I Survived 1,800 Days in HARDCORE Minecraft...

Avaldati 11 sept 2021

1,700 DAYS HARDCORE VIDEO: eepush.info/link/video/npmmbGihdY6fkaM.html

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In this Minecraft video I survive 1800 days in a Minecraft Hardcore world. Here are all the things I accomplished, and all the adventures that I had.

100 Days Video Playlist: www.youtube.com/playlist?list...

Tutorials I used for this video:
Villager Breeder: eepush.info/link/video/mqjMmm6dfYekkNk.html
Snow Block Farm: eepush.info/link/video/z7uVrY6gdIqIbLM.html

Thanks to @Luke TheNotable for the idea! www.youtube.com/user/Creolesb...

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  • Is it just me or does the entrances to his storage areas look like dicks.......? Lol

  • Where is day 1900?

  • Who wants to play a dangerous game of take a shot whenever he says hopper

  • People who have been watching the whole series: Nice People Just started watching: :0

  • Sb hardcore is what I play know because of you btw I’m on day 1302 currently draining monument

  • Where did the 1900 days in hardcore minecraft go.

  • I have 7000000 days

  • Ltn the god himself

  • Do a another 100 days in the cave only world!

  • *bad day* SB737 comes out with a new 100 Day vid: _happiness_ *bad Day again*

  • I can’t find where he destroyed that

  • It is great

  • In day 532 in the trade there’s nautilus shell and you say it’s useless

  • SB737 should really play more Minecraft Dungeons.

  • Im guess the hardcore season came to an end. It was a nice content man

    • Lol wdym he’s alive if you go to 100 hunters comments he says in a couple weeks

  • since when can you

  • half slab netherbrick ftw

  • Me:i have two stacks of wood Sb: i have to double chests of wood

  • lazarbeam would be proud for your melons

  • You are so Op in this world

  • Day 1739 what’s that is that a Diamond 💎 shovel

  • Then your a peasant Bc you use Diamond tools in a everts world

  • Wow you built a dragon farm yet it is not the most efficient


  • Ples upload 1900 days

  • I wonder when he will die?

  • I suggest you use dusty dude tree farm

  • Lol Tesco took out the houses

  • when will you do 1900 days because it has been like 3 weeks.

  • Such a great world and want next video

  • I want 100 days video not this

  • "Diamond Armor is for peasants" SB737, 2021

  • The red Slabs are perfect

  • can you plz make it some how that all of the stuff from the bartering farm and gold farm go to your storage system

  • pls make more

  • sb do 1900 days

  • Please make a base in end dimesion

  • Yo build your village bigger and make them huge houses or they will start spawn crudding

  • SB where is 1900 days

  • You should make a nether base

  • ah yes emerlad

  • When are you gonna do I survived 1900 days

  • I love it how when you died.the shulker box white you were about to die your chest plate lol

  • "Overpopulation is a problem" "But it's not my problem, I live in a giant house with everything I need" Society in a nutshell

  • We are waiting for your next 100 day video

  • please make a 1900 days in hardcore video please

  • Also sb breaks every tool

  • mate upload whats taking so long

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  • Dude what the heck you did not post the last two weeks

  • When will 1900 come........ Waiting so eagerly

  • The dislikes are from peasants

  • Pls put more hardcore Videos

  • You can make a Trading Hall

  • sb737: diamonds are for peasants. Me: then how do u make netherite armor

  • SB737 DAYS 1900 l Survived HARDCORE Minecraft

  • you SB737

  • l survived 1800 1900

  • I Thought That The Portal Was Crafter

  • I love your 100 days videos. I am looking forward for 1900 days

  • SB: “Diamonds are for peasants” Also SB: has a diamond shovel

  • pls do achivement almost there

  • Yay almost at day 2000 that’s a long time

  • omg what is this day

  • hi sb just wanna say i have watched your vids from like years ago when you werent that popular, keep up the good work.

  • where is the 1,900 day world

  • What level to u mine for netherite

  • I remember when you did Sonic 2 speedruns

  • Sb's close to 1 billion views 33.4 million left very close to the big mark btw when 1900 days coming out

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  • I have came back after 2 or 3 years keep up the good work

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  • When is 1900 days

  • Where is 1900 days???

  • SB can not blink I saw look at him so much bags under eyes 30 hours? More than 1000 hours

  • SB737 post a new video


  • NE NE NE


  • What if SB uses water around the lava in the Storage room and add sea lanterns under the water but hey if he wants too

  • Leave it a slab lower

  • man build cleaner

  • Upload a video

  • Commin back tomorrow

  • What happened no new video

  • I challenge you to mend your every tool and armour piece and Elytra before you sleep (Disclaimer-if you try this you cannot break any your armour piece and Elytra and tool)

  • When you gonna post?

  • New

  • I love you

  • Make New project upgrade the villagers houses first destroy the villae House

  • Bro you could make a sand duplicator from which you could get Tnt and make tnt easily without mining days

  • Use to fill tool chast

  • U make so op videos I love to see I wish u have 10 million soon

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  • He didn’t die.

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  • Sb737: more concerned about a forest than a mansion filled to the brim with hostile mobs. Me:Wot?

  • Fundy new impossible difficulty plz defeat bit