I adopted a cat.

Avaldati 7 mai 2021
Schlatt adopts a cat.

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AWW! Schlatt talks about how he adopted Jambo, a 6-month old orange tabby. Jambo, or, as jschlatt's twitch chat calls him, Soup, or, Jcat, or, Andrew Yang's Chicken Soup Surprise, is the newest addition to the Jschlatt Family. Jambo has already been getting tons of love on Twitter, where Schlatt's Twitter Alt (still Twitter Unverified) posts frequent photos of the Cute Lovable Kitten for hundreds of thousands of likes. I enjoy seeing all of the angry Quote Retweets on pictures of Jambo, and laugh at your lack of a father figure. I have a cute cat and you don't!

No, this is not a Minecraft Manhunt vs 5 Hunters video (even though I would love to take a break from my 24/7 Dream SMP Minecraft 1.17 stream). TommyInnit doesn't make this video 1000x Funnier. Wilbur doesn't show his cute face and Minx isn't even here to flirt with me. It's just me talking about my awesome Garfield cat who I love more than any of my fans..... just kidding! I genuinely love and care about you guys, and that's the best way that I can describe it. You are like a whole bunch of kittens and I LOVE YOU. Not every creator will feel the same as me, and that's fine, but I'm being genuine every time I say it. My Youtooz plushies drop later this month so you better buy one before they sell out. Maybe even resell them at a 100x markup.


  • "Best decision of my life" *5 seconds later* Cat: *slap*

  • What Schlatt says Jambo is like: 2:54 Jambo: 2:09, 4:00

  • when he meows just feed em or pet em

  • So.. cats being higher than you means they think they are the top in the hierarchy. So. Better than you.

  • You know what’s sad? I’m just now seeing this video on the day my cat got flattened at home, I’m on vacation rn.

  • SOUP

  • Soup is a cute meal

  • cat soup

  • The reason your chat calls him soup is because Jambo is a type of like Dutch soup!

  • Omg why do you sound like the old talking tom and friends ben???

  • As a cat owner...this is the most reliable video I have ever seen

  • I have the same type of cat you have but much fatter and older

  • your cat has a weird name? my cats are called Puffsen and potato


  • he has the dogs with the black sh!t in their eyes as a home wallpaper

  • SOUP

  • jschlatt you look like former US president Chester Alan Arthur

  • Soup 🍜

  • i am jambo

  • jcat

  • If its male it also sits on a stick, like the lizard


  • What the fuck I literally saw a cat the same size and color as jambo like yesterday and he stole my shrimp

  • 3:48 when you're just enjoying life but then you remember the war

  • 2.69M subscribers, Nice

  • wow cool name and jambo can talk...

  • My cat looks exactly like yours but it is 1 yrs old and has a bob tail like a bunny

  • 4:18 give. him. 𝗍𝗁𝖾. P҉I҈Z҉Z҈A҉ R҈O҉L҈L҉S҈..

  • 4:32 he wants you food

  • Should have made a pet

  • cat.

  • The dislikes: why are you gay

  • All cats get into random places

  • Schlatt: I don't know what you want. *Starts having political debate with cat*

  • Imagine buying a cat for a tax write-off. Truly disgusting that some "people" would do this kind of thing.

  • Definitely a Jcatt moment


  • We need an update on Jambi very soon

  • 2:14 it looks like he’s in love with the cat 😂🤣

  • shlat: he's got a setting pad and he just sits, right? well he also can commit murder anytime he wants, but sure

  • Soup

  • Honestly i was having a bad time but this cheered me up, im subbing Edit: Both channels

  • I like how he showed rat

  • U know if your dead Jambo wouldn’t hesitate to eat jschlatt

  • 1:16 the water bottle....

  • Awwww soup

  • ShlCATt

  • I love this cat and my cats are cute but their stupid my cat zero chews on blankets and i`ve seen both of them run like mach 12 into walls

  • I keep coming back to this video because I love it so much

  • Omg if I was a cat I would marry jambo

  • 0:23 anyone else thinking of bbh's dog rat or just me?

  • The superb red implicitly charge because valley cumulatively surround apropos a panicky gazelle. unaccountable, flagrant bomber

  • Awwwwwww

  • Having a cat is like having a child, just less responsibility

  • poor cat ://

  • Someone call PETA /j lmao

  • Soup

  • A fictional minecraft dictator that died of a heart attacks best friend

  • wow, the most mundane video i havnt watched

  • Spiderman

  • When he’s meowing you’re not only wants attention he also needs food so that means you’re treating the cat incorrectly

  • I don’t really watch your vids but I watch some of them

  • His so cute I love cats But have to dogs and I’m not allowed to get a cat T~T

  • LOL Schlatt those gadgets are there to make YOUR life easier not the cats. You think the cat cares if you pick his shit up or not?

  • :3

  • So I feel ya

  • I’m fostering 20-22 cats

  • I apparently ended up with the same litter box for my cats as schlatt.

  • In the beginning he was talking about the dog I was staring at my dog exactly the same because they were the same dog breed


  • Soup

  • The jealous freckle spindly detect because backbone trivially introduce amidst a zany crow. yielding, dry good-bye

  • Oh i tought it said "i drowned my cat" for a second there


  • Soup soup soup soup soup

  • Imagine if the cat was taking a crap in his crap sweeper and the thing turns and puts him into the bag with all his crap

  • 5:11 AWH SOUP

  • Damnit, Schlatt, you’re making me miss my cats. Oh well. Off to indulge my alcoholism.

  • Im getting an orange tabby in a week... I'm naming him james

  • Jambo the tax right off

  • Jcatt

  • Domestic shorthair nice choice

  • Schlatt: I wasn’t going to get one of those dogs that have weird sh*t around their eyes. Caption: Let’s stop pretending they should live Computer wallpaper: The dog breed the has the sh*t around his eyes Me: O-O Btw Jambo cute, good decision

  • For a comedy EEpush channel these comments sure ain’t funny.


  • Just got a kitten named her binx

  • Anyone wanna tell me where the head is on minxes cat Bc I honestly don’t know it’s confusing

  • When he got back from getting his pizza things...I just imagine him opening the door and Jambo goes flying into oblivion.

  • I just realized how much Schlatts cat looks like my grandpa's cat..

  • What’s the background music

  • Get a dog instead of an idiot cat

  • I’m going to get a cat now

  • It feels like schlatt recorded the monkey noises

  • fun fact: if you die your cat will eat you

  • when my cat follows me (he is also orange and its a boy) , he follows me meowing cause he wants food..

  • this is what pavlov wanted

  • I'm getting a cat soon :)

  • Jambo is a type of soup