Mortician Answers Dead Body Questions From Twitter | Tech Support | WIRED

Avaldati 7 mai 2021
Victor M. Sweeney, a licensed funeral director and mortician, answers the internet's burning questions about dead bodies and the funeral director profession. When someone dies, what happens to their poo? If a person dies with contacts in...does a mortician take them out? Will your cat actually eat you when you die? Victor answers all these questions and much more.

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Mortician Answers Dead Body Questions From Twitter | Tech Support | WIRED


  • Drop grandma down the hole 🤣🤣🤣

  • very cool dude^^ thx for all the info

  • what is it like to prepare children or babies that have passed? Very sad? What if the body was badly burned or wounded in an accident. What's the tough side of this?

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  • This was super informative and I would like you to do my corpse up nicely 👍

  • Imagine a doctor and mortician side by side…….

  • bLuE fLaVoR

  • My future husband... lol

  • Am I really the only one who thinks this guy looks like bad luck Brian meme?

  • YMH cool guy eye 😎

  • he has a good sense of humor AND he's good looking?????

  • OMG I love this guy!!!!!

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  • Victor did my grandpas funeral four days ago, and it was a pleasure working with him. His personality in this video is true to him in real life. He is a delightful man, and did such an amazing job preparing my grandpas body. He helped my family through everything we needed in this hard time. We loved him, and my grandma called him "Wonderful Victor"! (that coffee mug in the video was the mug in his office LOL)

  • "Jeez, romance novels are so cheesy. There is no way a creepy mortician could be hot-"

  • What do you do to decapitated bodies? What if you find a body that’s like 7 years old and it’s just bones? I can’t believe I’m thinking of this right now


  • Why is he so fine? Jeez.

  • tf am i doing here at 1am

  • can't lie to myself that he's weirdly attractive

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  • very nice, i hope this gentleman made it safe to the 50s...

  • The segment at end with the Swedish Chef cover was probably the greatest thing someone could do for a funeral. And this was a very informative video definitely makes dying seem less unpleasant.

  • 1:57 truer words were never said

  • I would pay to listen to him telling stories

  • Yo where's Caitlin Doughty

  • “Victor Sweeney” well with a name like that the only option is to be a detective or a mortician no kidding

  • 90% of the comments: *talking about how attractive he is* 10% of the comments: *genuinely interested in dead people and funerals*

  • He has such a wonderful way of answering questions and a really good disposition. A lot of passion and also very respecful, I could listen to him for hours

  • “Future Corpse, aren’t we all” ROFL!

  • This was great. Idek how I got here.

  • “I’ve never put chapstick on a body, but I guess if some one really wanted me to, I wouldn’t say no” Bruh

  • He would never answer- “Does necrophiliacs exist in ur life or funeral institution” 🤫

  • waittttt!!! he looks just like Ryan Hansen on Good on Paper (he plays Dennis). especially when he scrunches his face.

  • Cats inferior to dogs? Never!

  • Question to Americans here, when you say how much you make a year, like he said the avg is 65K USD a year... is it before all the tax and anything that is going to social benefits etc? or is this what actually goes into the pocket? (I think the term in english is gross \ net?)

  • Watch this crucial short documentary on youtube 👉 The Connections (2021) 💖

  • cant stop thinking about being cut in half after my death to half be put to rot in the ground and then the other halfs ashes to be made into a cool bong

  • This video was so heart warming to me,I'm sure to everyone else to I wished Taylor was still alive today,I'm glad she had a relationship with God and Jesus I'm sure I will see her in heaven.🙏🏽💕☺️😌❤️🥰

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  • “I can assure you embalming fluid is not tasty.” you can assure us huh

  • Some ✨fun✨ *B L O O D - D R A I N I N G D E V I C E S*

  • 🍀🌹

  • You should not be buried in anything but a plain cloth as many cultures do practice. So that while your body is not rotten, the nature will come and benefit and recycle. When you are dead you have to contribute to the creatures of earth as you are at the compost stage.

  • We’re just gonna ignore his last name huh

  • what am i watching

  • I’m scared that the most fancy thing I wear will probably be something i wear when I’m dead

  • how did i end up here at 2am

  • He looks like how i imagine a mortician would look

  • ngl ive watched this 4 times.

  • His name is VICTOR SWEENEY? He literally jumped out of a Tim Burton story.

  • See, this is why I want to just be dropped in a hole. No embalming, no cremation, just...buried.

  • This was very entertaining

  • This guy looks like if Idubbbz was a librarian instead of a EEpushr

  • I'm sorry... his name is Sweeney?!?! SWEENEY?!?! I'm glad he's not a hair dresser.

  • I don't know how this man doesn't go to sleep with nightmares every night 😭

  • Now this is why I’m scared of dying

  • This guy just has that mortician vibe

  • Just don’t die?

  • youtube i finally clicked on it please leave me alone now

  • Y'all are thirsty ...and so am i. He's fine

  • I truly did not to watch this for as long as I did

  • You can't be burried "raw" because of prion diseases that leech into the soil and can taint soil for 29 months to as long as 50 years...

  • 12:53 so, imagine being a hairdresser, living your day to day life, and all of a sudden while you are making smalltalk to the dude whose hair your cutting, you get a call. Dude on the phone says “hey, come here, we’ve got a dead body that needs a bald fade” That would be interesting smalltalk. You go up to this dude like “sorry for the wait, when I’m done with you, I’m going to cut some dead guys hair”

  • First time I’ve used the timed comments feature He says so many weird things and yall have great senses of humour

  • Bring this guy back for part 2!!

  • Not y’all simping for him in the comments😭😭 Actually yk what-…😳 y’all aren’t wrong…

  • This is one of the funniest comment sections ever lol

  • 2:15 "I noticed you got the blue *Flavor* "

  • Bro i don't want to die, imagine the pain with all those tools... Oh wait

  • This sounds like a guy who really enjoys his job for the most part and is actually passionate about it. I hope that's the case, I love it!

  • I'm glad someone finally said it! Aged steak smells like death! That's because it's rotten!

  • This guy is the best

  • Coffins are cheap. Caskets are expensive.

  • 12:54 imagine being resurrected only to find out you have a mullet.

  • 7:36 F in chat for Victor M. Sweeney

  • The Swedish Chef singing killed me. Lol. I giggled a little throughout. But that singing. Ha! Sounded just like him. Awesome.

  • Ok so being burried alive isnt possible they drain you of your blood so yaay

  • Oh man I wonder how many Sweeney Todd jokes you’ve heard in your lifetime especially being a mortician 😂😂😂

  • My teenage self deep inside my brain who was obsessed with vampire novels noted that vamipres would need to buy make-up for dead people....

  • In a novel, he would be the butler in a haunted house

  • This guy is my spirit animal 🤣

  • Sweeney? Like Sweeney tod?

  • I enjoyed the salary tho

  • I don't believe this guy didn't name himself Viktor Sweeney.

  • He is too alive for a man who deals with the dead 😂

  • I thought my screen was dirty so I kept wiping it. Then I realised his suit has those dust like dots on it, like a design. Hahaha

  • I feel like this man belongs on a Little Shop of Horrors movie set

  • Educational an Informative

  • Idk why I watched this. I’m going to have nightmares.

  • Wow 666k likes. Nice.

  • is he related to Marcus parks

  • I kinda want him

  • This guy doesn't hesitate to show you how to get rid of a body 👁️👁️

  • Okay, maybe it's the idea that i might die because of the pandemic but this video weirdly calmed me.

  • I love the fact that u now have 666k likes!

  • Man, you gotta give this guy credit for having a sense of humor, being passionate about his job, and understanding how different his job is.

  • Shoutout to him having Pope Benedict on the mug with all of his tools.