Old People Got Weird Products - JonTron

Avaldati 27 apr 2021
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  • First time here you are hilarious ❤️😂😂😂

  • Happy new jontron!

  • I scrunch because when I fold I get shot on my fingers mr John

  • call me crazy but me thinks the comfort wipe is a fat people product. not an old people product....

  • i dont need it. i dont neeed it. [it comes with a fucking piece of toilet paper half used] I NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED IT

  • Like and comment for the algorithm want this man to upload frequently

  • Love from India❤️❤️

  • This is probably the reason why grandma is literally brain dead

  • Anyone else that knows how solenoids work cringe when she explained the 2nd one?

  • "It's gross when she's here." How dare you crap on your own grandmother like that, Jon. She's probably gonna come back and haunt you after she dies now.

  • Great video! See you next year!

  • The ability of wiping our butts is the only thing really separating humans from animals nowadays.. And here people go screwing that up.

  • Hi! Here for a cliché comment, sorry. Truth is lately my mental health has been deteriorating severely and these videos help me get through days like today and have a little laugh here and there. I know I can come up to your videos and get distracted for a while and laugh. Thank you so much for making my days not so bad.

  • Do a review on Michael Jackson’s game space channel 5

  • come on do it

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  • "Would you still love me as much if I was here everyday? Would my name bring you as much joy and anticipation as it does knowing I'm likely to be around for months on end? There's a certain beauty in intermittence, and I like to think you can see it to" - Christopher Shipp

  • Cane fu guy sounds like Owen Wilson in about 20 years.


  • 4:22 i hope we can all appreciate that solenoids: - have copper wires - use electricity - heat up artificially - can overheat

  • I was not ready for any of 16:02 🤣🤣

  • ~oKay nOw yOu haV3 mY att3nTi0n~

  • It wouldn't surprise me if 50 years from now every ad like the comfort wipe would look like it was recorded on an early 2000s camera

  • See y’all next year

  • Still alive eh?

  • Must say the Cane Fu guy is better than Steven Seagal

  • jon you're a monster you killed an OLD PLANT YOU MURDERED

  • Jon using Arin's robot voice made my heart warm.

  • 8:40 god I wish that were me.

  • Wait Jon Tron is back. I'll use an ass wiper extender to that

  • See you guys next year!

  • The king returns

  • Ahahaha my family uses that face mask as a gag gift every xmas. The person who gets it adds something to it every year. It's been bejeweled, has a wig, painted, and now has teeth. Lol.

  • Hey JonTron, I've never been particularly interested in your content. Your game review and whatever haven't really caught my eye but your last 5 or 6 videos have been absolutely amazing.

  • 0:25 jons little baby face lol

  • I-I uh- I scrunch toilet paper

  • As seen on TV!

  • JonTron, you need to do a review on those Bigfoot shows. The amount of BS in those shows would be to funny in your video style. Plz consider this idea. I’d say shows like Finding Bigfoot, Mountain Monsters, and Expedition Bigfoot would offer the best clips in my opinion.

  • Grade and jontron

  • Dr. Ho is back! Please make another vid about him

  • he was an adult when he started the channel and for years he's been on this channel, he is Queen Elizabeth 2.0

  • "Take your medication or the robot will *GET YOU*" LMAO

  • A No One Lives Forever 1 + 2 Retroview would be nice.

  • Oh boy here he goes again

  • Warhammer 40K has it right. Take your elderly and shove their corpses in a metal coffin with legs, rocket launchers and huge bolters.

  • 10:01 im going to put a cap in my grandmas ass if i walk in and see that.

  • 7:40 OR you could just get a bidet... or one of those Japanese toilets

  • Why the cane master is a Ben ten's uncle look a like?

  • I’m not an old man. After watching this, I won’t fall for it *smort*

  • Guys this was my birthday please wish me a happy belated birthday

  • I didn't know that Hoy Quarlow decided to teach Cane Fu to Senior Citizens after he retired from being a boxer.

  • He is back

  • 10:54 In case anyone is wondering: A snuff film is a recording of an actual horrific murder or suicide that's passed around (or sold) to people for the sake of entertainment.

  • A robot that sounds like a trash can getting hit by a crowbar while it moves, at least sounds better than Bubsy.

  • Jesus Christ John, Joseph anderson made a 5 Hour video in the 8 Months he vanished, and the secound you get back I learn about some fucking toilet paper invention.

  • Hey Jon flex tape has a tiktok

  • When 6:46

  • The Skyrim reference killed me. I just spit out my food laughing so hard

  • I loved Jon for his review on game iether them being bootleg or hard to find, i bet it be really cool lf hed a review on harry potter game's

  • he bak

  • "Being a big guy definitely has its advantages" "... Heart disease?" We just found an absolute annihilation officer.

  • Pussyfooting, ok John Tron sure, that's a word I never thought I would hear. Pussyfooting Jesus I need to look up the definition for that.

  • Whoah a new jon tron video, can’t wait for the next one next year

  • That facial mask looks like Micheal Myers mask

  • 💕

  • Nail clippers with scope: *CYBERPUNK 2077*

  • 400 000th like man

  • 6:45 still laughing at this and im almost done with the video.,

  • As an Irish man once said: AAAAACHOOOO!!! Oh sorry I’m allergic to bullsh*t

  • Why is he always gone so long

  • Jhun troon

  • The return of the king

  • Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou for coming back we needed you bro! You dropped kid nation right when I was about to move back to the US and it helped me feel like home was calling! Thanks for being your funny ass self we all appreciate you for it! Welcome back brother!

  • Why are they speaking English if they're in Korea.

  • the skyrim edit killed me 😂😂

  • 10:10 It puts the enriched toning gel on its skin or else it gets the hose again

  • "solenoid coils that heat up naturally" "doesn't have the copper wires" pick one

  • FatGamerNazi

  • Omg his alive

  • My motivation to study is like Jon...comes back every 6 months

  • Old People when they see anything labelled for old people: 6:46

  • I just wish Johntron would upload vids more often like ever 2 or 3 maybe even 4 weeks at least

  • JonTron used to be so funny... still is, but it's funnier if say it that way

  • I only smiled because your back jon I swear

  • I think PBG did the face mask thing in one video.