Avaldati 1 märts 2021
We gave IMPOSTORS a SWORD Role in Among Us
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  • He could have killed them all with the joke

  • New role: Sandwich Can become a sandwich Can throw tomatoes across the map. This is a good role to use

  • He never explains what the mod actually does for crewmates :(

  • He said to slash the like button and I broke my phone

  • hi make more videos pls

  • No it black

  • You should do megadon mod

  • nice vid

  • I always skip to your turn to be the imposter LOL

  • Color wars

  • ssundee: also hit the subscribe button hope you enjoy me: um well im already subscribed so if i hit the subscribe button then i will unsubscribe lol

  • SSUNDE, I cant subscribe bec the subscribe button its slashed :c

  • When he says the like button will turn blue it turns black for me lol😂😂

  • LLLLoooovvvveeee

  • Only ogs know show me you shot gun shells

  • The baby is following him and is a ghost 1:55

  • Star Wars Darth Vader Invisible\Hiding Strangle Can use a light saber to kill people Throw to the wall Make a army of droids to attack (Like the Carol Baskin Mod when you can summon the Tigers to attack)

  • bassicly the mod: *WAR FLASHBACKS*

  • rip ssundee and zud :(

  • I don’t want to get slain soo I liked and subed


  • Yes everyone They are all grown men

  • Hooooo

  • yes

  • Hi

  • Hi

  • Mine doesn’t turn blue and turns black so I’m not doing it right

  • It’s garry

  • ssundee plssssd next role mechagozilla plsssssss ssundee plssss

  • Gary is SUS

  • Blue Skype us Just

  • Among us is so cool have you played it before I know you're playing among us right now

  • Bluish S. light blue you're so cool

  • Imposters versus cremates

  • Star mod

  • hit the dabbutton

  • Do a by blade mod

  • Ssundee: Garry let down your hair, sorry Garry we all know Garry: Just walk away!!!!

  • Code: LOOKUM lol

  • DARK HUMOR WARNING ⚠️ why do they sound like asian

  • When ssunde said I knew you killed that body in electrical lol body you mean person

  • Can we get a dragon imposter abilities are fire ball eat pick up drop and dive bomb

  • respect for round 1

  • Did you see when you killed zud his top bit went flying then sunk

  • Ssundee how can I get the sword modd

  • Sigils is the protagiist

  • Rip

  • The toothsome german conjecturally spoil because begonia intrestingly offend beneath a raspy manx. slow, unadvised freckle

  • I love your videos.

  • Yo7y770

  • If you see Kramer in any of your videos let me know JoJo

  • You get crewmate every first round.

  • mate

  • can the next mod be where everyone has a role but only 1 crew

  • wait henwy was lime but when he died he was orange for some reason?????????????

  • 1:51 Sad but true.

  • My like button koller black

  • Do you a mod with an assassin and a night night will be a new role that helps the crew mates and the assassin will try to assassinate all the crew mates

  • Did anybody noticed that at 8:56 ssundee killed henwy but body was orange

  • 8:58 was henwy liam and then orange.

  • If you hit the light button you will turn blue!

  • 7:04 more like a, heavy saber ahahahaha...haha...ha......

  • Uuuuuuuu

  • It is insane

  • whats the point i just realized thats a pun

  • Has anyone noticed 9:01????????????

  • Likes this video tho

  • No your family won’t eat bcuuse that’s not how it works

  • He’s literally tanjiro

  • @1:22 Halarious

  • Henwys body turned orange...

  • Tp through like herobrine..?

  • Pls play fortnite

  • Do the crewmates swords do anything

  • I swiped the card first try

  • inpaster

  • I love That Play

  • Gadzella

  • Inpaster

  • Ssunde you are a foot

  • 1

  • who is watching ssundee from 2015]

  • French + Pirate + En garde, scallywag 1:00 lol

  • Do a normal among us

  • Hi

  • I like these videos

  • I love how biffle made a lazar beam joke😂

  • Just imagine a thor MOD were you can fly above the map and summon your hammer that kills you and any one near on impact and you can shoot a lightning bolt across the map and you can electrocute someone but it burns the body


  • gary is a phycopath

  • When henwy died his colour changed from light green to orange

  • This is literally the definition of trust issues.😂😂😂😂😂

  • Sigilis: if they don't subscribe, this happens to them. Sigilis: 🗡 💀 x2 Me and Sundee: 😶😲😧 Me: well, at least I won't die.

  • My mod idea is the principal role if they touch you you get put in detention and theres a powerup where you can expell people and they work for you

  • I know i love it to

  • But my like button color is turn into black😂😂

  • No u big I want subs that makes it less subs

  • Lie

  • You’re not describe it as a puncher in the face are you okay okay let’s go bully son can you really okay where are the Bears kind of been Baba sorry about that I don’t waat you’re doing as we really want you doing

  • Hi