Griffin McElroy - Journey's End: Music from The Adventure Zone - full album (2017)

Avaldati 4 jaan 2019
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The full album, "Journey's End: Music from The Adventure Zone" by Griffin McElroy, 2017. I'm not the owner of these songs. If you have any problem, or question about this upload please write to me in this email

01. Reunion Tour - 00:00
02. Assault on the Moonbase - 04:22
03. The Royal Beasts - 07:31
04. The First Church of Fungston - 10:31
05. The Capital City - 12:28
06. No Dogs on the Beach! - 16:56
07. The Legato Conservatory - 19:24
08. Parley - 22:13
09. The Best Day Ever - 25:17
10. Forgetting - 28:15
11. Lucretia - 30:07
12. Story and Song - 32:58
13. Besieged - 36:42
14. The Meaning of Strength - 38:34
15. The Starblaster - 40:26
16. Final Form - 42:39
17. Bonds - 45:45
18. Lucretia (Reprise) - 48:24
19. Nowhere (Plantasia Cover) - 49:43
20. Let Them Know - 52:20
21. A Rebuilding Year - 54:58


  • 16:20 "No more destroying entire civilizations. Okay?"

  • They have to keep the music in the show. I will destroy nbc with my bare hands if they remove the emotional impact of any of these tracks

  • Reunion Tour always takes my breath away with the FIRST CHORD

  • Christ this is good

  • I love how it's been like.. a year since I've first heard these songs and I still notice things in them. "Capital City" has the Voidfish's lament playing faintly- how did I not hear that before? Mans is so gifted

  • I SWEAR! EVEN NOW! Does anyone else just get goosebumps listening to these tracks everytime without fail? I finished watching Balance when it was done in 2017 and even now, almost 4 years later! It still gets me!!

  • Reuinion Tour gets me hyped, keeps me motivated!

  • The end of journey: you can (not) heal

  • a rebuilding year makes me feel so happy and warm and aaaaaah :'')

  • Anyone know anything about the song that plays as they load into the ship in part two of the finale? It's near the end, after they just decided to bubble the hunger and everyone is joking about who they talk to before finally getting in the ship.

  • I've been listening to the taz soundtrack while I did my homework and I just realized that "Lucretia" and "Madam Director" from the Crystal Kingdom arc are versions of the same song and I wanna cry now

  • 43:43 Holy fuck. This actually gives me goosebumps.

  • The comments: “This is so emotionally charged.” Me: “I’ll put this on while I shower. It’ll be nice ambiance.” The music: *Forgetting* Me, in fetal position, wasting water: “FUCK”

  • If your looking for the Hunger's theme Like I was for a Day, here it is, really needed it for a Game I've been working on. Ataraxia - WindDance

  • Shit these are fucking gut punches in the best way whenever they come on

  • Bonds sounds like amnesty??

  • first church of fungston was genuinely such a beautiful scene and the music that goes with it makes me tear up a little

  • The Best Day Ever and Forgetting got me. It got me SO BAD.

  • Man.... This took me back to the story instantly. This was such a powerful season.

  • I never knew this existed. Thanks uploader. Looks like griffin used to have it on his personal site but the site has lapsed. Bandcamp you linked still looks good though. I'm re-listening to the whole adventure. It's just as fun, if not more so, the second time around! Just finished the crystal kingdom arc. Gotta love some vocaloid!

  • God damit I'm all ready in tears from listening. So many good memories from listening to the 4 crazy guys.

  • i... i use taz music for studying... >_

  • The Capital City sounds like either the purple worm song or the taz knights song icr which

  • You guys ever just come here to listen and then remember how this series made you feel?

  • Hey, does anyone know where to find the music about the hunger? I don’t know how to describe it but it reminds me of like.. Minecraft cave sounds

    • Oh!! It's called wind dance by mort garrison I believe? The same guy who composed the intro for balance

  • It's been years and this shit still makes me sob like a baby

  • Final Form makes me go wild like- it’s sooo good

  • Something about “First Church of Fungsten” makes me so emotional idk

    • @Paw It's a really gorgeous moment, and I feel like gives us a huge window into Merle's character. It's something he was a part of, truly and deeply a part of. And of course he was a part of the 7 Birds, but something tells me it took him a lot longer to feel part of that than he would've liked

    • A year spent with people he knew he was destined to leave behind to the Hunger... He taught them religion, and Pan. He taught them to believe in themselves. To have faith. “Dearly beloveds...” Merle is great. In his final minute with these people, in their final moment under his protection, he taught them power under faith. I loved his speech here. This was my favorite cycle.

  • griffin's power... so strong... if i hadn't already been crying at "who?", i definitely would have when Lucretia played,,, when i first listened to stolen century, it had been a good few months since crystal kingdom, which to my adhd brain was as good as a year - i barely even remembered Madame Director as a song, but listening to Lucretia, i could tell it was a reprise, a motif. i couldn't remember from what song, couldn't remember what the motif even was, but i could tell that it had already come up, that it had narrative power, and so i cried. to this day, Madame Director is one of my favourite tracks from balance's ost.

  • Lucretia's theme always makes me tear up a little

  • Hearing Lucretia right after forgetting hit me like a train

    • Fr crying so hard

  • Oh my god... I might be super late to this, but in Story and Song, it’s a combination of both The Adventure Zone theme song and the Voidfish’s lament. It’s the Story and the Song

    • Deadass just got a chill reading that oh my god what the fuck ditto


  • The meaning of Strength started playing and I started crying because the strongest, most protective, most unwavering hero I ever beheld. Called out to his friends. Such a simple word. Such a hard word to speak. "Help!" And the world scrambled to answer the call.

  • Audio that makes you cry your fuckin eyes out

  • People hear music here? I'm not sure if its my speakers but I only hear static. Anyone else having this same problem?

  • Lucretia Reprise is horribly underrated

    • That song never fails to make me cry

  • i will kill

  • I’m upset that we don’t get the soundtrack of the trial

  • Y'all straight up *slacking* on Parley

  • I love how you can hear traces of disrobed in the starblaster

  • Capital City straight up make me get teary eyed. Parley makes me *sob*

  • Spoiler Alert: I'm gonna end up crying Edit: I was right

  • Does anyone know if they can help me find a specific song from Reunion Tour? - *[SPOILER]* - It's in episode 59 at about 1hr 5min after Johann dies and Magnus sees his spirit. There's a song with harp and what sounds like a Koto, but I can't find it for the life of me and it breaks my heart.

  • gosh. Lucretia reprise is so god damn sexy thank you griffin mcelroy for that your meat is huge

  • Is it bad that I use this album to measure time? Like I’ll do a one griffin McElroy of work and then have a break, or if I’m only feeling like a little bit I’ll do a music of the suffering game time. And that last guitar track, yeah, that’s good.

  • uggghh Final Form has such an amazing old-school boss battle vibe that I just ABSOLUTELY D I G

    • Yes! Thank you! Was trying to find how to describe it!

  • while listening to "forgetting" griffin mcelroy came into my house and stabbed me 100 times

    • @Sam Muñoz how dare you injure me like this

    • I'm. . . Davenport. . . . I'm. . . Davenport! I'm Davenport! . . .

    • @A. Seed 28:15

    • Time stamp?

    • I got a shiver when it started there's always a chilli's to go and chills to go with it

  • I miss this series.

  • reunion tour has the same chords as arms outstretched in the beginning bit. you can sing the melody to AO to it

  • 16:56 28:15

  • My fucking god eargasm

  • wait which one is the one where merles with john and hes all like "you will call us ascendants" annat

  • Can someone send me a link to "No dogs on the beach" as a separate video? I want to put it on my playlist

  • A Rebuilding Year never gets old.. I tear up every single time I listen to it. It's so bittersweet.. even if it's not the last song in Balance, it seems like it.

  • Abra ka fucking hooorah airairairhoòòoŕŕrnn

  • I'm so glad people are still discovering this amazing podcast. now they can feel the same pain i did when it ended!

    • Started listening to it in the early days of the pandemic shut downs. Just finished all the seasons/experimental arcs/live shows just this week. The end of the first season is truly something special and hits hardest. Loved every minute and can’t wait to hear more of season four.

    • I finished balance today after binging it these past 2 weeks and idk when i’ll recover from it

    • I finished balance about 2 weeks ago for the first time and I-

    • Y u p. Spent the whole week listening non-stop and wow I'm dead inside

    • I finished Balance pretty recently and am in the middle of Amnesty right now. I love Amnesty, but there’s something about Balance, man...

  • if anyone is looking for the songs that play while hes talking about what lucretia did for those 10 years (right before this is it) and the song that plays when magnus and julia reunite in the astral plane, theyre called "Relic" and "Julia" and theyre both by Reeder!

  • No one: Captions: [music] Me: This is more than just music, EEpush

  • At 12:32 (edit: song is The Capital City) I just fucking sat in my bed and cried like there was no tomorrow. Till this day I'm still unable to figure out why. Everyone else seemed to find it erie and backed away when I introduced the song to them. Is it just me? Why is it this song (other than a minimal few) that made me cry? I still don't know.

  • man I miss taz, it was so good. What can I watch to fill this void?

    • I know this is a year late but the dnd podcast Dungeons and Daddies is so hilarious I would totally recommend

    • to fill the void... hmmmm... maybe get a fish

    • @Sofia Laya The Magnus Archives, some very good Horror/Mystery

    • @Sofia Laya ok King Falls AM, The Penumbra Podcast, Death By Dying, Wooden Overcoats, Kaleidotrope

    • @Mimicyu non dnd podcasts too! I like storytelling specially, it can be something else c:

  • besieged sounds like something straight out of breath of the wild im not gonna lie (it gives me vah ruta ((zora divine beast)) vibes), and i love every single track from that game and the fact that griffin was able to create something that sounds so similar (ALONG WITH THIS ENTIRE STORY) blows me the fuck away

  • Griffin’s tracks and storytelling work together so powerfully just ,, hachi machi


  • Is there a list of where exactly these tracks appear in the show? I wasn't paying enough attention during the initial listen to know

    • They are all within the last episode of the Suffering Game / during the Stolen Century arc.

  • Assult on the moonbase is such a god damn fucking jam, dogs....

  • reunion tour sets a mood i cannot begin to describe. its one of my favourites.

    • @James Cretchley holy fuck that's a hot take?

    • If you've ever played Lisa: The Painful, it evokes the Exact sadness that Goodbye Baby has to it.

    • sort of a dark flashback dream sequence sort of feel. which i guess that whole arc is. god i love the mood it brings though. like im trapped in space and the void is slowly closing in on me but i have my incredibly smart and competent friends with me who can get us out of this mess. or like im plotting to bring the whole universe to it's knees with my friends and rule it later. or im a spy being given a mission that involves a lot of walking around in dark alleys and fighting everyone who happens upon me. idk it makes me feel a lot of things

  • parley is such a good track and anyway we did Not deserve griffin to come along and give us these characters but he did anyway

  • Parley had no fucking right being so ominously calming

  • when Reunion Tour just starts JAMMING yesss I wish it was longer

  • Listening to this music feels like coming home :')

    • This made me so emotional idk why

  • Those 2 disses must be haters... such a shame that they don't appreciate true art.

  • Why does Lucretia Reprise make me tear up everytime! Griffin did a fucking fantastic job on making the music and this ost tends to stick out to me as one that can always make me tear up or at least smile. I miss the original TAZ so much and I stand by the fact that it is one of the best stories ever told and that it has one of the best soundtracks out there

    • Ok but can we talk about the way that Griffin somehow managed to incorporate Lucretia's character development into her three theme songs?

    • Why does Lucretia Reprise make me tear up everytime! thats the reason im here! "im not going fucking anywhere"

    • Sourest “you’re going to be amazing”

  • 36:25 always gets me...

  • 01. Reunion Tour - 00:00 02. Assault on the Moonbase - 04:22 03. The Royal Beasts - 07:31 04. The First Church of Fungston - 10:31 05. The Capital City - 12:28 06. No Dogs on the Beach! - 16:56 07. The Legato Conservatory - 19:24 08. Parley - 22:13 09. The Best Day Ever - 25:17 10. Forgetting - 28:15 11. Lucretia - 30:07 12. Story and Song - 32:58 13. Besieged - 36:42 14. The Meaning of Strength - 38:34 15. The Starblaster - 40:26 16. Final Form - 42:39 17. Bonds - 45:45 18. Lucretia (Reprise) - 48:24 19. Nowhere (Plantasia Cover) - 49:43 20. Let Them Know - 52:20 21. A Rebuilding Year - 54:58

  • Reunion tour sounds sooo familiar but I can't put my finger on where it was played, does anyone know?

    • So, Reunion Tour sounded familiar, but not TOO familar, but not too not familiar?

    • @Dat Boi ooohhh yeah!! Thanks!!

    • its in the part where griffin talks about the hunger descending onto the 100th universe, where he talks about Carey grieving over the "death" of her best friend and where manikin Magnus is leaving his gear outside the container with a corpse of Magnus. also happens when they're going on to the Star-Blaster for the final fight with the Hunger.

  • I wish Griffin hadn’t left some of the tracks out of this one. The music played at the Legato Conservatory is really good, and so is the music that plays during the “this is it” part. Some of my favorite tracks, but they’re not on the soundtrack.

    • @ACC the Musical Fiend Thank you for reminding me of Salut d'Amour, that made my day!!

    • Ava Krolik I thought it was Salut d’Amour by Edward Elgar? edit: oh never mind, you’re right

    • the music that plays in the conservatory is largo in e flat major by chopin if you’re still trying to find it.

    • yo do y'all know what song is playing during the quicksand trap/angus showing up?? been trying to find it but cant anywhere. pretty sure its not mort garson and its not on griffin's soundcloud.

    • A. Seed I thought the this is it thing was made by griffin just because of how it is but now I see the other comments and it makes sense haha

  • damn... those leit motifs i never noticed before........

  • I can't find that one that played when magnus died for the final time

    • Jordan Pagan Do you mean "julia - it's the nature of dreams to end"?

  • #### ## ## ########! # ###### #### "########" ### "### ####### ####," #########!

    • ## ##########!

    • Relatable

  • why's it the tracks that have happy moments attached (no dogs on the beach, the best day ever) that make me tear up

  • Oh man.."forgetting". "Who?"

  • God, just like with homestuck, the ost plays me like an instrument, each note bringing on a new wave of emotion. Mostly sad and nostalgia. I need more tissues.

    • Carla Kingslayer i think a lot of people who were involved in homestuck somehow got dragged into taz. i was in third grade during homestuck's peak and wasn't involved when it was still updating, but after finishing it this january, i found taz almost immediately afterwards. (i'm not counting the epilogues as upd8s bc they're not canon)

  • Been looking for lucretias theme for a while.what a spicy meatball. That mclboy is pretty talented

  • Deserves more views

  • “no dogs on the beach” calms me down so much. even better knowing that it’s a reprise of the lunar interlude theme (“no dogs on the moon”). makes me feel even more at home, with that distant nostalgic feeling.

  • I love "Forgetting", but I just can't find it anywhere in EEpush if is isn't in some copilation like this. I'd love if someone posted it or passed a link

    • (please subscribe to PB Chanel 2) thanks...!!!