SINGLE MOM Is Shamed By Soccer Mom, She Lives To Regret It | Dhar Mann

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- Judging Others:


00:00 Single Mom Is Shamed By Soccer Mom
12:32 Recommended Video To Watch Next

Idea by: Michelle Do
Written by: Michelle Do and Dhar Mann
Director: Mario Rodriguez
Editor: Brian Nelson
Casting Associate: Daniel Carrera, Lauren Parsons
Project Managers: Nix Villarubin, Hope Mueller, Jacq Balmeo, Sherri Salazar
Production Assistant: Carlos Orellana, Elisandro Gonzalez, Andrew Reyes
Sound: Brian Sly

Tina - Katherine Norland
Tina's Son - Julius Lambrecht
Tina's Husband - Johnny Avila
Coach - Jorge De Los Ríos
Samantha - Riki Yvette Westmoreland
Scott - Devon Weetly
Player 1 - Nathaniel Sanchez
Player 2 - JJ Whyte
Player 3 - Orion Hunter
Player 4 - Rylie Wall
Player 5 - Nathan Kendall
Player 6 - Nick Shields
Player 7 - Nicholas Robb
Player 8 - Yony Marian
Player 9 - Nasir Tapper
Player 10 - Cody Mitchell Key
Dad 1 - Will Dunbar
Dad 2 - Andrew Webb
Dad 3 - Thomas (Ty) Lambert
Dad 4 - Adam Perez
Dad 5 - Patrick Breen
Mom 1 - Tricia Rascoe
Mom 2 - Recca Morgan
Mom 3 - Phylicia Townes
Mom 4 - Remy O'Brien
Mom 5 - Louise Olinzock
Customer 1 - Jasper Boykin
Customer 2 - Narong Sok
Customer 3 - Brennon Peters
Customer 4 - Eric Vega
Customer 5 - Jade Jackson
Customer 6 - Ina Dahilig
Customer 7 - Kirbi Smith
Customer 8 - Peerada Meemalayath
Samantha's Husband - DeAngelo Davis
Nurse - Jessica Liz Adams
Teacher - Jasmine Tompkins


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  • i am going to be cr7

  • shEeeEEeEeeeEEEESHhH Edit: 10:51 why she dancin like that thoooo

  • 5:23 I just realized the blonde one hat 2 different eye colors

  • 3:51 Nobody: The Mom: Sheesh

  • 11:57 Its call hard working WEMON

  • I also have straight a's

  • It’s honestly funny the other mom is like I’m useless what do you do 👁👄👁 you HELP YOUR SON hahahahah

  • My mom is single and me and her are very happy she has a very good job

  • “Successful people needs a mom and dad” meanwhile there’s Cristiano Ronaldo with no father and yet is the goat of soccer alongside Messi and he’s a billionaire 💀

  • "I didn't know Scott was in speech debate " "Oh god 👁👄👁"

  • 🐨👑🎩🧢🪖⛑🧣👞👢👡🧦👒👒💍🌂🌂👜💼🥽🕶👑

  • 2:16 learned of of EEpush

  • Sheesh 3:51

  • The mom has one blue eye and one orange one

  • 9:03 Good

  • Who the hell dances like that?

  • It should have ended like her husband want a divorce and see how it feels like

  • Ben Carson grew up with a single mother and he’s a brain surgeon


  • “No honey that’s caviar” the joke of this generation

  • The fact that her name is Tina makes this 100x better

  • Uhh no hunney that’s caviar

  • single mom gang wya?

  • Woah woah woah did I hear goodwill

  • What is a soccer is football

  • Honestly. This is my favorite Dhar Mann Video because the actor playing the single mom is an amazing actor and her annoyance at the other mom seemed so real! She is honestly one of the best actors I've ever seen and I hope she's doing well.

  • Damn Samantha raised her child right

  • I don't have a dad but i now that my dad is a good man and my mom my dad is in Cape Town

  • I know you want to just : 🤜🙎🏼‍♀️🤛

  • Enta 5awal ❤

  • i absolutely love this video

  • If Tina is really rude to Samantha, Samantha should kick him from his restaurant. If I was her, I would beat Tina up😌

  • This is exactly what it was like growing up. My mom worked 5 days a week in the office and weekends at a part time job and this was my childhood. People are so judgmental when you don’t have a typical family dynamic. I never saw a struggle with things like a used suit because my mom would do whatever it took for me to get what I needed for example, although a stretch, she sent me to private school. She did everything she could for me and I am forever grateful. I accredit my success to her support and can confirm I don’t need a dad.

  • So you see... you can always punch someone in the face if they piss you off

  • she said sheesh


  • *football*

  • So i just watched this video and one of my friends doesn't have a dad his mom is Les and he's smarter than me not a hate comment

  • i have never wanted to punch someone so hard

  • SHeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh

  • Such a great mom we appreciate army and doctors but not moms and we want a holiday but mom doesn't get a holiday moms are the strongest person ever.

  • the fact dat the kid didn’t even hit the ball when he did the trick 2:16

  • Lady just drop it and leave them alone

  • Ssddd

  • Go

  • My mom is single and she loves me like a mother and father.

  • If I was the mom I would've told the other lady stfu.

  • The " soccer mom " : kids with a single mom end up on the street Me : bruh shut up to get inspired not listen to your nonsence

  • Karen- A child needs a mom and a dad to be successful. Me-you need a brain to be likeable.

  • She is so a bad person my mom is single mom and the soccer mom said every mom single end up on the street

  • Why 7K dislikes?!?!?!??! These videos are great Lets show Dhar Mann some love!

  • Coach: Otherwise he won’t be able to play the big game The game: *4 players* HUGE GAME!

  • The women who did the single mom role has literally roasted the white women but both are literally good actress

  • His rude

  • I didn’t do that

  • Katherine (the actress portraying Tina) has gorgeous eyes. 😍 So unique having 2 different colors 😍

  • Karen: Every child need a mother and a father to be successful. Elon Musk: hold my Tesla and spacex.

  • Hawa ghatia vaiyat acting

  • When she said 99/100 Scott came like reverse uno card

  • Wow nice

  • I have a single mom that dosent even live with me

  • This is so disconnected from reality.. Who would act like that? Reminds me of saved by the bell. Everything but the script and the message is good.. Looks like all of your content is relatively sad and disheartening. It's a shame you don't put your talent to a better message. See what I did there.. hehe. But for reals this will just divide us more with the stereotyping. Looks like the work is very fruitful for you though. Good luck!

  • 5 YEARS LATER........

  • Tina just got quadruple stabbed in the face

  • This is the first time I’ve seen Katherine as the bad person

    • I like more when she is a good caracter her voice is very calming☆:))

  • Who the hell gasps at s single mom in this day and age????


  • For all the single mom's out there, listen to the song "rockabye" its made for you.

  • Every video you made: so YOU see

  • 6:09 damn!!


  • 1:30 mines gone I'm still here

  • white sassy karens be like this all the time nothing new lmao single parents can come from all sorts of abuse smh a man doesn't have to put hands on u in order to be abusive smh manipulative white moms shouldnt shame that woman she doesnt even know what shes going through

  • The oh god had me dying 😂 3:06

  • 1 thing next time u do soccer get the goalie to wear goalie stuff like goalie shirt and gloves

  • I love all the storys, to help all of us!

  • My mother is single and I never even met my father and I’m fine with only her we have our own house and she is the best mom and I think single moms accomplish many things with taking care of their kids and working.

  • tina is just using the dad

  • Saka Mom

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  • I just wanna slap Tina in here face but ik it just acting 😭

  • “Everybody knows a child needs a mom and a dad” gay parents: *clears throat loudly*

    • Well that can go eather way two dads or two moms

  • Ugh in this video that "tina" girl made me want to punch her😤. But other than that I like the video very much❤

  • My mom is a single mother, raising me on her own.I get perfect grades, I’m in gifted classes, and my mom is really smart too.Being a single mother doesn’t mean your kids won’t be successful.Amazing story Dhar!❤️

  • Omg u truly r changing lives all moms deserves rights for anything they do!! Stop hating on them they can run the world!!!! Thank you for all u do Dhar Mann!! Your vids are amazing

  • Ok

  • angry emoji

  • Its never too late to tell the truth

  • Dad moms picking on the single mother waitress because her son Scott got a better report card than mine 😭

  • Me after the video: TAKE THE L LOSERRRRRRR

  • 3:50 i really felt that.. but SHEESH

  • Ha loser Tina

  • Bish you have a phone 📱🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 girl you are not airana grade

  • Tina is so annoying I wish she never existed

  • hi I noticed tina had one blue eyeball and one brown

  • Soccer mom: My son's better than yours because he has a father hahahahahaha! Me: Get lost before I sucker punch you! Single moms deserve more respect!

  • Bro lmao when she said sheesh I started Dying 😂

  • Ok but can we appreciate that this ma’am said sheesh at 3:51.

  • A sour truth is better than a sweet lie 🙂