Guess the question! (YIAY

Avaldati 15 juuni 2021
Today's YIAY is very different - this time, I don't know what the question is, and I have to guess it based on just the answers! Guess along with me - can you figure it out before I do? Do I even figure it out at all?!

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  • Did you get it?!

    • No

    • I thought "How does Jack get rid of his demons?"

    • i guessed "how to attone for your sins" after the blood donation one, so... suprisingly close

    • Yep!!

    • Ngl im bad at guessing but i still got it on the 4th and had a hunch on become Amish lol

  • On this episode of hand waving...

  • atone for my sins edit : yep i got it

  • This video is just Jack naming Wikihow articles.

  • he already got it at 1:15

  • you should do this again, is was really fun

  • my guess before the video is over is "How should Jacksfilms atone for his sins?"

    • holy shit

    • btw this was at the 7 minute mark I just realized that I might have guess correctly?

  • Got it

  • how to get rid of the voices?

  • he made jackask.

  • i never figured it out, i just went along for the ride with jack. then i pretended to have known all along

  • i thought the fly in the beggining was in my room

  • *some of these doesn't scream punishment*

  • I’m like 5 question in and my guess is “how to avoid temptation” I’ll edit this at the end I was surprisingly not that far off

  • so many pride flag pfps :)

  • Thanks!

    • aww! thats so sweet of you to send for jackmovies

  • 7:10 how to repent?

  • This should become a whole series

  • He's too powerful!

  • I understand

  • I say your a foot gotem #yiaymad

  • jack leaning on the wall is the funniest part of this video. the one true exhausted dad.

  • The fact that John does not know what throwing it back means it mind boggling.

  • 1:54 how to commit?

  • That fly sound effect terrified me

  • this has got to be one of my favorite episodes of yiay !! definitely joining the discord now !! hope you do this again, genuinely such a fun concept.

  • {\___/} ( 0 . 0) / >❤

  • i thought it was how to get rid of the voices

  • How the fuck did you get that what the hell

  • why was it out of sync? thats so dumb!!!!

  • 0:28 I glanced at the "Jackfilms" logo and thought it said "Jackskittens" for a second and now I'm terrified.

  • Proof that Jack knows his audience way too well.


  • When I get mad, I stand up, and start yelling Eldridge incantations in hopes that the demons can purge the world of all that is unholy Or just fiddlesticks #YIAYmad

  • Nice impression of Colm Wilkinson ahahah

  • Right. No looking. Just a comment becofe the ending. "Throw it back" could refer to consuming alcohol, "give me $5 and I'll remove em for ya" could refer to someone killing Jack if he gets it wrong. So I'm thinking maybe Jack is right about the punishment for not getting the question thing. Almost everything is consistently about punishment... So its either punishment for not getting the question, or something like atonement to remove the demons. Or maybe how does Jack punish the demons inside him for... No, it must be the punishment thing. Throw back wine? $5 assassination? Maybe? I dont know...

  • "how do you approach the void" yiay needs to be a thing.

  • I dont think jack knows what throwing it back means

  • I figured it out at 9:29

  • Why did they edit pewdiepie’s face onto the fly? Am I missing a joke?

  • Liked this one! :)

  • تم ایک مرگا ہو

  • #YIAYmad “Well what the KRONK”

  • Dude you Mande me think a fly was near me

  • (YYAM) Yesterday You Asked Me

  • The question is just angry word v2

  • How to get rid of diabetes? I was WAY off.

  • my guess was how to punish jack for his sins. who was closer, me or him?

  • 5:46 is when I got it

  • Jacksfilms and MatPat referencing each other is the funniest thing ever, I'm literally dying PLEASE COLLAB SOMEHOW, IN ANY WAY-

  • My guess at 2:27: what do you do when you’ve hit rock bottom

  • I was thinking "how to atone for your sins" after the donating blood one, and then once you figured out it was specifically about you, I realized it was specific to your sins

  • #YIAYmad stone the crows

  • im thinking is how to atone for his sins

  • #YIAYmad fck with i silent u

  • Jack is a damn genius and people don’t realize that lol

  • 9:34 Super relatable reaction. 🤣

  • The hand gestures

  • I really would like more of these.

  • do more of this, slave

  • At 1:48 and I'm guessing something like how to repent, how to wash away my sins or how to be forgiven. edit: HOLY SHIT I WAS RIGHT

  • At the exact moment he swatted the fly I put my ear up to the speaker to hear better and I am now deaf


  • I got it when I saw the answer by god was "pray".

  • I need more of these

  • Who’s his team? Cuyoya? Marshal does stuff??

  • Figured it out after realizing the later answers were about religion and demons in some way. 5 bucks to get rid of them, givin demons lap dances, god telling us to pray, etc.

  • it’s how should jack have his sins forgiven or something similar, not finished the vid yet but i’m calling it

  • #YIAYmad ok buddy

  • Im wearing earphones and punched myself in the lip thanks to that fly sound effect

  • Eldritch.. Love it.

  • My first guess is how to get into heaven

  • That really apples my doctor #YIAYmad

  • This whole episode is just Jack finding who asked

  • Who’s was a lot of fun!! Great idea!!

  • This mans job is the internet and he doesn’t know what throw it back means 😂

  • Yep yep

  • Have a happy holideeee

  • Why was it out of sync

  • #YIAYmad Fiddle my twiddly-winklies

  • I figured it out when I watched the video a second time and already knew the question.

  • What's the password to the merch store?

  • I got it with the first answer

  • What's wrong with cereal and water? I haven't tried it.

  • I was close! I got “how should I atone for my crimes” instead of sins

  • Y

  • I don't think you can call that a win without landing the word "atone"

    • @Brandon Brix No it just seems like the challenge here was specifically finding that word. It was pretty clear by the end it had something to do with sins and punishment and being absolved, but only the word atone actually describes the idea here

    • ok so you want him to recite the question word for word

  • Guessing how should Jack atone for his sins

    • LMAOOO you aren't even trying to hide the fact that you didn't find it, you recited it word for word, what an idiot

    • 8 min btw

    • It

    • Fuck yes nailed utter

  • You didn't sing Valjean's Soliloquy, you sang the beginning of One Day More, which is a group number. Valjean's Soliloquy is where it goes "what have I done, sweet Jesus what have I done?"

  • I think the question is how do I repent or something along those lines

  • #YIAYmad Oh, well. You'll be in Hell longer than I will.

  • #YIAYmad son of a biscuit

  • Before I see the answer, I'm taking a guess: how do I get the weight of my sins off my back?

  • 1. How do you piss someone off the most? 2. What would you do first when you and your cousin started dating? 3. It's 3 AM. You can't fall asleep. What do you do? 4. What do you do when your sad, lonely, and skinny af? 5. How do you repay for your sins? I thought each individual comment was a question. I'm dumb.

  • Did this fossil just misunderstand "throw it back"??

  • this was super funny pls do more guessing YIAYs

  • This should be a series

  • So when are we getting the full cover from Les Mis...?

  • #YIAYmad "What the Yiff!?"

  • i loved this video it was a great new idea to keep things fresh