Pawn Stars: 5 SUPER RARE ILLEGAL ITEMS | History

Avaldati 26 veebr 2021
Watch all new episodes of Pawn Stars, returning Monday, March 22 at 9/8c, and stay up to date on all of your favorite The HISTORY Channel shows at .

Check out 5 items with remarkable histories - but that are illegal to buy and sell! From an antique gun desk to a tortoiseshell guitar, these illegal items are just not worth the risk, in this Pawn Stars compilation.
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"Pawn Stars" follows three generations of the Harrison family as they assess the value of items coming in and out of their Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas, from the commonplace to the truly historic.

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  • Watch all new episodes of Pawn Stars, returning Monday, March 22 at 9/8c, and stay up to date on all of your favorite The HISTORY Channel shows at

    • I have a money that was made in 1850 is an Old English note

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    • @UnfunnyMan that is bull manure! Using something in the way it was intended then getting penalized for it! They never tell you to come back every so often to have the engraving touched up, never been told that!

  • Rick hands ewwww 😂😂😂

  • Never watched this religously, but every episode I've seen there's allways some quarrel. The end of the video is basicly this show in a nutshell

  • 14:06 I LOVE the fact that they used the traditional B.C. and A.D. abbreviations in regards to history. These days, everybody tends to be such uptight PC/woke snowflakes about everything that they typically use BCE and CE to remove the religious context because apparently any public reference to Judeo-Christian concepts is "terribly offensive".

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  • The turtle shell guiter was also seen in the movie 20000 Leagues under the sea , Ned played by Kirk Douglas , had that guiter

  • Nothing ventured, nothing gained

  • Surprised the insurance company didn't claim it

  • The Shekel: if the original owner got compensated for it by the insurance, the insurance now is the legal owner of the coin, so he has to give it back to the insurance company.

  • Anyone who worships Ronald Reagan is not the smartest knife in the drawer. Bald or not.

  • The coin would belong to the insurance company.

  • First time here & I love love it

  • **Flip** ... **flip** ...

  • The engraving thing is interesting and good to know. Knew about serial numbers

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  • Best part of watching pawn star episodes on youtube....No commercials and straight to the point on items and experts and sales.

  • They don't talk about coka

  • The desk is a Payroll desk used by mining companys, Railroads, and any other employer who paid out cash on the job. Saw one just like this at an Antiques Fair in Cleveland a few years ago. This one is missing the base it would have sat on. Made in the last quarter of the 19th century.

  • 2 items that might be illegal on a technicality (just because we can't tell when it was made), 2 items that were made illegal be because serial numbers were scratched/worn off, and 1 that MIGHT have been illegal (but wasn't).

  • The father clapping slow... LOL, thats NOT nice done of him.

  • I can't stand to see people get taken like this guy did with this coin.

  • Aclick baity as always

  • Professional - "Yeah, so this item's worth about $50,000" Rick - "Great, thanks for your help. So, how much do you want for it?" Customer - "Well, I know you're a business, and you need to make money on it, so, lets say $35,000" Rick - "I can do $200" Customer - "Can you do $300?" Rick - "The highest I can do is $250." Customer - "Deal!" Customer to camera afterward - "I came in here looking to sell it to put a down payment on a house, and when the professional said it was worth $50,000 I was excited. But I'm happy with $250. That seems fair."

  • Love these guys.

  • It's an amazing shot

  • I sure hope his family isn’t that awful! It just gives me stress!

  • Desk is made for a business man when someone walks into his office he doesn't like

  • Close one

  • Dude is selling a family heirloom for extra spending money on his 30th birthday? I bet his parents must be proud 🙄.

  • They buyed these all things off camera !

  • Rick’s feet do not match his head description 😝

  • Someone balls gonna explode with that!

  • people are dumb lol

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  • Slow this down to 0.5x

  • So what's the shekel worth WTF over?

  • pretty sure the desk was used in a western movie where the guy was paying out the payroll. and there was someone in line said something to the payer what do you think will happen once all these guys figure out you only have one shot. I think someone was shot. pretty sure it was in the beginning of the movie, I just can't remember which movie

  • I have a money that was made in 1850 it is called a shilling

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  • I just shock when the old man claps

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  • RIP tortoise ! 🥲

  • We got lots of “spy camera”, or we call it ordinary smart phone, you know , we could take anything , anywhere,secretly, or take videos ... could send it to anybody right in a minute , how technology have changed...I don’t consider this a red flag 🤭maybe in the 30’s, 50’s🤔😳😅but it’s 2020’s hmm it’s obsolete (ends in a collectors item)...

  • He doesn't give people what there item is worth anymore I mean I know he has to make money but dang it man he makes a lot more off people than he used to. His son is just like him.

  • How you gonna know the engraving is removed if there is no engraving 😉

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  • I don’t think I would take any legal advice from the greasy haired “guitar expert,.”

  • I feel so bad for them

  • "I hate my family" great cut off

  • Bomment

  • The man who sold the coin should have just sold his glasses if he wanted to feed his kid

  • That punk rocker was no expert. Not sure why they called him

  • 16:20 He was gonna say 100$ but when Rick said 5k, he was like hmm let's say 2k because it is clean

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  • *Those three stooges were acting like they were from a scene in the movie Idiocracy.**19:54* *I guess their Mamas didn't teach them about having nothing good to say?* *Sadly, you just can't choose your family.* *But what you can do is; have them dismiss themselves, before you fire them, or demote them to parking lot duty!*

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  • "But there's is a possibility" "It's how ever my dude" The chances are low but never ZERO

  • Hes always lost

  • Nobody cares about a script run show

  • They act like they know all this information, but they coordinate beforehand and Google whatever it is so they have something to say about it

  • I don’t think I’d ever sell that coin if it was in my hand.

  • "Someone cleaned it" "OH man, who could've done that 🙃"

  • It looks like it is a hawksbill sea turtle shell on the back of the guitar. Given that species is listed under the endangered species act, it is indeed illegal to sell.

  • I love the audacity of our government "ignorance is no excuse for the law" 😂 meanwhile there's cops running around arresting people without even knowing the laws they claim to enforce 😂 america, land of shoot first ask questions later.... Also due process!?

    • “Hey I found this cool feather in the woods” “That’s a federal offense, I’m gonna need 10,000 dollars from you now”

    • not just cops bro politicians like George Bush And Obama continued the PRISM surveillance program

  • That slow clap was the perfect ending😂

  • The coin was struck with a hammer to be made. Just got it again to make the claimed marks go away. 😂

  • Whoever claimed that coin just ruined that mans day. I bet that’s why it was sold at an auction to begin with. Someone who doesn’t know what their looking at will buy it.

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  • I'd love this show if it weren't for the pawn brokers. They are such trash.

  • I wonder if they ever script this stuff

  • these guys never miss

  • I'm guessing its illegal because it's an AOW?

  • 20:30 I can see why...

  • How can you prove that the shekel was the one that was stolen...

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  • What has my life become

  • 13:54

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  • That guitar with the turquoise shell is ugly

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  • Scammers

  • Is the slow clap for me

  • Bet it was really like 50m ..

  • Dumbest show ever.

  • 1:28, couldn't help himself. Looks at her, 👀!

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  • If that Jerusalem coin is 100% legit first of all it would be nice for it to be in a museum 🤷‍♂️ anyways that dude got robbed 1600

    • Should've took it somewhere else

  • Real title should be: "Things that the "Pawn Stars" didn't buy because they're worried about laws."

    • or: things the pawn stars preferred to buy off camera.

    • they did buy the coin..u not watch till the end,didnt you.?silly

    • That they didn't fully look into 😂

  • Spelling: Desk Pronounced: Disk

  • Dude with the coin talking about diapers for his kid. Dude you going right back over to the casino

  • I would never sell a family gift for 100 pathetic dollars. It might be useless but it is a German camera from 1936!

  • Rick be going thru it the most... rip to pops

  • Did the coin touch Jesus 😅🤣

  • That one guy said his grandpa was in the German army in the 1950s….. take a second to think about that one

    • He didn’t say he was in the German army he said he was in the military in Germany, most likely a G.I. stationed there.. and even if he was in the German army what’s your point ?

  • You buy et 1600 and now you gonna sell in auction 500 k and more so who are you?

  • Poor Rick! Your dads slow clap had me laughing though! But still.... Poor Rick!