Dude Perfect Face Off | Spikeball

Avaldati 9 nov 2017
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The twins FACE OFF against Chad and Tim in a game of Spikeball!

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  • Ty is always the announcer

  • Qutidge is a real sport

  • Why does Ned have black hair

  • ned forester is just rlly annoying

  • I have been watching these guys for 3years....and I still don't know which one is Coby,Cody ,Cory

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  • Was literally praying ned forrester would make an appearance

  • The battle of San Jacinto, yes the turning point, totally not the victory 😂

  • garry potter hehe

  • My name is Gavin holt

  • This recommend for u guys 2?

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  • Garrett 8-4 Cody 5-2 Coby 7-5 Toby 1-0 Jon 1-0 Tim 1-1 Chad 0-1 Ty 2-5 Cory 1-7

  • Let’s be honest, we were all cheering for the editors

  • And when Cody said Ned Forrester should go on vacation I think Cody should go on vacation. And Ned is great.

  • The editors did a great job

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  • Awesome match

  • ned in FACEOFF??? OT boys

  • Did anyone realize Ned dyed his hair black it was brown

  • We need more Jim shorts

  • If you just came from ot 26, you will know this the first time ned showed his real hair

  • Why is Ned holding the elder wand.

  • OMG....Ty’s outfit...🤣🤣🤣

  • Super annoying announcer as usual

  • 5%$@SD

  • NNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • did ned dye his hair

  • I love the video, but i disliked it because of what Cody said. He will get it in OverTime 1.

  • That voice was so annoying I couldn't stop watching.

  • Do you want me in

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  • Why isn’t this on the dude perfect channel?

  • Ned: he’s a no good tweety bird loser. Also Ned in a recent OT: Ty you’re my favorite.

  • If tyler don't become a player then he becomes announcer 101%


  • Bruh,my teacher made me watch this, i didnt even know yall did a spikeball vid

  • Hi I downloaded your game dude perfect 2 and I subscribed you my name is Ivan I Love you more ty from coby cody and cory

  • So far every face-off I've seen with Ty as the announcer...kind gets annoying. He just always seems to try and take the spotlight away from the actual competition that's going on. Kinda stalling everything, happening multiple times. Majority of the video seems to be of him.

  • Red light means it’s on Cods

  • is it only me or is ned commentating with the elder wand!?

  • 7:53 my math teacher be like

  • If Tyler was picked for announcer but Ned was the announcer ?? 🤣🤣🤣

  • Ned you better goon a long vacation okay.

  • Ned vs Jim pick up basketball with school yard picks of the cast & the editors

  • Hey! Did anyone notice that ned forrester pants were ripped on scene time: 3:01. During the photo shoot.

  • the game was scipted but tylers acting is so funny. he should be a comedy actor in some movies

  • me looking in the comments to see who won so I don't have to watch the video. for a PE assignment

  • Ned dyed his hair

  • cody should go on a vacation

  • #TeamCoby

  • You took dude perfects video

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  • 2:59 Ty's pant got tore lol 😂......

  • Why does ned have black hair

  • when ned had black hair :(

  • Notice how ned forester didnt change since face off and overtime, golden boy, outfit, everything. I love it

  • Isn't anybody noticing that Ned Forrester is using The Elder Wand from Harry Potter for the mic.

    • No I don’t like Harry Potter

    • Avada Kadavera

    • I was looking for this comment...

  • 🦞🦞🦞🦞🦞🦞🦞🦞🦞🦞 🦞

  • I'm sorry but canada has trademarked timbits

  • Wait, Ned with black hair, what is this trickery?

  • Comment if u want Ned to take a long holiday

  • why is there so much noises

  • I just watchec the soccer go kart Cory was so funny

  • This vid is sick

  • 1:44

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  • We want billie

  • Ned went through his emo faze with the black hair

  • Why is Neds aka tylers wig brown and not ginger?

  • why not just put team twins or team editors much more simple

  • 6:23

  • 👾

  • D

  • C

  • B

  • A

  • Any body else wonder why this isn’t made by dp

  • Wait wut? How do you guys know what timbits are? Y'all aren't even Canadian 😂🇨🇦

  • 12:23 is a beautiful moment indeed! 🤣

  • Anyone notice that Ned's hair keeps changing? 😂 Well I guess when he goes to the salon to get his luscious locks curled he goes the extra mile and dyes it. Lol. Love these guys and their content ❤.

  • Watching this just now for the first time. Noticed Ned Forrester holding the Garry Potter elder wand as a mic.

  • It's amazing to me how much like jocks Dude Perfect seems to be, and yet, they're still huge nerds who love Harry Potter and Star Wars. Quite wholesome.

  • T he most improved spike ball player NED me:boy he is better than i would do

  • Brianbuss to the game for first and

  • Who else watches this live during quarantine?

  • Anybody notice Coby drops the spike ball twice in the intro 😂

  • It should of been chad the bad

  • They could have said “Rad Chad isn’t bad”

  • Why does Ned have black hair

  • eepush.info/link/video/q5msiK5tdY1ubpI.html did u see it?

  • 8:38 he literally just straight up said rim job

  • Wait so Ty is Ned AND Billy...


  • Nobody wants Ned to leave cody

  • So where’s the number to get the golden boy?

  • This destroyed me and my family. It destroyed hope and forgiveness. Y’all need to pray for me and my kids. That we can somehow piece together a life for ourselves.

  • Does that count as one of Coby's win