Avaldati 6 juuni 2021
Floyd Mayweather gives his immediate reaction to his Mayweather vs Logan Paul exhibition fight. As he talks about how he felt in the fight, what he thought of Logan's size and power and what he thought overall of the fight

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  • Logan Paul was clearly the busier fighter landing 25/25 hugs throughout the 8rounds

    • @Illuption do you not understand what a joke is?

    • @colby sharpe read it again smh

    • Are you fucking delusional or do you just not do anything about boxing. Did your not see percentages of the fight Floyd landed 50% of the jabs and Logan landed absolutely no jabs

    • yeh Logan got KOd and Mayweather held him up

    • Bruh Imagine clinching a guy smaller than you

  • Floyd so chill. I like the attitude

  • "If they're happy with holding for 8 rounds then congratulations" 😂😂😂 Money Mayweather 💰 is hilarious

    • Where seven billion dollars equals a dollar

  • 1:07.. ce faci bă? Tu ai plătit pentru sticla aia?

  • He just kept refusing to talk bad or make fun of it rip on Logan. He is so respectful and has class!

    • I like how Mayweather was almost avoiding all questions lol.

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  • Maywealthy, dats y u git zronger den dem phoo! U pikup 2 hundo, ez doe.

    • Floyd won by unanimous decision. The only reason he did not win by knockout was because he did not want to hurt Logan. Logan impressed Floyd and earned his respect.

  • That's all floyd does. Same thing with Manny pac

  • As long those millions in they pocket..I don't waste my money in them fights any more.

  • Exhibition of ridiculous non boxing but emateur acting. Fools pay to see this granola

  • Why all these kids keep talking about the hugs stfu who cares it happened you can't do anything about it

  • Waste man

  • Maywheathers hype is built around his career, the you tuber had 0 chance everyone knew that they both winning with the money they making so either way good entertainment the fight wasn’t a boxing match but entertainment at its finest

  • People r giving Logan so much credit for surviving. The only reason he survived was because after every shot Floyd landed it was followed by a hug from Logan

  • dang that interviewers voice was unexpected

  • "he's very very good at holdin"

  • Floyd, I want this same satisfaction. But i cant find a female fighter willing to fight me. They cry and run for men. Im not a trans man. Im 100% woman. Hell i got the pregnancy to prove it. But when females sucker punch then hide in a crowd..... Than that's no longer fist worthy. Speedbump.💋

    • Story of my life from lil punk females.... Wanna sucker punch then hide behind they mama.😂😅😂😅😂😅😂

  • Where seven billion dollars equals a dollar

  • EthereumMax

  • I like how Mayweather was almost avoiding all questions lol.

  • You and Logan should've had a date instead ...would never purchase no pay per view when you fight coz it ain't worth watching. This boxer dont really fight his opponent ...any opponent..

  • Floyd won by unanimous decision. The only reason he did not win by knockout was because he did not want to hurt Logan. Logan impressed Floyd and earned his respect.

  • Pacquiao at age 42 he still fighting young lions! eight division champion from 105 to 146 pound :) .i feel bad for the fans of money mayweather 🤡 !Money is not Everything Floyd!

  • Floyd said before the fight that Logan is a EEpushr and its no problem 😂

  • Dude your 45 your not that old

    • 45 is old for any athlete, especially an athlete in combat sports. Most guys retire in their late 30's.

  • Sounds like he’s on antidepressants

  • his speech compared to logan bahaha logan is such a kid

  • If they ain’t pay they gotta move

  • Floyd jaw always moved like that or is it a lil loose from getting hit by the biggest dude he’s ever had to fight?

  • Showtime is more for retired old boxers and EEpushrs,more like a nursing home 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • What time is sanitation coming through. The trash is piling up.

  • Floyd was literally playing around and Logan just couldn’t even keep up wasn’t even a fight it was Floyd trying not to hurt him so they can go rounds that’s all

  • The stadium looked more than half empty..Vegas and Dallas was not gonna condone such pile of shit show.

  • yo whats going on with Floyd's jaw slightly side to side... hmmm cocaine

    • Floyd doesn't even drink dude, I doubt hes snorting lines.

  • how much did they for this?

  • Money,money money that the only thing in your head. You’re DONE !!

  • If Logan Paul had been shorter he would have wrecked Mayweather

  • Start of the video. “If they ain’t paid they got to move” chill out Floyd. You already robbed millions .. fack stop being ghetto

  • Did they pay? I Don’t Know 😂 they got to go 😂 but I’ll drink your shit anyways!!By the way no one was impressed! Fight was a joke and people are regretting spending 50$ on a hugging match!

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  • Vegas is honorable for not permitting this clown show for revenue and it shows that they have Integrity for their brand

  • EMAX 🚀🚀🚀🚀 to the moon

  • You look good mayWeather he was bigger,

  • Won't watch, illegally stream or get paid anything to watch another trash youtuber fight.

  • Don’t fight anymore Floyd.

  • if i had a penny for the amount of times floyd has said "it was fun" fuckin hell i'd be richer than the man himself

  • Making boxing a joke

  • 3:22 'have some fun with a guy thats in his 20's' sounds cheesy

  • Honestly I Floyd tries his hardest to be humble you can tell but his achievements are just to good 😂. You just gotta be happy for him forreal

  • There is a chance Mayweather had fun.

  • Isn't there a law about hugging someone that much without asking permission ?

  • He kept saying he was over 200 pounds but I’m pretty sure he weighed in at 189 😂

  • Here is an interesting perspective: The real winner here is Manny Pacquiao. AND HE DIDNT EVEN HAVE TO THROW ONE PUNCH OR DISGRACE HIMSELF AND THE SPORT TO DO IT. While commentators talk about this clown show, they can’t help but simultaneously praise what Manny is doing. Manny is doing at 42 what Floyd refused to do when he was active much less now. Manny’s facing AND BEATING undefeated, prime, elite WW champions AT 42!!! When was the last time Floyd challenged himself like that? Floyd fans: I’m waiting!! So Manny is getting free press and the chasm between their legacies widens. “Money runs out, legacies last forever”. Floyd just said “you can’t eat legacy”, but you can’t buy greatness either. By the way, when Floyd is talking about not eating legacy, he’s got to be talking to the casual fan who doesn’t realize that Manny’s extremely wealthy as well AND has the legacy of pure greatness with it. Those without money may say Floyd has more money, but wouldn’t you agree, in this context, it is better to have BOTH wealth and legacy? And make no mistake, legacy is very important to Floyd. Why do you think he can’t keep Manny’s name out of his mouth? He sees what’s happening to their respective legacies. Meanwhile, Manny’s not even mentioned Floyd. Why? The great ones don’t waste their time ALWAYS talking about someone else. It’s the other way around.

  • Hey, these guys made money I've got no hate cause it wasn't my money.

  • The people who paid to see this hugging contest are the one's that LOST, Mayweather and Logan are both the winners in all of this.

  • Get that money!

  • This is the reason boxing is dead.. Floyd should have knocked him out...

  • He made a draw in this fight, so that when the seconds exhibition comes, he wins and he goes home with $200 million rather than $100 million. Smart Guy!

  • If I were in logans corner I'd probably tell logan to body slam mayweather so hard that he'd get injured and then go for the KO but then again hindsight is 2020

  • I am glad I didn’t waste my money.

  • I would have turned it down too...The fight was a joke! And not worth 50 bucks...Give me my money back...Lol It doesn't take experience to hold on to someone! Logan was holding on for dear life...Lets get real here!

  • This dude here acting like he just beat Spence.He delusional talking about weight difference!He a you tuber Floyd!!I don’t want to bash other fighters but Manny fights because he needs the money.You think so Floyd?Whats up with the media?? Fo they not realize he just went 8 rounds with a bumm!! This shiet is from a script from the Dave Chappell show absolutely comical!!


  • He knocked out Logan for a sec and was holding him up

  • Tranquilo acá está el comentario en español que buscabas 😅

  • Honestly I’m not really interested in the boxing like I used to be. Fighters not fighting but, those EEpushr’s fights/exhibition are way more entertaining. No records, no titles on the line, just pick your opponent and fight! Plus they make more money than actually boxers now.

  • He got mocked

  • Floyd Mayweather didn’t understand, when the reporter said the site crashed because so many people were trying to buy the fight.

  • Rich stay rich, while every ppl paying to see still broke. No respect for this sport

  • Mad respect 👏

  • Everyone taking this serious is complete dogsht

  • Garbage fight

  • I’d like to volunteer as tribute to be the next guy to hug Floyd for 24 minutes for 10 million.

  • "They both had fun"

  • He calls himself a grandfather like we’re supposed to see him as a senior citizen and not a middle aged man lmao

  • It’s all about the Experience and the fun of the comrodery

  • Mayweather talking like he didnt just fight mcgregor the year before lol he making excuses he knows he can still damn box lol

  • he actually knocked paul out but kept him standing.

  • This is pathetic

  • this was just a big middle finger to the sports fans. Floyd stop this nonsense because you're making a fool of yourself

  • I wonder if floyd had fun

  • Rocking the ethereum hat! 🙌🏽🙌🏽

  • Floyd was speaking FACTS.

  • He should change his nickname to Floyd “easy money” mayweather

  • Fraud matches.

  • Logan Paul Is the winner

  • Easy money for floyd

  • Definitely not worthy for Vegas. They wanted to rob the fans and that's just what we got.

  • 2:45-2:54

  • Floyd lost me completely with the “they pay, they pay” comment re the drink bottles. Everything else has pretty sick context after that.

    • What are you lost about?

  • Let me save you 5:45 Floyd: Thanks for the PPV money jackasses!

  • Flyod " it is what it is we had fun" Mayweather

  • People be respecting Logan for going 8 rounds but Floyd didn't break a sweat and said it was fun lmao

  • Man looking at Floyd and realizing he’s an old man now is crazy. To all you young ppl in your 20’s . Enjoy your youth because one day you will wake up and realize that you are now old. Getting old sucks there is nothing fun about it

  • If that was a real match, Logan would be hugging the ground

  • Whats next:Floyd vs.the janitor...Floyd vs.. the bus driver..Floyd vs..a politician...Meanwhile Pacquaio vs. Spencer..salut to Pacquaio..!!!

  • First guy asking questions was wack. Maybe he’s new or something but damn. Lol.

  • Mayweather is so humble and down to earth

  • It's a good thing the Vegas commission turned them down or else it would turn boxing into a joke and would loose all credibility and making it bad business for future Champs.

  • Floyd, is the dumbest/smartest fuxker of all time. He picked the fighters at the right time.