Avaldati 6 juuni 2021
The full floyd mayweather post fight press conference for his fight with Logan Paul, as Mayweather speaks in depth about the mayweather vs logan paul fight, and what will come next!

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  • 20:20 goat

  • “Big guy, chopped em down” lol 😂 TBE all day

  • God's love in the ring.

  • "If they didn't pay there got to move" guys worth millions and his worried about a drink company getting free advertisement lol

    • now u start to get why hes multi millionaire? there is no free shit for nobody

  • I'm calling out Paul logan I've never had a boxing fight but I know with a bit of training I will best him .hope you guys and girls can support me in achieving this.

  • Floyd a racist

  • People also to caught up in the material world no matter if it's generational wealth whatever which is all good but none of that is what actually matters

  • Makes millions of dollars says he's underpaid.

  • "Your kids can't eat legacy." AInt this been the dude chasing that 50-0 to try and cement his legacy for being undefeated now look at him fight bums to try and keep that 0 for his legacy lol Manny lives rent free in Floyds head and then not one time was he asked about Manny lmao shit thats the sad part to me

  • I'm 60 years old and been following boxing since 13, AND I'm from ATL but couldn't afford to go to boxing Olympics so I went to baseball. I don't care what ANYONE says this man is the SMARTEST boxing/business man i EVER seen. I'm not rich I'm just not a hater.

  • "They paid? If they ain't paid they gotta go." A minute later he drinks half a can.

  • Too much hugging.mybe they love each other🤣🤣

  • Mayweather greatest of all time

  • Floyd Jealous Mayweather hahaha

  • this guy was hurt by a EEpushr punch , came out post interview sassy and old . Still can't beat Manny Pacquiao real fights

  • Take it easy God will test you with your children or whatever you like in this life, so one day your heart will broken! It's fact!

  • You come in this world alone, weak, naked and you will leave this world alone weak naked!!

  • Post what?

  • lol.. that Monster Energy thing in UFC wouldn’t go with Money May

  • Ruling Class Mentality

  • Lol removed the bottles then he drinks why remove them in the 1st place

  • Let's see you buy yourself thru the "Holy Gates"

  • why is he talking about manny no one even talked about him if that doesnt sound insecure i dont know what is.

  • Casimero Vs Mayweather!! how about that?!

  • I don't think Logan gassed out this fight. If he had gassed out there's no doubt he would have been knocked out. McGregor was gassed which is why he got stopped

  • A lot of people will dismiss the fact that Mayweather is spitting a lot of Game! Talking about finances and priorities 🔥🔥🔥

  • Gather Floyd’s fanbase in one room and you’ll have the world’s population of narcissists

  • 💯% CLASS off the TOP.. really enjoyed this PC

  • Niggas be really hating on Brody. He in his bag, and the man is brilliant. Business savvy. One of the GOATs fr!

  • lets put it this way.. floyd lives in america.. when he makes $50mil he only have $50mil coz $1 is = $1 in america.. manny lives in the philippines.. when manny makes $50mil then he makes P2.5 BILLION pesos.. you have to convert the $50mil to peso coz he lives in the philippines.. P2.5 BILLION in the philippines is so much more money that $50mil in America. now who has more money?.. floyd =money manny= legacy + money

    • Ugh stop comparing those two thats done and over with😩

  • lol Floyd can't help mentioning Pacquiao's name. Then he'll say Pac is clout chasing his name, what a Joke. FYI Pac is not broke, he fought because he loves it and not just fought but picked the best. he is one of the 2 senators with a declared billion in SALN. he has lot of business ventures here in the Philippines. He has Hospital, Fuel stations, Hotels, Gyms, Beach Resorts, Sports bars, Fashion outlets, Radio station etc. etc. you name it.

  • Floyd Really Dodge the site crash question. In the End, He doesn't care bout boxing or The People, He's just "Blessed" Hes 10 times Richer

  • no matter what you think about him, him saying the best part of his week was his daughter graduating was beautiful. A father's love

  • “Floyd do you know your abcs?” “Uhhh good fight good kid absolutely had fun good fight”

  • New York- always crying- wants to own the refs

  • Hall of fame for nothing/ just another sucker punching opportunist whose skills could be used in my subwsys

  • Hey dude u are the biggest cheater- just couldn’t beat him- always want your fight- a big sissy and boxing’s biggest cheater

  • Respect to the money maker I Floyd Mayweather!! He is absolutely genius when it comes to that

  • Check out my Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul Parody 😂🔥ITS A BANGER AND BETTER THAN THE ACTUAL FIGHT

  • Floyd....GOAT TBE

  • floyd and his team were not having that cygames ad... "well if they aint pay they gotta move", my man aint giving out no free ads

  • *points to bottles on counter* - If they ain't paying, they gotta move *continues to drink from said bottles through the entire press conference*

  • This man is fucking boss 💪💪

  • In this interview Floyd really sound like he took something personal or something. You sound like a little girl that got dumped by her boyfriend or something. Like he not even answering the question he won't let everybody know how much he made and all that goofy stuff that ain't even the questions that's been answered. Like his interview was really odd. I don't know I think he do smoke weed or something

  • But Pacquiao's Legacy makes Billions of People eat in the Philippines. 🤣✌️🍻

    • Nothing wrong with that. What do you want floyd to do help out a bunch of people who wants to see his downfall🤔

  • Still bothered about pacquiao. It’ll bother him more if manny wins against spence. Even if manny loses, I still think he’s the tbe.

    • No matter what you think floyd would always be one of Manny Pacquiaos losses

  • “Speak things in to existence” Floyd mayweather

  • For a man that can’t read his iq must be at Harvard lvl

  • Great interview I need his books

  • He should start a podcast, and invite himself so he can talk as much as he wants about the same things over and over and over again... I do agree with "If you don't want to, don't watch" though, I watched this because I wanted to, I was curious. Peace!

  • Never knew that floyd is this humble

    • Floyd is hurting the sport of boxing... he should remain retired.

  • This man fought logan paul made 130 million and had to humble everybody in the interview

  • Facts👏🏾

  • Hey Mayweather i wasn't pleased i want a refund and you talking about hitting and holding is a taste of your medicine.

  • Punch, clinch, bigger guy, fighting to survive? Seems like manny vs mayweather. And you know whos clinching for his survival on that fight

    • @Huey Newton ahuh check the medical records. even before and after fights theres alot of issues didnt even answered. And the fight took distance for a mayweather on his natural weight, cant even do damage on pacquiao. not the greatest of boxers. dodge and picking opponents. And for pac and floyds fight he has to clinch 20x per round and running backwards lmao. The only way he knows where he wins.

    • Floyd made Pacquiao look silly that night 🤣

  • This man is a boxing legend ! He is by far the greatest technical fighter of all time

  • Can't believe how much Floyd has matured!

    • I know right I thought he was was always matured

  • Floyd is probably the smartest person in the world to do legal bank rober

  • 8:34 this man just flexing on us unprovoked 🤣🤣

  • Floyd: I was hoping I could knock out this “Internet celeb” and make a name off of him and embarrass him. Since he was bigger I was gonna prove I could knock him out and make my stock go higher. But it back fired. I did not and could not knock out the 200 pounder. And now the amateur Logan looks like he’s great and his name went higher because he went the distance with me.

  • After 12:07, it was the funniest part.

  • Logan Paul? wtf is happening the world right now.. OMG he stoop so low for the sake of the money... well money is money much weight than pride..

  • People that don't respect this man are just straight HATERS! 💯 this dude makes money in his sleep 💤 and still donates money and helps the less fortunate.....but people don't publicize that

  • 21:46 One of the only things Ive EVER heard floyd say that I respect.

  • “ I don’t care if you write good about me, if you write bad about me, just keep writing about me.” Wise words of Floyd

  • 4:00 what he done to pacman

  • Floyd should never transplant hair or beard he destroyed his legendary look Guess he wants to be a kid again. 6:49 When he mentions his hair.. omg


  • How the f do you get 100million and seriously the least entertaining boxer..smh!!

  • Manny fights for the love of the sports, for his country and for the happiness of his fans. Money is secondary. Pac is magnanimous compared to the money

  • For ppl like stephen a smith who trash on this match, a lot of boxing matches arent that good nowadays, how many recent championship fights were won by guys just quitting. This was a little guy vs big man real world fight scenario

  • Preach brother

  • Floyd fights are a FARCE coz floyd is a JOKE....

    • ur sad for that name

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  • Affder dees preForman

  • Mayweather # 1

  • Tesla is pulling thete stock out of bitcoin

  • Sell ur bitcoin floyd its no looking good tesla is pulling his stock out

  • Give floyd respect a very smart man

  • This ain't got shit to do with fighting

  • “I could have pressed the fight more and threw all types of crazy combinations but the people wanted a show”....huh??? Nigga we wanted to see the dam combinations smfh if you could have did it you should have. Those last 3 rounds pissed me the fuck off

  • who the fatty moaning and breathing into the mic??

  • Goat sh*t, idgaf what anybody say

  • Best post interview ever.

  • Floyd got Floyd and didn’t like it one bit !

  • Waiting until he gets paid then he will tell you the truth 😉

  • Floyd Mayweather is still the man. I hope he fights again.

  • Give us a show we would want to see Floyd... a Canelo exhibition fight. Have some integrity for yourself.. this fight was an embarrassment

  • “Your kids can’t eat legacy.” What a legend

  • The insidious epoxy acromegaly compare because interactive phongsaly polish inside a moaning sea. gleaming, industrious pelican

  • Someone ask Floyd in the future if there was a no knock out clause. Meaning he wasn’t allowed to actually hurt Logan. That he had to let Logan go until the end for the PPV. Not allowed to knock out Logan. Also 35 lbs difference and holding on to Floyd. 50% landed by Floyd and 15% by Logan. Floyd not taking the opportunity to hit Logan with many obvious shots. Floyd not actually training for the fight? Not in shape like in the day? Then Floyd ducks the obvious question that he look clean and like he never fought. He laughs and smiled and tried to hide the site crashing for the ppv money? Lmfao. Good on you Floyd. Make that 20 million. Why didn’t Logan call out a current 190 lbs fighter. Let’s see him and Jake call out guys on top of the game now. I know a guy who was the worlds 135 champ. I know Tyson Cave at 135 would whoop Logan. Unless there was a friendly clause of don’t hurt me Floyd. Please don’t do to me what you did to Jake. Lol

  • Wosnt even as entertaining as a half decent spar was just pointless .I dont get it ..

  • *”Floyd on property like OMAR GADAFFY………………”*

  • Just for Men is working wonders on that grey hair and will do so when the hair is totally grey‼️‼️‼️‼️

  • Oh how I prayed that Anonymous would hack the money made from this fake money grab and grab the money for themselves and perhaps give to charity. There remains many fighters who have retired decade ago who have lost all their earnings I would have respected a fight like that so much more than two rich guys fighting.Floyd remains the only fighter I’ve ever watched where I would get up and go to the kitchen to make a snack. Well before pause and even rewind for he holds two belts the best and most boring fighter of all time.

  • *they shoudl play "ebony & ivory" as their song* *HUG IT OUT*

  • *total fuqboi crisis actor **#summer** of george killed his baby mama in blood sacrifce -- this topped the pac man hanging on the ropes ridig the clock.. huggung logan paul looks ghey as helll*

  • Wasn’t a fight it was a publicity stunt to make money

  • floyd just talking😭

  • He was fighting to survive and you were play fighting. = Making a mockery of the sport you think your the greatest ever at 🤷‍♂️ I don't like the Paul Kid but at least I can respect him putting his effort in, Floyd you not so much. Hall of fame doesn't mean much if you ruin the sport on the way out.