He Might Be More Terrifying Than You Think - Issei Sagawa | Mystery & Makeup GRWM| Bailey Sarian

Avaldati 12 juuli 2021
Hi friends hope you are having a wonderful day today! Happy Monday. Its been awhile since we've talked about the ppl eaters. He is definitely a unique one, I am not sure what else to say. Let me know what you think down below and if you loved this eyeshadow look as much as I did.
Love and appreciate you all so much for watching! Hope to be seeing you real soon x o
Bailey Sarian


00:00 Intro
5:19 The Early years
9:56 First Attempt
21:20 The Night
24:52 Love At First Nibble
30:22 Little Man with the Suitcases
32:16 the Park Situation
35:50 Oooooh, Hes In Trouble
40:12 What Comes Next


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  • the theme song is something i do when I’m making popcorn, dinner, about to watch youtube… oh my!! I’m addicted!!!

  • "Eat her in order to possess her." Does this man think he's freaking Zeus over there? 'Cause Zeus pulled this exact stunt with Metis.

  • Can you please do a Monday story on Cheryl Coker from Dayton Ohio

  • If someone had just explained he could eat a lady’s 😼 nona this woulda happened, i bet. I mean. Probably not but he’d have definitely gotten his fix AND had a happy Still Alive Person afterwards

  • i want to see this guys original interviews 🙃

  • A man that ate a woman did restaurant interviews!? 😳 So f’d up??!

  • Soo if anyone is going to like tell me they're going to k1ll me n stuff, don't. As a foreigner living in another country, you gotta let me whip out that Google translate

  • Haha, Issei’s leaning in 😂😂 I thought of the book Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg. I laughed so hard!

  • 19:02 WHATTTTTT....

  • how the heck….this makes no sense

  • Bailey: warning if you just ate we are talking about a cannibal. Me: (eating ramen noodles) let's do this.

  • whats important is that hes a Taurus

  • "Is anyone watching them...is anyone paying attention to those brothers🤔🤔🤔" 😂nawl fr tho...I need a update.

  • Hansel and Gretel are siblings that were either playing in the woods or was sent by their father to gather wood and return back home,and on the adventures stumbled upon a house made of candy,in the house lived a witch who's blind but can smell children and she lures them in with the candy so she can eat them. I use to watch Once Upon a Time that's the only reason I know. I really loved that show.

  • Before the story even starts Me: Ouuu I love that name.

  • Beautiful make up look but side note lol it’s so infuriating how some people who committed such terrible crimes never got punished as severely as they deserved and I don’t understand how these outcomes happen

  • Hansel and Gretel weren’t eaten because they escaped and killed the witch but she did intend to eat them, she was fattening them up with the candy house

  • While slurping my spaghetti 🍝

  • Honestly with how many times his dad bailed him out, the French could’ve been afraid that the evidence would be destroyed once it got to Japan to you know “erase” that it even happened and maybe take away the shame he caused the family. That’s the only reason I can think why they wouldn’t send it

  • Get this man a chew toy

  • I feel your pain! I’ve been streaming on Twitch for a couple of years and I still get nervous. When I click “start”, the software asks if I’m sure and I have to click “yes” immediately before I get caught up in an OCD cycle of checking everything over and over again. 😂

  • :( eww he ate her not only that but ate her flesh raw thats so sick

  • I'm here at 2 in the morning lol

  • I love this makeup look

  • I remember years ago flicking through tv channels and seeing issei speaking Japanese. I was learning Japanese at school so i thought id watch it to pick up vocab and see if i could learn new words I wasn't ready for what i was watching 😂

  • This horrific ! I Can't believe that Monster is free! I am ashamed of French justice and the Japanese are no better 😧 Pauvre Renée... RIP, je compatis à la douleur de sa famille

  • Well yeah but what about when their parents pass I mean they will inherit all that money then what?

  • I’m sorry but I don’t believe he had a normal loving childhood. Asian culture normally keep family life hush hush because they don’t like to humiliate their ancestors. I really believe something happened to both boys that nobody talks about.. I don’t know. Just my opinion

  • Take a shot every time Bailey applies another layer of concealer 😂x

  • This sounds like some type of wrong turn movie , sick and crazy...

  • I bet the home life wasn't what it is made out to be.

  • Hansel and grettle were almost eaten but they actually pushed the witch into the oven. It’s allegory for antisemitism

  • Got to ask what does nah nah mean i figure it’s a kid saying since I am a oldey lol j/k just 37 but old compared to most this kids lol

  • Me realizing I spent a whole month in Tokyo, Japan in 2018 and could have been near him, without knowing.................:(

  • I feel awkward when I'm on live and trying to end it and nobody's there so im saying bye to no-one LOL!!

  • Ok! Love! Love! LOOOOVE YOU!!! Love this look! Can't wait to try! This story! WOW! Sick! BTW! WHOEVER IS HATIN ON MY GIRL WITH THE THUMBS DOWN?!! YA FACE!!🤬 She's a brilliant talent and you're blind not to see it! 😘

  • And ppl go to jail for smoking a joint 😒, what f* world ! It all comes down how rich is your dady

  • His story used to give me major nightmares when I was little, now the nightmare is back 😭😭😭

  • Im sorry but if someone said they wanted to eat me I’d be flattered 😅😅

  • Told me to skip if I ate, so I made myself some food and went ahead.

  • Please do 44 days of Torture - Junko Futura. She deserves so much justice. May she Rest In Peace

  • Someone search up the judge, I don't think he has an innocent past but I can't read French.

    • Name is Jean-Louis Bruguière

  • He's shorter than me! Finally!

  • 18:16 IM DYING

  • L😍v this makeup

  • "not in a creepy way, just *mhnhnmhnmhhn*"

  • Bailey: If you are eating don’t watch this and eat Me: getting my Diablo toquitos ready 😋

  • do Mary Bell please!!!

  • “If you’re gonna do this you can’t be fainting…. Frickin loser” I can’t I’m dying

  • Love the music at the end of the video .

  • Vegetarian 😭

  • poor parents of René, and yes,money 💋x

  • Look into Chad Campbell from palmyra, ny

  • me: eating my vegan chocolate cake Bailey: so today we're talking about a CANNIBAL me: me: resumes eating

  • The witch was going to eat the children but the children escaped.

  • it’s so gross to me how the media treated him like a celebrity. i feel awfull for renaes family

  • Baby girl lisa😭🤣🤣🤣

  • I now have an fear of being eaten by the person I’m dating , Thaaaaaaanks!

  • Issei, you disgust me. Bailey, you make me happy 🤗

  • Stage fright is forever

  • Loved the end result of your make up,this concept is brilliant and now if I watch another murdery channel I'm disappointed the lady is already made up

  • You said it's uncomfortable trip think you could be walking down the street and someone would want to eat your. . Trust me your not the only one that 😂😂😂😂.. same here girl

  • issei is 4'9

  • He wanted to wine and dine... HER! 🤣🤣🤣

  • Me: made a EEpush account so that my grandma can watch videos of me and my dog from another state Also me: watches all the true crimes, conspiracy theories, glee compilations, and creepy stuff I can

  • Well I definitely have no interest in eating tuna after this 🙃

  • Haven't gotten beyond the intro, but that's exactly how virtual teaching felt. Nobody would respond so it was like I was just filming a video. :(

  • I think some vigilante work should be done here!!

  • I, as a Femboy,Can say..Lotes of ppl wanna do weird things w ppls thighs

  • Could you do a story on marie laveau PLEASE?? I am really amazed how we think alike and like similar things and ideas...I would just like to hear your input on her...thanks again and LOVE ❤ your episodes.... thanks Bailey for making MONDAYS GREAT....

  • After watching this, I had to go and find his "interviews".... Jesus man, he relishes reliving that day and even more so, when he's telling his "story" to others! His "Cartoon"..... Shows his true DEMENTION and NOT that he's INSANE!!! Oh, and he wasn't allowed to attend, his parents funerals, I guess that's why he's living like less than a commoner.... Shrugs, the POS shouldn't be breathing at all!!!

  • Pleaseee do an episode on the Garish family it’s sooooo odd a whole family simultaneously passed away on a hike and no one knows why

  • Please do Hansel and Gretal !!! I’d swear it’s going to blow ur mind

  • Not Bailey using the time stamp “love at first nibble” PLEASE 😭😭😭😭😭

  • Beautiful makeup!

  • Hey Bailey, after watching this video and hearing you talk about that memory issei has as a child where his uncle would pretend to eat him…I realized that I do that with my girls, who are 2 and 4. I’ve also been known to tell them that they are “just so delicious”. After listening to issei’s story, I’m starting to rethink my choice of words and my actions. They probably won’t grow up and really want to eat people, but I think I’ll hedge my bets and stop playing those games.

  • Lssei loves Renee 🤦🤦🤦

  • Me eating watching this 👁👄👁

  • Nah😭, I always want to know who had the same birthday as me and you telling me I share a birthday with him💀

  • There’s a documentary on EEpush we’re they actually talk to him it’s pretty eerie to watch but it’s graphic so beware

  • HA, started watching this while boiling hot dogs and now I'm wondering if something is wrong with me 😂

  • Cool cool so this is where Japanese taxes go, to support murderers who got away with it. Gawd.

  • Poor Renee

  • Heard this story before but not in this depth so thanks ur narration was amazing!

  • For some reason, she looks like Evelynn from K/DA

  • Haha “baby girl Lisa”

  • Do you also have a list of the brushes/beauty blenders you like to use?

  • Birthdate 1949? If he was 24 in 1964 then he was born 1940.

  • I appreciate you Bailey

  • not him being born on my birthday

  • thanks baby this one was enjoyable ur the best

  • Yes. I film vids too. It's a strange feeling. 😆

  • Should I be upset that Issei and I have the same birthday?

  • he wants a slow death? get a gun

  • You made me laugh this entire video! Love how you make a terrible story entertaining 😩🤞🏽

  • I'm not eating tuna anymore....


  • I'm obsessed with your videos!!! Literally stayed up til 3am knitting and binging your videos. Also you are gorgeous!! And so talented.

  • I would love to see you talk about more Women killers! I love your videos

  • He looked like a premature adult...