Former NASA Astronaut Explains Jeff Bezos's Space Flight | WIRED

Avaldati 19 juuli 2021
Astronaut Mike Massimino attempts to explain what Jeff Bezos's space flight will be like, in just about the same amount of it will take for Jeff to take the flight. The Blue Origin flight lasts about 11 minutes, there's no pilots and it's totally automated. Mike breaks down all the steps of the flight and tires to best to explain what Jeff will experience while in space.

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Former NASA Astronaut Explains Jeff Bezos's Space Flight | WIRED


  • He forgot to mention that the besos rocket never went to orbit, and is completely worthless (not even interesting or exciting) to the general public. Like sure you went to space, but that type or rocket will never ever ever be a reliable space craft

  • Jeff Bezos was in Star Trek Next Gen ssason 1 episode 17.. . check it out...

  • Jesus christ that female voice is really cringe

  • 11 whole minutes... (*yawn*) So, what's Elon launching today?

  • Great. Thank you!!

  • The only thing I like about beanzo is he doesn't overcomplicate like nasa does just on how to sharpen a pen! Yes, I said pen! nasa management is a cold froze pile of molasses. (Just keeping it clean).

  • SpaceX was founded 2 years after Blue Origin, in 2002. It has succesfully launched to date 120 Falcon rockets for only 2 failures at the very beginning, and 3 crewed missions. Blue Origin not yet a single orbital flight.

  • Tell me this how come we cannot watch the video footage of the pile of bricks an explanation what it feels like to go to space how come we cannot see this video

  • Isn't that bad for the environment all that smoke and stuff

  • I wonder how many of his underpaid workforce hoped he’d never come back

  • going to space is basic. it is orbit where it really is at.

  • Would anyone actually pay 28m for that? This is obviously for the rich rich

  • I wish I could do this, he's really talking like we're about to go. I almost got excited

  • I wanna send my boss to space song 🤣

  • Ayo he was in the Big Bang theory

  • Our beautiful world is not planet. It is plane. Why do you lie?

  • Jeff : Mike , give 20 million, I will take u to space and u can experience 4 mins of zero g Mike : haahhahaha , I spent half my life in space

  • This guy's spaceship was shaped like a New York city bus. Love him.

  • Will he be the first man to actually walk on the moon?

  • I love how this information is still meaningless to average people but now “historically” relevant to the rich and powerful

  • boring

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  • Very Nice

  • Convince me this guy doesn’t run a deli

  • He's talking to us like we will be on the flight sometime.

  • he should use apollo technologies

  • Notice they care not about jobs or the fact that ppl are stuggling, sux.

  • Why does the guy seem to mimic Donald Trump?

    • Why do you seem so stupid🤦‍♂️

  • Also listen to these folks who supposedly are going to space they are very low IQs you can simply tell by listening to them these are not the humans anyone would pick to go in these high end expensive missions plus zoom in in the moon lander you can see the tinfoil and duct tape and some of the rods have been identified as house hold items it’s a huge deception mEant to mock you so when the deception is believed by enough it will allow them to then realize how dumbed down the populace is and then they can have them take a shot that’s a RNA shot which can change your dna by free will and that takes away the karma for them and then they can control all of you with a simple frequency change they admit it can do this on their web sights and if it was a vaccine it would have corona in it And it don’t !, listen to this guy talk he’s a complete moron

  • They are called astro-nots for a reason folks and yes they must be telling the truth because they are so honest lmfao they are actornaughts lol every. Single thing they tell you is a lie because they worship Lucifer and Auriman so make fun of the flat earther because they spent 1k hours looking into these subjects they must be wrong

  • He should have landed in China, his first loved nation.

  • 😎

  • Yes, please do get rid of our garbage here on Earth. Send these psychopathic oligarchs to the furthest corner of the Universe, dispose our garbage there. They can keep slave master Jeff Bezo's in space. Better yet, take him & all his other 'slave masters' and park them ALL on another planet so we can save Planet Earth considering they're the ones destroying it while blaming it on humanity...What a farce reality is. There's certainly no shortage of media propaganda to push their narrative.

    • Stfu no one wants to hear you complain like a little kid

  • NASA in Yiddish means "to deceive"

  • This is my boy right here lol

  • He's the so call super duper Rich are also super failed in growing hair on his head

  • You guys really still think we live on a spinning ball, & that people actually "go to space"?? LMAOOOO

  • Thanks for the diagram. Now I completely understand the magic trick.


  • Just another example of more money than brains. A complete waste. You go up and fall back down with a fraction of the speed necessary to acheive orbit. This is just a power trip with no value to science at all.

  • He named Howard Froot loops hahaha

  • If it has to be explained it’s cap

  • He is the guy who called Howard fruit loops 😡

  • CGI enough said....

  • anyone know the narrators @ asking for a friend ;)

  • so, its a expensive thrill ride, like he said its a "amusement park experience"

  • When billionaires deprive Americans of trillions of dollars worth of taxes by doing sketchy things like hiding billions of dollars in offshore funds, no one really cares. But a measly 5.5 billion dollars actually goes towards space flight and everyone suddenly complains.

  • I feel like i see this astronaut everywhere why is that?

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  • Great experiment but let's Feed the people first before going to space.

  • I look at Jeff's trip and ship, Richards trip and ship, Elon's ships, etc, and I look at how we are working with genomes and genetics...folks, s*** on me if you want, but are future is looking more Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon than Star Trek and Star Wars.

  • Kind of weird having Brad Garret talk about space


  • fruit loops

  • Gaganyan is coming soon Proud of ISRO 🇮🇳🇮🇳

  • If you’re mad that a billionaire is going to space then you’d be REALLY mad to find out what else they do on a daily basis 😂

  • 20 million for a 11 min ride

  • FrootLoops

  • I'm disappointed Fruit Loops didn't show up in this video ☹️

  • What will the recording broadcast

  • You mean Bezos in lower earth orbit. Oh wait that’s not space. Liars

  • Bezos trying to one up Musk. 👎

  • "Just the tip" got to space

  • Okay so I want to know if the Earth is flat or round

  • That's easy! You will find most of your answers in the Bible.

    • I don't know why youtube is putting abnormal comments like this on the top

  • It’s not nice to call Howard fruit loop, smh

  • Good for that rich socialist communist democrat!

  • I would love to go with you . Explaining everything would add so much more. But yeah the price : ( Have you seen Fruit loops lately

  • Pay your employees better.

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  • i am working min wage i think i can go to space. yes we can

  • I'll congratulate him once he starts paying his fair share in taxes and paying his workers a living wage 👌

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  • If I could talk to one person about what its like being an astronaut its this guy. He great

  • Why can’t Jeff Bezo explain Jeff Bezo’s flight experience???

  • I invite you all to listen to the holy Quran only for a minute :)

    • i invite you to once in your life to think for yourself. and not get told what to think

  • Blue origin's rocket looks like a pp


  • Lol fake..a big willy goes to space 🤣😂

  • Elon Musk was the richest man on earth for 11 minutes.

  • Pour one out for all the people who worked hard to become astronauts and got told no because of funding issues.

  • Am i the only one that he was only an astronaut in 'Big bang theory' and not in real life?

  • Thank you!! I will keep that in my mind during my next flight to space!!! Really appreciate it..

  • Retards believe in this and the water globe lol ffs

  • These last 2 space flights were totally fake and in our face.They think "We The People" are really that stupid!

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  • “I’m going to explain Bezos flight…you see, when a daddy loves a mommy very much….”

  • Bruh this guy has compilations of him not knowing anything about space lol couldn’t even tell if the stars are visible in space or not. It’s silly that ppl actually listen to NASA. Jus look up the NASA screw up compilations. This guy has a starring role in them lol

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