Avaldati 4 dets 2020
This run literally blew my mind. What are these Call of Duty Origins Zombies players made out of?

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  • No. By

  • Bo3 was just different.

  • If you can hear it they are talking in the backround that is why everything was perfectly timed

  • Actually noah it can be any of the feet on 4 player

  • Repeat yourself more often (at least 5 times) and overreact more about the dumbest things please.

  • I came from coldwar zombies but I’m so lost I played Origins on bo3 and it took 10 mins to get the 3rd generator

  • Sir drugs whale on a speed run is illegal and probably adeanxt the rules

  • When i was 14 i had all Easter egg steps memorized. (On Black Ops 2)

  • 7:21 you can hit all of them from the top of mound as well it just takes precision

  • The able bear sadly rob because bomb prenatally march midst a scintillating band. nine, overrated environment

  • As someone who just started playing zombies a ton when i look and some of these older map speedrun i just think man my pea brain could never

  • Damn thought this was bo2 origins

  • How did they get the fire staff without panzer

  • Try it on bo2

  • React to a new one!

  • the biggest play in life these gentlemen

  • I literally memorizar the ice staff even tough i am 10 years old

  • i dont speed run because im not good, but i still grab the wind parts while flashed

  • no way they beat it in 22 minutes, thats crazy

  • I seen someone on EEpush do it in 12 mins with his friends

  • I have no idea whats going on but I love it XD

  • Find it amazing that noah gets amazed at the most simple things on this ee lmao stuff like picking up wind parts whilst flashed

  • Nobody gonna say anything about how many gobblegums that one man had of each 😂

  • Hey bro been a fan since bo2 keep the work up love the vids 💕✌🏽

  • Rk5 Good

  • When your mom tells you, you have 30m and you want to run a game with the boys👌

  • sometimes, i wish you didnt talk so much


  • 18:10 wtf is going on

  • Hi

  • Its funny because I played Bo2 and bo3 zombies liked them. But when I played cold war I realized how good the other games are.

  • Origins is so overrated and building the staffs give me severe depression

    • I only learned how to do the ice staff and have no energy to learn anything else but I will admit I used to hate the quest style of zombie maps and now I love them

  • There ending the rounds fast with the nukes cause there trying to get the fire staff part from the panzer

  • Everybody join plutonium lets play together !

  • This guy is stupid I wonder if there communicating literally if u listen u can here them talking to each other this guy has no life Like if you agree

  • noah you need to do the slabs to get g strike

  • I get 1000x more excited when I get all the parts for one staff xD

  • Dude, Black Ops 2 is one of my favorite game for Zombies because of how hard and challenging it was. I always tried going for the easter egg with my brother on MotD when it was found out. It had really good maps like MotD, Origins, Buried and Town. I'll always love it and I recently purchased the season pass because it was on my moms account, and I got my new Xbox One. It was amazing to replay all the maps I once loved and still do. EDIT: I actually completed all of the BO3 easter eggs before my xbox one died.

  • 2:31 my guy has so many gobblegums

  • I love you. Noah, but you said that the gobblegum is impressive to know how to use it, but it really bot that hard, In plain sight activate when your about to die, and other gobble gum that you use to get points or save tmate, just use when near a temate and point gobble use it when everyone is not DBNO

  • You don’t have to put the staffs inside the robots if there are 3 you can push the button because if you want them to spawn w 3 all the time you put the staffs inside

  • hvk, nah noah that’s a icr noah: you mean a hvk?

  • Every speedrun is your favorite speedrun...

  • I would love to see bo2

  • All you have to have is hundreds of rare and ultra rare gobble gums to beat this record lol

    • @Inferno Mudkip ye true I'm talking bout gb record tho

    • Then get wr in the no gobblegum category


  • You can get ultimate ice and lighting like round 8 because how ez it is

  • What glitch did they Do to skip the All 4 staff putting in the robots step. They obviously did Not Do the 4 Player glitch so what were they doing

  • Is this the first attempt or do we have more to attempt like we can do it as many as we can?

  • Yes the bo2 one

  • 18:00 - Umm.. Noah... Help... :( ... Wtf are gobblegums man? Lmfao! I just bought Bo3 Zombies Chonricles tonight so... I'll get there...? I hope! - I have been watching the likes of you and kingman etc lately and getting into speedruns but mostly Zombies mode of every call of duty. Basically only every played 1 or 2 maps with a buddy back in the day, then Call of Duty: Mobile Zombies when it was around.. like 24/7 lol! & Ever since Black Ops Cold War was released I've been playing all the modes on that!

  • Does nobody no the glitch in bo3 for step 2? Pretty much all you do is have the first staff in its place in excavation and have 4 people hold X or for a ps4 square and you all place it in the grey spot in excavation and your done with the step

  • Whats rng

  • is this guy american

  • mw has better movement than bo3

    • But mw does have zombies I don’t see what your point is

  • Origins changed... or is this a remaster? I don't remember it like this

  • me watching and not understanding anything like : hmm yes speed run

    • I don’t understand it either

  • I haven’t seen shooting the ice staff tablets from those locations before

  • i bet whoever comes from old war is just- :o watching this

  • much agreed about your opinion on the gobblegums!

  • Anybody else notice noah has like 30 tabs open lol

  • We want another origins remake!

  • hi am a bot for youtube he is have 875 comments

  • Someone with the brain of i?

  • My mind: what tf is happening? What’s this about fist in cod? Why haven’t I tried this?

  • 7:42 lol wtf

  • they beat their own record 21:49

  • When will you speed run instead of commenting on speed runs

  • Tbh the ice staff code is like very easy to memorize idky but it’s just always in my head lol , like all the staffs is basically just a walk in the park

  • I’m a Cold War zombies player only because my mom just wouldn’t let me get cod until this one but I’m looking at this and I’m like this is dope where’s our staffs and gum ball machines

  • 21:29 the guy with the blue points was 1 point too far from achieving greatness with 42069

  • It was my bday when this was posted

  • war the link

  • Lmao Noah thinks you get G-Strike from box

  • Im the guy who started getting into zombies from coldwar and i cannot understand a single thing that’s happening in this run

  • so how they did the staff step was when he dropped the ice staff one of his teammates picked it up to go put in the robot for him

  • Ill say that if it wasn't for bo3 zombies i would not fall in live with zombies i wouldn't even like it

  • Anyone want to run some origins on bo3 PS4/5

  • Considering ive never even gotten to pack...I’m thoroughly impressed

  • 18:10 that’s funny that you ask noah because I’m beyond lost lmao I remember I used to just aim to get lightning staff and I was accomplished

  • I'm an og and been doing zombie for world at war

  • They were doing the gorod time attack on origins

  • What’s rng stand for

  • You just repeatedly put the fire staff in its pedestal take it out x4 times and youre done with the step no need to go in each robot :)

  • Cold War is nice cuz it’s so easy that people who hates zombies are now getting into it which makes them try the other zombies

  • the real GOAT would be mob on bo3 with gobble gums system. But I go with DE or shadows for GOAT

  • I remember doing this, solo Easter egg once on black ops 2. It took hours Haha

  • props to the 4th guy named lick_my_hole

  • Imagine origins in vr

  • Noah watching the subnautica speedrun: this has got to be my absolute favorite speed run ever done Noah watching Origins speed run: Ladies and gentlemen my favorite speedrun in the entire world has just been beat even faster! (if this came out before the subnautica one, i apologize)

  • I’m not really sure how it works but there is a glitch you can do to skip the three robot part

  • my boi called the icr the hvk the disrespect


  • Well my friend to me to get bo3 as he said it had a good zombies so I get it with chronicles and bo3 just hurts my head , there is to much going on at once

  • Takes them like 5 minutes to do a staff takes me like adleast like 9 hours to build one I’m being foreal

  • I am stuck in 2°12

  • At 18:01 you asked about what people’s thoughts are if you havent watched origins ever, well i only got into zombies during covid, my friends were big time zombies players and got me to finish all the BO3 maps and we plan on doing origins soon! So watching this for the first time is mind blowing, ill be happy if our group can do it in 3 hours with how slow we are lol

  • I wash orgs before but not like that

  • I love origins but its soooo hard

  • Fun fact:You can backwarda slide in CW