FULL Uncut "Aang vs. Fire Lord Ozai Final Battle" 🔥| Avatar

Avaldati 23 märts 2020
You've watched this battle hundreds of times, but now watch the full uncut version of Aang vs. Fire Lord Ozai! See the epic final battle in its entirety from the finale of Avatar: The Last Airbender. Which full uncut battle do you want to see next? Let us know in the comments ⬇️

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  • Ozai: “I am inevitable”. Aang: “And I, am, the Avatar”.

  • I rewatched this series and its a masterpiece

  • I'm 25 years old realizing that me at the age I was then, am still feeling the same religious experience I felt way back when this first aired. Amazing.

  • Aang emerging from the rocks is very reminiscent to the moment he left the iceberg in episode one

  • One of nickledeon most vilonence cartoon movie

  • Every second of this send a chill down my spine, I love moments like these but this one is just objectively the best

  • Hands down one of the best fight scenes in animated history

  • Man this show was epic! Will never be anything like this again

  • Alternate title: 113 year old stops 40 year old from playing with fire

  • I love how this is the exact same setting as the one used in the intro, for both when Roku is on that rock bending the elements, and "when the fire nation attacked."

  • *Me when I hit my pinky toe on the corner of the table* 6:12

  • All shows from the beginning have their pros and cons shows are not perfect they don’t have to be perfect they just have to make sense😎🔥

  • Roku did warn Aang about the comet's power & being killed in the Avatar State.

    • Aang:uses it as his advantage because he can firebend as well

  • I really want to rewatch this series, but I don't have time nor the attention span to do it.

  • avatar state is infact cheat codes.

  • Why is he so much stronger than korra

  • when gods give administrator access to random human be like

  • How is this in full screen?

  • I am enjoying it!!! Loving this video, Thanks for the great videos! I like❤️❤️❤️!!! stay connected]

  • widescreen remaster is long overdue

  • This was worth watching the whole show

  • 🔘⬇️🔘 👄

  • firelord ozai, you and your forefathers have devastated the balance of this world, and now you shall pay the ultimate price

  • Ozai: is possibly the strongest fire bender in the world, strengthened by the comet *Forgets that the Avatar has thousands of years of experience and is also strengthened by the comet*

  • “I’ve cancelled your bending.”

  • 7:27 It always bugged me how the water just went through the fire

    • He is a fire bender and he just started it after the water passes

  • Aang used a "fifth element" during this fight. Have you noticed it?

  • Dont care about the other avatars, if Aang came to me in the avatar state, Im screwed

  • Mark Hamill!

  • Epic

  • Music pliz ?? 6:14

  • I hate it, anime with engslish dub. Worst. 😭

  • He has one helluva temper for an air nomad when you think about it

  • That's Epic 😱🔥❄️🌲🌊

  • How is a live action gonna pull this scene 6:55 ????

  • 47mil views...wow😶

  • best ending to a show I have ever seen

  • i love it when aang roars and floats in the air with fire fire coming out of his mouth ,hands and legs.

  • 6:08, how d u feel?

  • Avatar no 1 hahaha sun wo kong no 2

  • I'll never get bored watching this

  • Everyone Can thank Guru Pointy rock for helping aand

  • When Aang combines all the elements always give me chills!!

  • 9:35 it has both the properties of rubber and gum

  • izlemekten asla sıkılmadığım kim bilir kac defa bastan sona bitirdigim efsane cizgi film

  • if aang killed ozia then one nation will need to annex the fire nation, causing another war

  • 47 million views 😂🔥

  • Comet Ozai vs the Red Lotus, who wins?

  • I actually feel pity towards Ozai, it was such an unfair match, and he doesn't even realize it.

  • I love joy.😚😙😍😏🙄😄😃😁😀

  • Avatar Stade >>>>>>> any bending style

  • He used lightning redirection that he learned from Zuko. He used seismic sense that he learned from Toph. And he used the water pulling technique he learned from Katara.

  • Blows my mind no one talks about 1:15 from Aang. Always been a firebending move I watch over and over again

  • you have to wonder, in the past how many villains would have wanted to fight the avatar in the avatar state just to see if they could win

  • It's 02:41 AM in the morning; nd after years of continuous searching for the finale of this cartoon (as they immediately stopped airing after book one, here in India) this automatically popped up in my recommendations today; after 10 long years of mystery; going to loo at nights have finally paid of!❤️🔥🎉😃

  • Between this, super sayian 2 Gohan and naruto going beast on pain these were just the most memorable moments from these shows.

  • best action animated forever

  • I’m I wrong aang should also be getting a fire bending boost from sozens comet unless it isn’t sozens comet (sorry I haven’t watched avatar in a while)

    • Aang did get a power up from the comet as well since he is a fire bender.

  • Still gives me chills... when he entered the Avatar state... oh my Lord!!!🔥

  • 12:17 “Call an ambulance, call an ambulance!” *But not for me*

  • is there lighting bending can someone help me i havent watched this in a while

    • Lighting bending is an advanced form of fire bending. It's where the user seprates the postive and negative energies in their body and channel it through their body and shoot it out as lighting.

  • אוטאר בעיברית זה יותר טוב שלא נדבר על בובספוג

  • I become the avatar

  • Favourite anime of all time

  • Iron Golems when you accidentally hit a villager: 9:50

  • 9:50 this part gave me chills the first time watching this as a kid

  • Coming from someone who watched a lot of anime.....this is i credible,i liked everything

  • Idk why but I like the german version more

  • This is the only anime I can watch over and over. I've watched all 3 seasons like 4 times now and its werd bc everytime it's like I see something new 😂

  • Hjh

  • ahh

  • 6:12 * when the quiet kid in the class lost his patience.

  • Just stood up til 4am watching the whole season

  • The music, the choreography, the intensity, the animation, the emotion. The moment you await for the entire series. It’s amazing. It’s chilling.

  • 12:26 The music when Aang got up. When he got up you know for a fact that he won!

  • Zuko: Now let me hear you roar like a Tigerdillo! Aang: 6:55

  • 6:13

  • BREAKING NEWS : Boy inside a hamster ball turns into a glow in the dark bowling bowl and removes an old man's will to live.

  • 9:50

  • Real men fight shirtless

  • It's a cartoon whoever thinking it's an anime plz it's your misunderstanding

  • Aang: please listen to me ! l am not fighting with you Ozai :l have all power in the world!

  • how did aang redirect lightning from ozai?

  • the avatar state helps ozai to run away

  • 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Mark Hamill voiced Fire Lord Ozai who also acted as Luke Skywalker in the Star wars universe and Jack De Sena the person who played Sokka also voiced Calum in the dragon prince

  • 13:33 then you know your character arc is completed. Music is just perfect.

  • gooey! hee hee

  • I really watch the full movie Katara and a Aang kiss at the end and Aang takes away fire lord Ozias bending

  • I watch this fight scene more than i should

  • Avater is just like me It is more like Levi vs kenny

  • 6:11

  • lol

  • 🌊⛰🔥🌫

  • Nah he’s the Phoenix sun/warrior

  • the ONLY US Animation that close to anime from japan. and that was great. Love the US animation too.

  • Happy 13th Anniversary!

  • sokka said "Man,sometimes I forgot what a powerful bender he is" katara said "I suppose he is"

  • Now this is how you end a series! Game of thrones should have learned that sometimes the obvious answer is the right one. Arya killing the Night King would be like if Suki jumped down from an airship and killed the firelord. All foreshadowing and meaning out the window

  • The name aang is disgusting