OnePlus reveals Nord 2 5G (full presentation)

Avaldati 22 juuli 2021
OnePlus shows off its all-new Nord 2 5G phone in a special live virtual event. The Nord 2 comes in three colors, and has a 50-megapixel triple camera.


  • Sir green colour kb tk ayga stock me

  • No one: One Plus walk & Talk Presentation :Tap the vastness of human potential!! wtf? lmao!!!

    • @ajbfwb ROFL!!💀

    • Yep, each unpacked event from pretty much all phone companies attempts to "out-pretentious" all the previous ones. OnePlus needs to fire their script writers, and that sockless dude in black. The guy in white wasn't much better....could swear he's a character from an SNL sketch. Either way, the phone seems pretty decent. Hang on.....Samsung just called and they're trying to get me to reserve their next phone (no doubt the S22) without revealing the name, or even the slightest shred of info about it. Typical Sammy.

  • 10:15 that's a nasty way to lie with a graph

  • Looks very nice😌

  • so basically this might even be faster than oneplus 9?

  • a day of charge after 15 minutes of charging? if that isnt a lie, i'll be buying this phone.

  • am I the only one who hates the presentation?

  • Fix your software updates first before you release another OneFlop!

  • Thinking of this