Facebook's WORST Viral Videos

Avaldati 30 juuli 2021
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  • He was killin it in that Toktok tho lmao

    • ok.

    • @Mocha Bby is this peter explains the joke account or smn?

    • 😂😂

    • get vaccinated....... yh sheep

    • in that tuc tuc

  • the thing with facebook is that content is customized by regions, so its rare or even impossible to see viral posts in one place being recommended in others unless you keep searching for it yourself. so most people who use it are communities who are just interested in local content because the platforme has done very well in initiating social and cultural discussion since forever and they dont see the need to change to other alternatives but when you have over than two and half billion monthly active users wich is way more than similar plateforms this type of content will always find a way to go viral

  • Please still get covid after getting the vaccine. I did

  • Wow

  • The taco bell ding will always be a legendary sound effect lmao gets me everytime

  • 2:44 ahahahah


  • You know what Cody you’re the worlds number one shopping tool

  • I've seen some bad content, but that dude's videos are fucking infuriatingly shit. how do you wake up every morning, make videos like that, and not just blow your fucking brains out?

  • Can we talk about how his comedy has turned into a fusion of his and Kelsey’s? 😹

  • Cody tiktoking is where i died

  • Lmfao 3:35

  • anyone knows that Curology shorty @??

  • FB should have a thumbs down/ dislike button on contents.. if they have a lot of dislikes.. stop recommending the content.. that is.. if FB cared about quality content..

  • i had a coworker who was an older woman see something on facebook that was like "if you take the current year and subtract your birth year, it gives you your age" and she was so mind blown and trying it out on everyone in our workspace

  • Imagine the shares on that video tho “Oh shit this was sooo wild let me send this to the homie AND share it to the timeline 🤯 “

  • Is it just me or the dress cover less then the towel

  • Me: Mom, can we buy Grant Gustin? Mom: No, we have Grant Gustin at home. Grant Gustin at home:


  • Sooo the vaccine doesn’t stop you from getting covid? 😂

    • You do know what a vaccine does right. Its to reduce an infections worst outcome. Time to go back to Facebook future boomer.

  • These are the types of vids my aunt sends me thinking they are real

  • Just watched this on my 30 minute break from work where I quite literally had to eat in my car to avoid my coworker :) I make minimum wage :)

  • The thief hiding behind the glass door was actually the closest thing to a joke there was in all those videos. In another context it could be funny.

  • Lol. Get vaxed even tho I'm fully vaxed and still got covid haha no thanks. I'll take natrual immunity

  • The heimlich video fills me with despair. The idea that this exists makes me question why anything exists.

  • Him saying he has COVID and talking in the video without a mask makes me feel so ducking anxious 😂😂 it’s wierd

  • 3 mins is how long a video has to be on Facebook in order to make money off it. Sooo many of these stupid vids on Facebook. Those fuckin Adley vids are always in my feed and I hate them so bad!

  • It's hard from me because most people i know who got the vaccine got covid and people who haven't got the vaccine haven't. It's been over a year and I haven't even got a common cold with no vaccine.

    • Did they get hospitalised? the vaccine reduces the chance of the worst outcome.

  • this video is to cody ko what the bagel video is to drew gooden. both are grown men getting inexplicably mad at online videos because they're sick, and i love it

  • Their views have to be very youg children....NO. WAY any sane adult with half a brain watching this 🐂💩

  • spaghettio pie? nah she tweakin

  • I came to this 9:39

  • The 3 minute cctv one was like those stories where they repeat the same shit every paragraph and make you click through 43 things saying "continue"

  • "That looks like fucking trash!" me every day

  • cody kovid

  • Wow, pushing the clot shot? Yikes

  • See what you’re not getting is that there’s the click bait to get people to watch and then the letdown to get people to comment and then people go to the comments to make fun of it. It gets people riled up.

  • It’s easy to get dumb old people to think those video are real and “entertaining”

  • 13:33

  • I agree to cody some shitty video just made for money with no meaning

  • get on facebook

  • I thought being vaccinated meant you can't catch the virus?

    • It reduces negative covid effects and helps your body fight it off

  • I love getting my CNN talking points from Cody Ko.... j/k... not really.

  • Social media is fucked up

  • Not only is the pregnancy angle played out af when I comes to thievery but also she ain't too smart if she did it DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF A CAMERA. Sorry I know this shit ain't real but goddamn at least put some effort into it.

  • Mans got fully vaccinated and still got covid haha “imagine if I weren’t vaxxed” the virus with a 99% survival rate cmon bruh you’re a young man don’t be stupid

  • More like "ending is chocking" amirite?

  • Literally watched a video of a girl swinging into an oversized wedding dress drenched in oil. It had 70million views.

  • having the vaccine is what made you sick again

  • The video of that same woman making nachos on the countertop and pouring like an entire tub of cheese on there

  • getting the vax is awful for you

    • @Tea Poxie its so fax dude #im a trump fan and Biden is a bad president

    • Why

  • Yes. This one was v inspiring to keep uploading 🤣🤣 thx Cody

  • Me watching a video of Cody watching a video of a guy on fb watching a video😳

  • > Fully Vaxxed > Still gets sick from Covid-19 > can still spread it to others So why get vaxxed?

    • @Tea Poxie the fact of the matter is if you can still get the virus and still pass it on and there's no point of giving the vaccine. A vaccine is supposed to stop the spread of a virus.

    • @Osiris give me one solid reason why someone would fucking greentext on you tube of all places lmfao. But to be serious you should get it if you're healthy because you can still be left with long term effects from covid even if you're healthy. Plus the science on this isn't settled right now but it looks like it's the case that people with the vaccine have a lower viral load and therefore spread the virus less. If we reach herd immunity we save other people's lives and lower the chance of long term damage. So to do that we need everyone to get vaccinated even healthy people okay.

    • @Tea Poxie Give me one solid reason why a healthy person should get vaxxed if they can still spread the virus.

    • Go back to 4chan, it reduces worst case outcome. You know that.

  • So stupid. There is so much staged shit online these days and it's not even close to being good content.

  • Hair cut when?

  • I got very sick for 3 days - completely vaccinated though. And then, you proceed to thank being vaccinated. That doesn’t make any sense. Funny how vaccines suddenly don’t work…

  • Cody's California side was showing a little bit starting the video

    • Yes very off putting

  • Cody, always creating good a content 👍

  • Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh 💀

  • oml i lost it at "thats half of my channel"

  • Time is lifes money. Spend it wisely GTF OFF FACEBOOK

  • 4 minutes of choking 👍

  • Glad I’m not the only one who gets heated at these videos. And the comments from people who think they’re real videos make me lose brain cells 😩

  • i wonder how much he got paid to say get vaccinated

  • Cody's video alone got nearly 2 million views and over 4,800 comments. That is a more believable ratio.

  • So let me get this straight, 593 million people watched your video but only 304 commented on it? How does that happen? Looks like somebody is inflating their views

  • 590 odd million - don’t worry Cody iv watched you through your window that many times eyes 👀

  • Why would the dress underneath make any difference as long as you didn’t drop the towel??

  • See everyone’s getting it that’s Vaxxed do we actually know that or defo reduced symptoms like have they tested on twins one fully and one without to see? Lol

  • society will heal when we all recognize these are fetish videos

  • Watching you get mad at this makes me mad too

  • Wait he was vaxxed and still got it. Then what’s the point?

  • aunt badabadoozled

  • she drizle

  • i drexle

  • you know

  • dre drexler

  • 😘 | ✌ =)) |

  • bud did you actually get covid.....hope you are aight

  • yoooo cody ko, I once knew a dude named cody I think he was from alabama maybe? anyways he was a really cool ghuy olne time we went to his granddads farm and like shot the dog lol it was crazy. then me and him went inside and punched the old man in the face haha he never even seen it coming, now if were being honest I really think this guy was you, like seriously, you have any memories of shooting a dog on an alabaman farm ? haha I HATE YOU IO AHTE YTIU, jk cody you make great videos and I truly wish to hear back from you soon! - John Wayne Bring Pain Slangin Game. Like a Great Dame, bitch I got fame we are not the same, Me you can not tame for I am insane ! I HATT YOU IO AHTE YOU I HATE YOu

  • can’t wait for cody to find out that this is a sex thing. these videos are literally just kinks that dudes watch with one hand

  • hi cody! the “fake recipes pulled out of their asses” are actually fetish content 🤗

  • It's not fun to save money O_O

  • Those two hotel videos were also filmed on the same day because they’re wearing the exact same clothes

  • Thank you for calling out these bullshit videos 🙏🏼

  • My favorite ones are where they write a script on a thousand papers and just stand there and reveals the cards for 5 minutes with a 10 second reaction in the end, they also get 100M + views btw.

  • Kovid kills with laughter.

  • Cody slight flexing that he has a billion views

  • I love how Cody asked the question what kinds of hotels are these people staying in that have surveillance cameras pointing at the beds? That right there should be a good indication that the whole thing is completely staged. The reason being, how did they get access to the footage on the video camera?

  • 🍯 didn't work on amazon

  • i haaaate those videos they are not funny, every time i see those on facebook i always have to say FAKE xD

  • Lol, why are these comments are so mad? Calling people "brain-dead, dumb, not normal like us, insane, sad" for watching fake Facebook prank videos. 😐 Like, really? Why are you taking it so personally? You don't know any of these people, yet are proceeding to make snap judgements about them and their lives. *That's* what's sad. To all the people commenting that you find this "depressing", and "most people have been dumbed down" (except you, of course), and "feels like everyone's losing brain cells" (again, except you), is a very high-horse/condescending mentality. And just to be clear, I'm not supporting _or_ hating on these vids, their creators, or their audience, and you're completely free to dislike what you dislike. I'm just saying there's no empathy in what you're saying and y'all need to do better, honestly. Again, I do not support these videos. Just because I'm not taking your side, doesn't mean I'm on the opposite side.

    • couldn't have said it better myself. these folks think they so much better than other people bc they don't... watch Facebook videos. like bruh 💀 relax with the outrage. and what they don't understand is that it's mostly older people watching these videos, who didn't grow up in the digital age as we did, so obviously they're going to find it harder to spot when videos are fake/scripted, but nah, we can't acknowledge that, bc that would mean all these people don't too much, huh?

  • The amount of people in these comments getting so angry and frustrated over scripted Facebook prank videos, and the "dumb, braindead" people who watch them, is insane to me. Like, y'all actually need to calm down. 😂 Really over here personally attacking people you don't know, over what they choose to watch bc you're mad. Relax, lol. Cody was doing a bit much in this one, ngl. You are not "better" than the people who watch these videos, and they are not "worse" than you for watching them. Now I'm sure people are gonna come at me for saying this, baselessly claiming that I either support or create these videos...

  • I rather watch ads than those fucking videos

  • These fb videos comments are hilarious, they are all like 😂😂😂 so funny dude, dude thats hilarious, how do you come up with this

  • Damn bro, good luck this winter. You made a huge mistake by taking both injections. Look up "antibody dependent enhancement". God speed 🙏

  • google.com

  • Video hasn't started yet. I expect to see SoFlo Antonio

  • Cody looks stoned 😂