Overnight in Axe Murderer's House (Lizzie Borden Hauntings)

Avaldati 18 juuli 2021
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Sam and Colby take a psychic medium to the infamous Lizzie Borden Axe Murderer House and try to solve the mystery overnight through paranormal investigation

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Overnight in Axe Murderer's House (Lizzie Borden Hauntings) | Sam and Colby

Sam and Colby


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    • I don't know if this is my illusion or real but looking at your videos, I feel something is connected. When this video was released the day before I was studying about chaussetes and other one was about Chernobyl. I literally think their is something connected

    • I'm headed that girl with the white shirt on my grandma passed away talk to her please she needs a friend like human friends love Taelyn

    • @Macs Official !

    • @unknown👿 m

    • My name is

  • maybe maggie was lizzys real mama

  • 30:21 omg who saw that!

  • What if because the maid said she didnt get paid enough the uncle bribed her not to tell anyone if he killed them and he would give her a good profit of the money so now the maid is saying the money wasnt worth it. But! I feel like the girl didnt have anythingn to do with it she just had a suspicion he would do it one day and she just wanted the money she didnt take any harm to it but then i feel like since she wanted it and he knew that, he would eventually kill them and blame it on who....the girl....I FEEL LIKD I JUST FIGURED IT OUTT😭

  • The fact the meter goes crazy

  • Right after the demon talk to that girl look where colby said the dark figure was it had two red dots and when she said we need to leave they went away

  • Not really sure about Amanda

  • Sam and Colby can you do a video with Amanda at the cecil hotel (stay on main) Sloan Bella said the hotel is a portal, I would love to see what a genuine medium like Amanda can pick up!

  • That camera was moving back and forward if you look at the exit sign it keeps getting burry.

  • Im starting ta think the medium rare googled lizzie few hrs earlier come on dam hahaha we are all in trouble with you guys running the country in 25 years dont talk about running the country thats far to radical lets focus on cool shit omfg you said cool bitch thats so 90s dont eva say bitch thats so racist

  • Dear god I do not claim any negative energy from this video

  • 31:49 idk ab yall but i see a face in the mirror

  • My Aunty's grand uncle was killed by his brother

  • I see my grandma all the time and she passed awayed a couple of mouth

  • He can't leave that room because he died and can't leave because he is stuck

  • She always makes it stop when it gets good … kind of annoying


  • I call bull shit on Amanda feel feeble to change my mind 😂😂😂 That thing she was using where he was killed 😂 is very well known to pick up pipes in the wall hey hi there was a pipe reyt there 😂😂😂 Also the same thing was on the table where there was 2 yes 2 phones and something else 😂 That battery was also full apparently we didn’t see that did we 😂😂 Tell ya what lads have me come along on one of your adventures and change my mind #am scared of the dark btw 😂😂😂

  • I love Amanda like she is my new crushhhhhh!!!!

  • Yall should bring Amanda more often

  • No one noticed the red light in the hallway goes off when Amanda say “ up for yes, down for no” @ 31:55 and at 33:56 she’s saying it can touch you physically and you can see it by her head, then moves her hair. Omg I’m just not editing this, it went to the same room the light went out in.

  • It's was scary

  • i have went there and almost died

  • My theory about this case is that Lizzie killed her parents to get the money Maggie saw her Lizzie offered maggie some money to lie in the court Thats how they both bought places Like if u agree

  • So we aren't talking about the fact that Maggie had lots of random money and moments before we were told this Amanda said that maggie told her "the money wasn't worth it." I think maggie got paid to do something maybe if she vouched for Lizzie she would get some inheritance money because the uncle is really suspicious and maybe could have killed the 2 and Lizzie was a suspect for just being there.

  • What if it is clitbait

  • 😰😰😰😰😰😥😥😥😓😓🤭🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  • I love how you guys have incorporated Amanda into your videos! She seems so genuine and she has a pure, protective heart! Love her!

  • I am very weak as a medium, meaning that I can see blurs, and occasionally a form or features will present, if they are in a place where something meaningful to them happened, or if they are seeing where they died, etc. and i can feel energies within, and i can hear words, and voices, but Amanda is the one. she is the one i aspire to be

  • Me and my aunt are from Massachusetts and we are planning a trip with her friend to the lizzie borden house and are going to stay the night seeing this video makes me super excited to go there I CANT WAIT!!!!!

  • She literally turned towards the thing to get out before the noise was even heard

  • so this goes with.. Lizzy Borden took an axe, Gave her mother 40 wacks When she saw what she had done Gave her father 41

  • Amanda should be a detective

  • Them: puts 2 creepy faces up on the screen Me: ohhhhh fuuuuuuuuck you

  • At least I know now that my dog is following me it’s one of my loved ones

  • Is this scripted or real🤔🤔 Anyone

  • Y’all need to have more respect for Amanda y’all are assholes i hope she doesn’t work with yall again

  • idk but at 31:57 the red light in the room behind them went off when she said "down for no"

  • 27:27 Imagine being trapped in a room where you were murdered. That's hell.

  • Y’all should have put the among us sus music

  • the light just lit when amanda and guy carrying the cam were going towards the stairs the blue light

  • Did they add more clips in?

  • I was terrified when the care taker said "have fun with the demon" i lost my shit that moment 😱

  • Let me tell you one more thing, there is a chapter in our English reader book named my dearest Lizzie

  • Amanda is purely amazing, the fact that she followed every step of the child in the room. I CANT GET MY HEAD AROUND IT WTF????????

  • Sam and Colby if you replay the video where the old guy was standing look at the bedroom and then when the ladies talking the light turns off

  • Maybe Lizzie Borden threatened Maggie saying she would kill her if she didnt stick up for her in court. Or maybe Maggie thought Lizzie people would kill her if Maggie didnt stick up for her. Either way, Maggie didnt wanna die. Maybe Maggie sided with Lizzie because they both wanted to kill the Borden parents. So thats why Maggie sided with Lizzie. She didnt want them both to fall and the truth to be uncovered. But idk.

  • Dude stop questioning Amanda when she tells y’all straight up what to do. Y’all brought her for a reason and y’all being skeptic defeats the purpose

  • anyone else see the tall figure in the back at 42:33 between the middle 2 walls in the back?

  • I completely believe Amanda is legit, not only is she accurate in Sam and Colby’s videos, she always does videos with Kelsi Davies and she’s always accurate in those and if you don’t know who Kelsi is I highly recommend checking out her videos with Amanda because it’s crazy how everything adds up.

  • She will have researched the house beforehand. You can find anything you need to know about this case so I'm sorry, I don't believe this Amanda

  • I swear I saw someone move at 42:30 and I rewind it.....and right after that It read see the top left corner....I got chills fr

  • The effect scare me more than the video

  • when they were in the basement I saw the bad spirit I almost shit myself

  • Im sorry but what is that 45:07

  • Please keep Amanda!!!

  • Please Sam and Colby hire amanda again

  • We want more amanda

  • This whole video all I can think of is glam & gore with the spirit box say it was John

  • Literally when they face something other than spirits they become arrogant and risk their f***n life even they have someone who can see and talk to

  • Collab investigation of sam and colby and amanda and mackie

  • I got really bad vibes from the basement.

  • When u put that jump scare tho 🪦

  • ⚠SEXY GHOST INVESTIGATORS⚠ Me: wow there is some smexy ghost investigators O³O Amanda is mah fav UvU

  • Amanda is so performative and didn’t say much else but things you can google, it kinda put me off

  • Uncle is sus. I saw Uncle vent.

  • Me having the video full-screen: *terrified* Me opening the comments: I'm safe here. C:

  • 29:55 is that a ghost orb or just a dust??

  • 15:14 😂😂😂

  • 31:58 red light goes off

  • I think it will be lizzie borden because exploring with josh used the spirit box to contact with maggie/ abby before...They ask that did lizzie kill her father and her mother? Maggie / abby say yes.

  • Low key thought the medium was possessed when she ran up the stairs

  • This video is fire 🔥

  • **holding a cross** BE GONE DEMONS AND THE BAD GHOSTSSS!!

  • Also I’m on a Sam and Colby binge marathon, with my buddhist protection amulet and ma dog

  • May i just say that Amanda is so freaking beautiful??

  • Is colby single?

  • I claim no negative energy from this video 🙏

  • Colby wasn’t lying there was a shadow on the behind Sam - spoopy

  • Amanda 😏

  • Omg it would be so cool if they came where I live, I live on Main Street, St.Charles in Missouri and it’s hunted like the whole street is hunted but not like super hunted like these places but I know my house is hunted by a ghost but nothing really happened besides I hear foot steps, see shadows sometimes and feel like I’m being watched but other then that, nothing happens

  • I get chills each time Amanda yells "out".

  • Oh no I don’t want to see her yo-yo

  • I just searched up the name Lizzie Borden and me and her have the exact same birthday

  • I like how y'all took Rebecca from Let Me Explain studios audio for the opening song.

  • Hi

  • it was so cute when colby was rolling the ball that made my heart melt🥺

  • Shane and Ryan from BuzzFeed did the same shit and got absolutely nothing all night fucking long but when these little ass clowns come through they get everything

  • lmfao, anything for views, right guys? and Amanda is simply attention starved

  • I am a child and I can see spirits to and it’s creepy but cool and I live in a haunted house so I see a lot of spirits, a murder happened here of a little girl in my closet (cause of death) Knife to the eye socket

  • i think jonh killed

  • please for the love of god stop doing scary vids with katrina

  • On Elton's channel when he came here the guide he had exsplained and said a lot more then your guide did and gave more info then he did

  • 46:17 look to the window someone just peeked soo fastt just look

  • Please do more investigations with Amanda she is amazing !! I love y’all’s videos one of the best Channels

  • Love you

  • More Sam,Colby and Amanda and the 2 girls collab

  • Ok but when they were in the basement when Amanda said they needed to get out why did she start smiling like that when they were sitting down that smile was kinda creepy no hate to Amanda

  • There’s nothing wrong with being dead, All of us are going to die, We come into this world screaming, and most of us go out screaming, right… Death isn’t easy. - Best Quote lol

  • I love Amanda! She seems very real and legit. Is there a way I can contact her for some investigation? And thank you guys for the investigation at Lizzie Borden. I watched Ghost Adventure and of course, there are devices they used but this is something l like when you used medium in a show. I also believe that using a medium to communicate with spirits is really something that bases on personal experience for anyone to believe.