i don't think i can do this fight

Avaldati 2 mai 2021
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Edited by: @TundeFunny


  • so he is a man that can't lipsync and is only good at standing in front of the camera looking like playboy...ok

  • if deji don’t dominate this clown i stg

  • feel like vinnie aint gonna win

  • I feel second hand embarrassment for being the same age him...

  • I kinda find it sus that he's this nice I mean, I respect him for being so humble and respectful when it came to the boxing thing But I'm worried that him being nice will kinda push deji to avoid hurting him too much in the ring, whereas he might actually go ham once there's no need to keep being nice, and might hurt Deji

  • I respect the man

  • This is gonna be one of those anime fights where they become best friends in the end

  • Im not involved in this

  • Lmao

  • I thought you moved out of your parents house

  • I would pay to not see another one of his videos and have those ones erased from my memory

    • That guy's looks like you need to knock him tf out

  • His opponent is gay

  • You better win after dis... that’s all imma say

  • If you lose, u gotta stop ✋

  • So do you ever train deji? Weren’t you taking boxing seriously after Jake Paul beat you? Look where he’s at and what he’s doing compared to you. You gotta level up fam.

  • I swear I Felt uncomfortable the whole vid lol

  • Its basically a Gamer vs a Male Escort.

  • Dude think about it if Deji wins he needs to keep training for a rematch with Jake Paul deji could beat jake first fight he just needed cardio that’s all and let’s say he does win against jake then that will be like an ani May type shi

  • In my country The Netherlands, we have the same type of guy called Glen fontein. He never wears a shirt, only a tanktop or shirtless. He is from tik-tok as well, and is now doing EEpush as well. He is in love with his self, he always looks at the mirror. I don’t understand those people in this world


  • The cringed

  • Deji is honestly 1 on the best EEpushr

  • You lose this fight you need to permanently retire 😂

  • That guy's looks like you need to knock him tf out

  • Pls Dej wipe the floor with the face

  • lit ep.

  • deji is too good

  • If you don’t win we’re all gonna make fun of you please win

  • U really gonna fight this guy like whats that yo???

  • Ngl I wouldn’t let this guys hands touch me way too sus

  • Does anyone know the name of the song of the first tik tok that goes where are you???? Please dying to find it

  • I don't know who tf this tiktok guy is, and people like him are the reason I don't have the app, but from that one clip he seems like a genuinely decent and respectful person

  • Do people actually still watch this weird black guy

  • Why has this come up on my home page. I am so glad I’m not part of this weird little world

  • why do i feel like there going to be best friends after this fight

  • I'm so glad he's actually training and taking it seriously

  • I don't find Dejis humour funny. Not saying that's a bad thing. But this shit had me pissing myself 😂😂

    • you dont find deji funny, you find vinnie funny

  • 0:51

  • oh shit that tiktok guy is the next level cringe

  • Deji vs Charlie Zelenoff

  • the copyright free music makes this so much more hilarious

  • deji is underrated, am i wrong?

  • I swear if you don’t beat his ass im canceling you

  • Ben askren made more effort in his fight against Jake than Vinnie making tiktoks

  • I cant watch his tik toks and keep a straight face he's cringy XD

  • You’re about fight a fuckboy who can’t fight

  • I dont think i can do this fight BUY TICKETS TO THE FIGHT GUYS


  • It doesn’t even take talent to get famous anymore. Just look good while music is playing in the background

  • I love vinnie.. I hope he wins but my money is on Deji. Sorry vinnie 😭

  • Delhi don’t you dare lose to this neek

  • I want to deji to train for this one and get an ez W.

  • Deji stop underestimating this man take this serious

  • Now imagine Deji gets knocked out by this guy lol

  • Idk witch fight to go to Paul v maywether ir Deji vs tick guy

  • Jawbreaker Juice

  • gg

  • STAY IN THAT GYM DEJ, ...you got this shit bruh.. love all the way from Arkansas U.S.A ...

  • Lol imagine Deji loses

  • My eyes are burnt

  • I love you deji

  • 2:31 i sneezed to

  • pick teken, dEji sUcK aT ThE GaMe

  • Not fighters anyway

  • Whys nobody doing UFC fights not trying be rude but unless ur a pro boxer its boring to watch because they get scared to hit and hide behind the block for 30+ minutes

    • @Natalie i guess u got a point but logan and jake should be doing ufc since they practiced wresteling at a young age also idk why but i think deji would do better at ufc then boxing

    • EEpushrs that didn't grow up doing mma/ufc shouldn't fo that vs boxing...boxing is a safe sport for them too many liabilities if they try real dangerous sports...not saying boxing isn't dangerous, just saying there is less injury for them in boxing vs mma etc

  • vinnie is not even training

  • Bruv that’s a bird init

  • Aim for his face... He'll probably wince ALOT

  • I came from JawBreaker Juice

  • The call me by your name 😩

  • hes humble

  • hes taking the mocking it🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • he probably dont know what fifa is.

  • Just watching the first 45 seconds 😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣😂😂😅😅😅

  • Gay

  • Deji>ksi

  • His opponent is honestly very chill

  • Fuck why is he kinda cute

  • Much better title Laughing at: Vinny hacker

  • This might be the first time i actually thaught a tiktoker might just be a nice person and not a jake paup wannaby

  • Meh, yet another amateur boxing match off the back of social media/reality tv. How about you and all the other "social media stars" leave boxing to the professionals and do what your known for. I won't be watching any of these shite non-event fights, Jake Paul, Logan Paul etc etc, even Floyd Mayweather . . . . Embarrassing for him that he accepts these amateur boxing fights. If your into them then thats fine . . . But as a fan of the sport its just cringe to me, its like all them years ago when celebs were doing them for charity etc, if you did these fights for charity i would respect them a little bit more. $125 to watch social media/reality stars run round a ring. Defo fooking not lol.

  • Deji ur actually fucked tho homie his arms are the size of ur forehead so that’s worrisome

  • Ngl, when I first heard of the EEpushrs vs Tiktokers event, I thought its gonna be a 5v5 WWE-style Tag Team match

  • His tiktoks are him shirtless while staring at the cam

  • Wait isn't the spade tattoo for people who like bbc

  • DO THE 1v1

  • Denji, if you lose man 😂😂

  • whats the song at 1:15?

  • EEpush will f**k TikTok

  • Pov: you're fighting vinny 4:02

  • Still the same childish deji

  • Please deji you have to win... you just have to

  • Them millions of views he has are little girls between the age of 8 and 13. Anyone older would be too mature to handle the kind of bs he posts😂

  • Are those bose qc35s?

  • If your a good boxer you can fight a boxer your level

  • Deji laughing the beginning but I think he forgot he a walking meme

  • If u lose ur ass u a dweeb

  • Deji just beat the shit out of him

  • 5:10 lol he has his mask upside down