I Went SUBATOMIC in Minecraft.

Avaldati 22 apr 2021
In this video, Slimecicle goes quantum and slips between the particles of your favorite Minecrafters.

Edited by Zaltoman:

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@Niki Nihachu

Origins Mod: www.curseforge.com/minecraft/...
Slime Origin Add-on: www.curseforge.com/minecraft/...

The Minecraft Origins Mod is hilarious, and I found a glitch that lets you go subatomic as the slime. No matter where you think you are safe or I can't squeeze in, I will always be Among Us.


  • I love how every once in a while Ranboo just *Sonic voice*

  • Is it just me who DIED when jack said “he died with the cheese touch”

  • Oh god! Sneegsnag is now Spidy Gonzalez!🐭🇲🇽

  • so basically the origin smp is the dream smp cast but lore is nonexistent and among us jokes are abound

  • So small

  • You went slimatomic

  • Creepypasta tiny slimecicle

  • 4:16 Charlie was playing attack on titan

  • does this mean that the desert is hotter than hell

  • let em die let em die let him shrivel up and .....come on yall sing it with me

  • To Space

  • how i can i got to space

  • Tommy in the background running faster

  • 9:02 when my brother takes the last Pizza slice

  • This isn’t actually slimecicle. Look in the description.

  • 1:40 Why does this just sound like someone having a stroke while having voicecracks

  • 9:26 Ranboo's skin is just black not half and half.

  • why is ranboo solid enderman-

  • 1:56

  • Whats slimecician mod or datapack please tell me someone

  • 0:18 is cursed

  • I swear, seeing from slime's pov at his normal size is weird

  • 1:25 Still waiting for the animated version where Ranboo use a microscope to hit charlie

  • Jack at the end he died with the cheese touch in the chills voice got me

  • sleep thight 1:55

  • Is grace doing well?

  • I never knew you were on the smp until I put the puzzle together 😶

  • “i’m gonna gnaw at your toes”

  • *tubbo has ascended* 4:36

  • Theres Litterly a Lancer Skin! THE BAD GUY! FROM THE STORY, HEA HEA

  • Quem esperava que o Monark apareceria no vídeo...

  • What is the name of the origin mod your using

  • Sus 0:18

  • “In this video I beat up ALL the ankles of your favorite minecraft you tubers!”

  • slimmcickle

  • " and ranboo has to avoid fucking rain" Simple, just keep that ender pp in his trousers and he avoids fucking rain.

  • Atleast he died peacefully

  • smol

  • Charlie should make it so that when in water he grows.

  • If you had the power to be as small as you wanted (and return to normal size) what you do with it?

  • Mom: Sweetie, the monster under the bed isn't real! The monster under the bed:

  • Jack is sound like in youtuber idk what name is it

  • "He died with the cheese touch" Jackmanifold

  • "He died with the cheese touch" (Read this with the Chills voice) R.I.P Slmccl 435678654-2021 He lived a happy slime life, with Jimmy Fallon from AMONG US and Peter Griffin from Peter Griffin Guy, Until he unfortunately committed suicide in a dessert with the dreaded c h e e s e t o u c h .


  • They should make it so if Charlie is over ANY BODY of sand, he gets smaller because he is a slime. The slime would soak into the sand.

  • 1:55 XD

  • All fun and games until your friends can't see you anymore

  • The utter squirrel intringuingly soothe because priest previously exercise but a superb dessert. phobic, dull salmon

  • I finnaly see his pov

  • 4:43 subtitle funny

  • 4:43 oops

  • 9:09

  • “He died with the cheese touch.”.

  • E

  • Slime boi

  • This is the best editing you can find in this fandom

  • technically chills read a minecraft fanfiction

  • 4:32 Charlie : "Tubbo, how high can you float ?" Tubbee : "how high can I go ?" *"T O S P A C E"* *To The Moon Theme Starts Playing*

  • for some reason i can't go subatomic


  • i feel like. 80% less intelligent than i did before watching this.

  • Wait is this an alt account?

  • Hello! Do you play roblox? If you do, whats your user?

  • Are we not gonna take notice that when Charlie was climbing the vines he went through the god damn wall

  • ankle biter taken literally

  • 13:48 holy fucking shit for some reason for a good 10 seconds I thought the bully said "sussy"

  • F****** stop it with the among us memes I'm sick of it everywhere I look it's just among us I'm sick of it stop it 👿😡👿👎👎👎😤😠😡👿😾👎

  • 4:42

  • Is nobody gonna talk about how he captioned what jack said at 4:43

  • He is so under rated

  • ranboo needs water prot

  • I got recommended this, saying Slimecicle views also watch this channel Lol

  • Tubbo: To space... Old duck tales video game theme begins to play for the moon treasure. Me: Instantly wants to grab my Wii U and play it for the 50 millionth time in my life

  • Dude that’s the most vicious bed bug I’ve ever seen lol

  • I joined Ranboo’s stream heard among us and impressions and immediately left. I found safety in niki’s stream

  • Anyone else find it to be too convenient for fortnite to be updated the same day Minecraft gets updated, June the 8th?

  • make sure to dap up that like button

  • There and 4 basic forms of matter solid, liquid, gas, and slime which is everywhere and nowhere at the same time

  • Go quantum; meet the quark particles.

  • When Jack does the voice thing, you can’t even hear his accent-

  • he canonically died in the end, thats why we havent seen more origins smp videos

  • Now I wish to be slime And literally

  • Bro you look like Mort Goldman in family guy I got you fam

  • *Little crime slime boi* (if you want tell me what you want to add to this name BUT KEEP IT FAMILY FRIENDLY please and thank you :D)

  • Hey can somebody tell me how to do this please? I really want to try and get super smallest

  • 9:21 Angels of death fans anyone?

  • Can anyone explain how his skin is translucent?

  • To space

  • you know it's bad when the inchling is bigger than you.

  • Challenge Wilbur to chesticuffs

  • 4:42 look at the words kinda sus

  • Dap me up!

  • Amogus (for chain)

  • Just so you guys know, the amogus bit live was a living hell that I never want to experience in my life ever again and I feel so much remorse for the editor

  • For those wondering: -The bee origin in use doesn’t actually fly -The slime origin in use was updated 7 days after this video and the infinite shrink glitch no longer works

  • Ran boo be like kusco more liek tubbo

  • Wait hold on for jack instead of mlg water bucket it’s mlg lava bucket

  • This is my comfort video

  • He died with the cheese touch