Don't Blend These Things...

Avaldati 16 veebr 2021
We put a bunch of things that should never be in a blender, in a blender.
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  • fucking chad wants to find out if a watermelon bounce..

  • Does anyone know where the spooky music is from around the end

  • The editor deserves a raise holy hell

  • the more max's hair grows and more he wears a beanie the more homeless he looks

  • Ngl teared up a little when the banjo Kazooie cartridge went in

  • capitlism is a sin the only profit you should be seeking is mohammed

  • now what the absolute FUCK came out of that vape

  • that tickle me elmo gave me ptsd.. i wanted one so bad as a kid but my mom said it was too expensive... they really just blending my childhood dreams

  • This video is slightly boring, so prezoh need to do the goofy edifs

  • The long awaited will it blend sequel 😊

  • 15:20 Chad king k rool countered that shit

  • i dont think its okay to drink blended apple seed at all

  • this video was not worth the money

  • Don't breathe this

  • I could smell that 16:00

  • I can vouch that America definitely has party poppers

  • Why was this so fucking cool Edit: Congrats on stopping vaping, Chad!

  • Should have blended a minion with some fake blood

    • @bcvbb hyui hell yes

    • I wanna see these guys do a "will it microwave" and just straight up microwaving lighters and other stuff


  • day 52 of commenting power fish untill until they have willem on a podcast

  • Surely get friendlyjordies on the podcast

  • "These things are built good get your kids one of these, Not The Blender"

  • Podcast with friendlyjordies when???

  • chad chucks in lighter and goes to press turn on blender EEpush: time to advertise movie "Firestarter"!

  • "I don't want that its got cyanide" *throws entire apple in blender*

  • It’s like a scuffed version of jay and silent bob😂

  • I don't trust the look on Max's face

    • Petition to get chad and max access to a hydraulic press

  • The General Chat in Cold Ones Discord is so cringe.

  • Holy fuck the Elmo part was terrifying

  • Max's memory is fried from the krabby patty

  • Girls b like "yo ever wonder why we live longer than guys" and boys just be out here doin this wacky shit lmao

  • I wanna see these guys do a "will it microwave" and just straight up microwaving lighters and other stuff

  • Don’t breathe this

  • "God is dead; we killed him." - racist tickle me Elmo - - @MichaelReeves

  • Max made GREEN FANTA

  • I love ur Videos. Please do so in the future

  • what the fuck did i just watch

  • 1:29 "does it bounce" LMAOOOO

  • I had to watch the melon ball edit more than once. That’s an absolute fucking masterpiece

  • 11:34 I love the way that max said "ping pong balls" lmao

  • Party poppers are NOT an Australian thing CHAD

  • Petition to get chad and max access to a hydraulic press

  • Light effect during the pig execution was awesome.

  • fucking good editing thanks prezoh

  • MaxMoeLester my man

  • My fanta shirt says fuck off lol

  • @cold ones where did you get the Fanta tee

  • The editing is perfect

  • You can see the tears from max blending cards

  • Good Mythical Morning has really taken a turn

  • anyone else pause the video to read the Japanese on his shirt? just me? oh...

    • Chad trying to kill Elmo is legitimately one of the funniest fucking things I’ve ever seen!!!😂

  • Elmo tap dancing supa hawt fiya 🤣😂

  • the first drink actually looks good

  • I just dropped in from Automatic pool stick vs. strangers by Stuff Made here. It's a youtube channel where a man invents really cool and complicated machines, basically robots. He's presenting this well made video that describes every step he takes to make this machine that uses algorithmic decisions to pick the best shot on a pool table. Then I see "Don't Blend These Things" in my recommended. I obviously clicked on it. You're my people. We're idiots.

  • What's the song at 6:06 ?

  • Well im glad to hear that I wasn't the only one that used to melt army man on ant hill and try make a mould of it haha

  • poor elmo :(

  • Party poppers are def not just an Australian thing

  • Yo you guys need a bartender for during your podcast!....btw Im a

  • They did my boy elmo dirty

  • chad thinking party poppers are only in australia

  • i always drink when i watch Cold Ones bro. it be a Vibe

  • Prezoh knocked it out of the park on this one

  • I haven't laughed this hard in a long time

  • Vegan power! Meow

    • What kind of amazing blender is this! I must know please enlighten me! Mw

  • Chad trying to kill Elmo is legitimately one of the funniest fucking things I’ve ever seen!!!😂

  • More content please

  • y'all so goofy LOL xD keep it up!

  • Chad was in toy story?

  • “This is Talking GEorGe, PEPPAS Brothaahh”

  • Elmo will never dance again

  • 7:27 is it me or did Elmo have a seizure?

    • I got an ad for a Christian school when they were murdering Elmo

  • I never knew how much I'd enjoy seeing max and chad put their balls together and blend them

  • When the 7 year olds get ahold of the blender

  • I can only imagine the digestive tract of these two and the cake series gang

  • this is like a snuff film for Toy Story

  • doesn't know how to water board elmo, smh.

  • You should't blend ice cuz it is very hard at high speed so if you blend it the blades will break 🖕 👱‍♂️ 🐛💤👔🐛 🚍 👢 ⚡8=👊=D💦 🎸 📎 👢 👢

  • Episode 6583 of Boys Alone: The two boys that have survived found some blenders to keep them entertained. Chaos ensues.

  • Hey. Fortnite big chungus, you talkin to me?

  • Poor fucking George When he lights up I was genuinely gonna piss myself because I was laughing so hard

  • the editing in this vid looked like twomad

  • Chad concerned about the toxic vape but not the toxic dust produced by most of the things that were blended


  • edits are so godly that I can't tell what's really happening anymore

  • I got an ad for a Christian school when they were murdering Elmo

  • You had to do elmo dirty like that

  • love and friendship are temporary. elmo is forever

  • give the editor a damn raise

  • For a minute I thought max wasn’t wearing pants

  • Electro swing song is Moves Like This by Jules Gaia

  • the fucking light bulbs scared the shit out of me

  • Deadly Twister spin off

  • Aww man, some kid would have loved that elmo...

  • There's nobody going to talk about the fact that they inhaled lithium

  • “Finally, uranium”.

  • Y’all left the skin on that banana

  • When they made the chocolate smoothie I got flashbacks to the human chocolate challenge.

  • Nothing will be scarier than half of Elmo’s face gone saying “i want to dance with you” 😭😭

  • This brings me back to shock collar cooking times