HELLUVA BOSS - The Harvest Moon Festival // S1: Episode 5

Avaldati 30 apr 2021
Blitz sees a horse. Things sure do happen!
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    • The next episode should be like a racing type. I LIKE CARS

    • Lol that shark that smashed moxxie

    • 0 l Prv^¿*^^

    • eepush.info/link/video/vZqtd5mcqGuclrs.html.

    • Ptpt

  • Why is no one losing their minds about Norman Reedus??!! 😍

  • Quite the speech about being someone else's playtoy ...When the person highering you gives two shits about admitting it right in front of the target. This is just routine for them.

  • Interesting

  • The morality in this series makes 0 sense...it's funny though😁👍🏿

  • Milly is kind of a glass cannon. She can give hits, but she can't take them. 12:09 Also, am I the only one who finds it cute when these guys go into a blood rage in defense of their loved ones?

  • Hey vivziepop i have a question CAN you make a HAZBIN HOTEL (PILOT) SERBIA DUB

  • Cannot express how much I love this show

  • 3:11, hmmm ja ich verstehe. Krieg + Blitz. Ah ja ich sehe, Blitzkrieg!! 3:59 Oh nein win Stürmer! Oder is Stryker? egal, Die Britten kommen! Oh no a German, I refuse to speak English German makes it better

  • 15:01 Honestly, between clashing with Fizzarolli the robo-clown and Striker the assassin, I tend to underestimate how good of a fighter Blitzo actually is. He may be a goofball dad of an imp, but he can absolutely hold his own in a fight!

  • The Most Non-American thing : Own a gun and not use it

  • Every time i watch this i realize how the guns keep changing size and shape between scenes, not just due to point of view

  • 7:29 blitzo on r/wooosh

  • Striker was Norman Reedus aka Daryl from Walking Dead.

  • OMFG that last rotating camera angle. I have never been more aroused by a slight shift in perspective.

  • I love how strong Blitzø is!

  • Anyone else notice how striker is voiced by Norman Reedus?

  • Noice

  • Rawr 😩

  • its amazing how they put so much fluid movement where it matters but dont overdo it on other parts. Its such a good balance to make the parts that count really count

  • This series just got that much more interesting with this episode. We have continuity now. Up to this point, the episodes have been just standalone episodes of random everyday events in the lives of these characters, making me think that that would remain the structure of the show. Now, however, we are faced with specific references to previous episodes and a cliffhanger and anticipation of what is to come. We know that we're going to see Striker show up again and Stolas's life is at stake. I'm excited to see where this story goes from here now.

  • This episode actually kinda hit close to home with Moxie being mocked for not being strong and super masculine, because the same happens to me sometimes, and it sucks that it happened to Moxie here because he’s such a sweet guy

  • striker awooga

  • Can we get a podcast episode with Fizzaroli and Alistor? They're my two favorite voices in all of the VizzieVerse, and I want to hear them talking to each other!

  • its amazing how theye keep getting amazing actors for this show! I mean they got Norman Reedus on now whos next? Keanu Reeves?

  • Your show is really great I hope the animators are doing well during this covid-19 bullcrap and keep up the good work. You guys are doing spectacular 👍💙

  • So epic

  • To think that the bounty hunter is Daryl from walking dead I was so shocked but was also excited when I found out about this

  • 1:10 Stolas is so adorable right here!

  • facebook.com/MaydanAlquds/videos/464301411532160/

  • This episode just changed my life


  • The worst part in watching these episodes is knowing that they will eventually end.

  • Okay I didn't go too deep into the comments but how is no one hot for Striker or a Striker x Blitz possibility?????

  • Reminds me of War

  • Am I the only one that hates Millies new voice actor?

  • 17:24 That smooth rotation tho

  • Круто

  • Is that Norman Reedus?

  • So, are we all just ignoring that NORMAN REEDUS voiced striker?

  • Lowkey really wanted to see Loona go off and obliterate snake dude

  • I want to hear a full version of Striker's song

  • amazing cap

  • Is it just me or is the frame rate all over the place in this episode?


  • 3:39 Awww, but I wanted to hear more about the technological advances ;_; Is it just me?

  • Things I learned in this episode: 1. Stolas never needed bodyguards at LooLoo Land because it seems blessing-tipped rifles are very hard to come by, and apparently the only way to kill demon royalty. 2. Millie must be one of the deadliest Imps like Striker and Blitz, but seems to lack the knowledge to function as a single entity. 3. Moxie being born in the same ring as Millie brings the question as to whether each ring has its own role in hell, or if each ring is merely its own ecosystem. It doesn't seem he was raised in the farm life. 4. Hellhounds must be way more fearsome than Luna seems to relay, because there would be no reason for Striker to hold off on killing Moxie and Blitz right then and there. 5. The foreshadowing in this episode is really keeping me glued to this series.

  • *le sigh* i shoulda known striker woulda been a bad guy with his dope-ass design

  • Dayum, the animation is gettin real good

  • Its sad that i relate to moxxie more than any other character.

  • MAKE MORE !!!


  • I'm honestly starting to think that Blitzo actually cares about Stolas because if stolas died he could just steal the book

  • Moxie, i love your voice acting ❤️🖤❤️ i know Zim from Invader Zim anywhere. I need your actual name so i can Stan you officially! Great job recruiting Brandon!!!!

  • Why is no one bringing up the fact that NORMAN FREAKING REEDUS is Striker?!

  • Striker makes so many gator noises and it's badass, but it leads me to imagine that he also made baby gator noises as a kid... ... ...and that just makes me giggle.

  • I miss angeldust

  • We need hazbin hotel episodes

  • Striker: I failed to kill the target at the festival... Stella with Stolas reading an imp book a foot away from her: Hmm, ya don't say?

  • If you pause at 6:16 you can really see just how strikingly similar the designs of Moxxie and Striker are. The shape of Striker's horns and tail are like Moxxie's but spikier and deadlier, same with his hair. Hell, even Striker's eyebrows are just Moxxie's but thicker. It's a really nice detail to the character, as it kind of subtly adds to the "better than you" attitude of Striker.


  • Not trying to be be rude but in very hard to see scene's, buuuut... It looks like there's not enough frames per second is that what's it's called? Anyway it might just be me

  • Norman Reedus from the Walking Dead voicing Striker is the best thing about this episode...

  • To be honest, I have never expected the one girl to hire that dude I don't know they're names and my friend has your merch and I think it's cool but I don't have enough time to get some sadly

  • I like all the characters!

  • is it wrong to say he kind of deserves getting this assassination attempt? lol

  • Loona: says 1 word Every furry within a 10 mile radius: 4:03

  • At this point I can't tell if Stolas is either deaf and didn't hear or care that Stella was yelling at a hitman over the phone about killing him or if this is just a normal thing for them to do.

  • we are not strangers to love You know the rules and so do I A total commitment is what I'm thinking You wouldn't get this from no other guy I just want to tell you how I feel I have to make you understand Never Gonna Give You Up I will never let you down I will never run and abandon you I will never make you cry I will never say goodbye I will never tell a lie and hurt you We've known each other for so long Your heart hurts but you're too shy to say Inside we both know what's been going on We know the game and we are going to play it And if you ask me how I feel Don't tell me you're too blind to see

  • Lorna is who makes this hilarious


  • That camera pan during the rifle scene 🤤

  • Happy 8th anniversary of making animations

  • I like how his wife order her husband to be dead while the husband say "good luck with that"

  • Fun facts about this episode I notice, a spoiler novel [inhales deeply]: Moxxie's foreshadows the gun at 3:22, heaven has created extremely powerful weaponry to kill Royalty in hell. But as we've seen from E4, any angel who kills is banished from Heaven. Where do they go? So they've stopped warring and started "cleansing" (Hazbin Hotel, pilot episode). This episode was a glimpse into the power structure in the universe: When Millie used to partake in the Harvest Moon Festival, people died. Which might be impressive, but we don't know who died. Striker and Blitzo tie for winner, but Blitzo gave Striker a run for his money later, and even threw him with his tail! But Striker seems to have the upper hand all the time. Which means Blitzo can probably beat Millie in hand to hand combat, but even with a blade, she can't beat Striker. We don't know how powerful Luna is yet, but since we didn't see her fight, it's safe to assume she's more powerful than Striker, or else the plot would end - but I'm being meta. We just need to see her give a shit about something enough that she fights. Moxxie is the weakest, but the best with a gun (Blitzo's firearm skill seems to vary as he couldn't hit Fazzoli despite being "good with guns now." who is featured on an ad in this episode above M&M's apartment, where we also get a glimpse of just how schedule-oriented Moxxie really is, with a list of what to do tonight by his alarm clock - ANYWAY!) Moxxie now possesses the strongest sniper rifle in all of hell. So that's not terrifying. When Millie's father is referring to "thesbian types," either Moxxie used to be an actor of some kind, or it's an inside joke referring to the actor of Moxxie, Richard Horvits. Unless someone knows him personally and can refute this, I must assume the former. Blitz's'o's ...eyes, when he's blinking, they make little dead crosses likes it's missing. Which is adorable. "Watch me!" Moxxie reaches for his gun for a split second then Striker stops him and says "Nah, with these." So he knows Mox is strapped. Horvits @ 8:50 voice flex. Just before Mox is eaten by a shark the 2nd time, Striker is at the back, they lose, and avoids falling in the pit with grace, which could imply he wasn't even trying to begin with since he later co-wins the competition. The girl Striker kicks gets devoured. Which means the culture in Wrath attacks weakness of ANY kind. Which is a fallacy because there are varying strengths, as we see between Striker and Moxxie. Striker is literally and figuratively a snake. Remember that there is a fun story to Adam and Eve where a snake appears and convinces Eve to eat forbidden fruit. And in the song Striker sings, he's always a winner, in everything he does. The only question on my mind at this moment is: who is more powerful? Stolas? A Royal. Or Alastor? A mortal soul.

  • when is doomguy showing up

  • Dude, the quality of this episode is unreal! Amazing!!

  • This show just keeps getting worse and worse

  • Anytime blitzo *ahem* blitz... metions luna being his daughter his eyes sparkle.

  • The fighting in this was animated beautifully. I particularly liked when Blitzo bit Striker, it was very satisfying to watch.

  • Striker sounds like Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead

  • I don't know why here and now but I need to get this out of my head why would you own a baseball bat then write on it "The douchebager" like why the fuck

  • I was watching a old Brandon Rogers video and was like wait a sec he sound very familiar and I was right

  • Moxxie: I'm not good with my hands? Us: Apparently he's not good with his brain either...

  • The most smoothest animation 17:23

  • Out of all the small details, I'm lovin the family stickers on the back of their car!

  • i wish blitzo is real

  • viziepop i think you are the best youtuber in the world

  • Omg watching Blitz fall prey to a "That's what she said!" joke from Loona was so fucking adorable, my heart melts for each of their father daughter moments XD

  • I love how Millie feels her husband is in danger and just goes Beastmode with an extra dash of “I HAVE GODDAMN SUPER RABIES” in protecting him.

  • 8:53 .... What happened there 😳

  • i am brazilian but i love your work as a designer here in Brazil we have several fans of your series called helluva boss

  • can't wait for an episode that shows what loona's really capable of

  • Wait Blitzø can purr?!

  • I noticed in Striker’s song at the end when he sings “I’m totally the best” (my favorite line) he has a slight lisp. I really like that detail, it adds to his serpent-like vibe but isn’t ridiculously drawn out

  • Wow, I thought for sure Striker was gonna die. But hey,now we get an actual recurring villain and my new favorite character. Nice.

  • i love sallie mae she needs more screen time

  • Getting a ad for "Vizzy hard seltzer" while watching something made by Vivziepop. The timing is amusing.

  • Oh please being striker back! He’s epic for a cast villain!!!

  • 17:09 pls