sad right here 3:29

  • that "badboyhalo is a potato" is adorable but made me dye from that XDDDDD

  • 😉😇🙂☺️😅😂🥲😱🥶🥵🧜‍♀️🙅🧝🏻‍♀️☹️🧖🏻‍♂️🧛‍♂️🧖🏻🙅🏼‍♀️😂🙂😌😜🤪😗🙃😔😔😞

  • skeppy: *trolling bbh* enderman in the background: LOOK FOR THE EYE WHATS UP

  • 10:30

  • i know this was just a troll, but when Bad started bringing up the memes and stuff and Skeppy acted like he didn't know anything, it's kinda sad.

  • Skeppy should be a Hollywood actor. He literally almost made BBH cry.

  • Skeppy: OOOOOH, you work for me! BBH: This is big brain time.

  • one hour until this video becomes a year old

  • Aww

  • bruh this is great but so I mean at the same time 😥

  • The gacha community will go wild on making this lol

  • This nice, i feel a little bad for bbh cause he sounded like he is about to cry

    • And skeppy wants to drink alcohol

  • Imagine if skeepy did lose his memory 💀

  • e

  • The utter PAIN in BBH voice when he said "you dont remember me"

  • BadBoyHalo is so sweet 😭

  • 1:38 BadBoyHalo: why? Me: w h y ?

  • It’s the keyboard noises in the background for me

  • Wonderful :D

  • BBH plays halo 4 haha

  • The thumbnail is just..wholesome

  • I love that sound of that keyboard

  • bbh should have cry right now


  • Skeepy- I don't have a best friend Bbh-?! IM YOUR BEST FRIEND!!!!

  • I feel like BBH is cry

  • Skeppy: thats unfunny Me, an intellectual: hahan’t

  • "When you have you memory lost then why did you remember Minecraft"

  • Sleepy to bad in this vid “I’ve never met this man in my life”

  • I genuinely feel bad XD ✌️🤣

  • 8-20-21/:

  • Skeppy can see the BadBoyHoly name right?

  • For like a long time

  • no achohol for u skeppy

  • 18:32

  • I like how he type when badboyhalo speak

  • 19:00

  • skeepy.who are you badboyhalo.whatttt!!!!!

  • I feel so bad for bad boy Halo you can tell he actually is concerned

  • The Thumbnail Of Skeppy And Bad.

  • lol

  • "I'm your best friend, I think." Bad is so pure omg.

  • I literally dont like when bbh is sad

  • Badboyhalo pyrotechnist confirmed

  • Hell hell boy boy

  • It sounds like bbh will cry 🥺

  • me sitting in bed late at night and it popping an add telling me to sleep scared me, i’m having nightmares tonight

  • They way skeppy screamed when he fell of the stone tower was cute but funny af -

  • then ii want you to build my house:D