Avaldati 8 okt 2019
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POV: You're watching a YT video and u like it lol

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  • Burger King literally just did a commercial with that kid chase….I feel so fucking old, had no idea who that was #31

  • I hate my name. Quentin lol

  • IM the predator and ur da PWEY rarrrr

  • "I got the quinton 4"😭😭😭😭

  • The green grillz😂😂😂

  • 6:34 IM FUCKING SCREAMING! “eW no Ew get it offf, turn it off” hahahah I’ve watched this on repeat and almost peed hahaha

  • "Im the lion youre the prey" ah so you are a predator?

  • Am I the only one that saw the Lego with the pp at 7:25 lol

  • god kelsey is so pretty

  • press pause at this time 3:56

  • I regularly come back to this video when I’m sad

  • Dude stop being dumb and wife her up already

  • Now when I hear Eboy I think of reckit Ralph pmsl

  • i mean the eboy look is totally working in terms of keeping me a lesbian

  • 5:38

  • I really don't get the whole tap yourself on the head eyes rolled back thing these kids do, is that shit supposed to mean something?

  • Guys, I appreciate your concern but don't worry, we don't find them hot as well

  • Boy - “what up dog I’m the alpha Kelsey - “NOOOooooooOOO

  • this has never ever been cool wtf

  • The claw is taking me out 😭😭

  • this actually hurts to watch

  • 3:16 does Cody know that they’re in their 20’s . They’re like 5 years younger than them lol

  • But like why are these guys dating all the hot social media female influencers lol ?

  • But it ends 😩my heart fell off after that

  • Their clothing, sometimes, is cool, they got simplicity with a dab of posh. But most of it is bad honestly.

  • Kelsey and Cody r paler than a couple of British people in January

  • why does this guy look like Captain America????? Someone help please?????? Edit: "the night we met, in 1959" CAPTAIN AMERICA CONFIRMED

  • dang cody has cakes. and looks so much better with the clean cut look

  • i always say "i aint got no type i just like what i like" with asians being top tier number one no comparison BUT after watching this.........maybe i do have a type. DAMN THEY ARE FINE! eboys mmm mmm

  • Hi, teenage girl here, men scare me ✌🏻

  • Dude where I love mfs get flamed for posting stupid shit like that

  • Dude most of this dudes would of been best by their parents if they were just 10 to 15 years older.

  • Hey cody, i miss this hair

  • I’m convinced e boys are all gay 😂

  • Ah yes, 1959. When segregation was very current. Those were the days?

  • Funniest shit I've ever watched.

  • I almost disliked the vid cuz of the tiktoks

  • My names Quinton. Time to change my name

  • eboys are weird cause they always turn out to be the biggest creeps ever

  • Three minutes in and I am *hurting* from laughing so hard.

  • The jaw and hair styles of eboys are the exact same like it's a casting call.

  • My Mac and Cheese finished cooking right when the video ended. Hell yeaaaaaah

  • First time coming across your channel and this was super funny 🤣

  • I’m embarrassed to be a gen z

  • Yo y’all friggin nailed the eboy tiktok. Lil Huggy better keep an eye on his throne

  • I'm 20 now and I thought we were cringe

  • The only people that genuinely find them attractive are like 6th graders 😭

  • How much effort is put into looking stupid and cringey... Place camera, pose, lipsync, change clothes and hair for transition, etc. Tik tok is the end.

  • Why haven’t you proposed, Cody? Pop the question.

  • I think acting hot in front of a camera is fine without the creepy ass smiles LMAO

  • Oh. My. Gods... Just watched this video again and realized with my daughter... the kid she compared to Quinton? Aaron Gabel. My daughter dated him. Broke up with her for her bf, then he dated my niece. 🤣 He was like this in elementary school let alone now. Oh boy. She just laughed to hysterics. 🤣🤣🤣

    • Watched another Cody video last night where he roasts Aaron again... LMAO! LOVE IT 💘 He was a "Disney Star" too... _waaay_ in the background for a second. Lol I have nothing against the kid. It's just funny to see exactly what I'd heard about. 🤣

  • 7:50 is that nick dean from jimmy neutron??

  • Kelsey looks like the girl from Percy Jackson

  • I too am obsessed with having a perfect jaw line . 🥸🍷

  • Is no one gonna ask what happened after Kelsey took her shirt off cause they cut the video

  • What is that? 7:38. Happy lego man. 😂😂😂 Why?!

  • "millennial boomer complains about kids these days" had me laughing too hard.

  • The crabby wolf relatedly confess because hourglass terminally nest to a tired swan. sordid, impartial sarah

  • Am I the only one seeing a ressemblance between chase hudson and kelsey? Wtf

  • These E/F/J boys are the lamest thing to ever happen to…anyone I think? No anyTHING. Everything! The lamest thing to ever happen to everyone and everything.

  • Okay two things I loved about this video: 1. The shout out to Kurtis Connor. I have always said, they are meant to be (K.C. And C.K.) 2. 5:39 when she’s hot for the guy and he notices and is like “fuck off” 😂 These two are a cool ass couple

  • Can you guys react to scary tiktoks next? I think that would be cool

  • I’m watching this right after they had Josh Richards on TMG

  • I don't like men anymore after watching this video

  • Rewatching this and it is even better the second time.

  • Just accidentally handsome 🤣

  • Some of these videos were fuckboys not eboys. There’s a difference.

  • 7:28 no one else seeing the lego dick?

  • am i the only one that doesn't like the gf? no offense, sorry.

  • Kelsey is such a eboy

  • I'm so used to the cheering sound effect when the camera cuts to Kelsey, that when she said, "Hey I'm Kelsey." I was waiting for the "WHooo!"

  • straight outta quinton

  • fuck i cringed so hard

  • i go back to this video every now and then and i die every single time

  • I thought they were gonna say.."Quinton's twin brother..Twinton."

  • 9:37 I lost it. They’re fucking made for each other 😂😂😂

  • 9:39

  • Is Kelsey drinking Ice?

  • Hahaha kelsey is an eboy . This was great

  • ''Millennials boomer complains about kids these days'' that editing took me out 😂

  • Kelsey’s face at 0:30 is the cutest thing I’ve seen all day

  • please 😭 the way they’re just bashing them is so fucking funny i cannot 💀

  • this should be "real e boy and e girl reacts to kids simping outta this trend"

  • i keep forgetting how they stole kpop style

    • @YT yes and they obviously have influences from many places, but it's mostly black americans and koreans

    • @pilar rivera not at all, England during the 60s, 70s was very stylish in that way

    • @YT in terms of fashion they had their own style, influenced by black americans

    • They didn't, kpop jacked western style

  • 1:59 ☠️ We ain't gonna talk about the one comment that is like "All girls the age of 13🤰"?

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  • It genuinely warms my heart that my “go to” EEpushrs (leon lush, Cody ko, Noel, kurtis Connors, Danny Gonzalez, and drew gooden) all enjoy each others content.

  • This video was funny asf


  • kelsey kinda looks like lilhuddy😭

  • Kelsey’s laugh lol

  • why did i think he was bout to roast the hell out of james marriott

  • I’m feeling Kelsey’s frustration and cringe. I feel u , sister. 🤣🤣🤣 PS: By watching this compilation I’m guessing that when the times it comes for u to parenting it will be hard. So , good luck will all that 🤞🏽🙏💕

  • Cody needs to react to Pocket FM commercials with Kelsey

  • Lmfaoooo loved this

  • 6:04 cody's laugh is so soft and attractive

  • Bruh look at yourself ur more cringe at all 😂😂😂

    • eboy

  • I skipped ahead to after he explained the stripper part and i just saw him walk in throwing money then scream and I am dying.

  • Literally killing me 9:34

  • dayum youz 2 iz hawt. lol