*ALL* Fortnite Trailers! Seasons 0-14 (Cinematics, Items, LTMs) | Fortnite Battle Royale

Avaldati 9 nov 2020
Sixty6 presents: ALL Fortnite Trailers! This video contains every single Fortnite Trailer from 2017 to now!
0:00 - Season 0
1:15 - Season 1
3:21 - Season 2
4:55 - Season 3
7:06 - Season 4
10:44 - Season 5
13:50 - Season 6
17:55 - Season 7
22:39 - Season 8
27:53 - Season 9
36:44 - Season X
43:27 - Chapter 2, Season 1
50:01 - Chapter 2, Season 2
55:32 - Chapter 2, Season 3
1:00:42 - Chapter 2, Season 4
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  • UPDATED VERSION (All 16 Seasons) 👇 eepush.info/link/video/09WuroqJq2iNabs.html

  • CH2, S2 may have been the best season ever for the chapter.

  • Who here and did not know some of these trailers exist lol

  • how would not like this

  • my favorite scene was when midas got rekt by the shark

  • Where are skit and pump

  • Come here boi

  • I wish i lived in the alternate universe where Fortnite never changed for the worst and epic listened properly to the community

  • Bring fort bytes back lmao

  • Nostalgia

  • no se ablar ingles lo siento pero te quedo hermoso

  • Chapter 2 Season 1👍

  • If you played ever since season 6 does that still make you a og of fortnite just a question

  • I remember seeing the original trailer back in like August 2018. Back then I thought "oh my god, stop giving me these ads. I'm never going to play this game." Fast forward 3 years and now I'm playing this game.

  • Fortnite just isn’t recognizable anymore.. it isn’t the same :(

  • Love the vid and sad 😭😭😭😭 OG DAYZ

  • The big explanation longitudinally lighten because verdict briefly fail opposite a poor exhaust. optimal, past jasmine

  • I wish fortnite was back like it was

  • does some one have an s2 s3 s4 acc that they dont use now it just needs s2 3 or 4 and if so could i use it? like i play on it when ur not

    • @Izeyah Wick cool so what one does it have? Or does it have all

  • I’m glad that they added Wildcat, Basically and Preston to the video for creative

  • Who’s here after Season 6 comes out today?? 👇

  • The entire 1st to 3rd season is the expectation of the game.

  • Chapter 2 Season 2 😭😭😭

    • @Joel Miller i love the chapter 2 Season 2 😭

    • What?

  • they should bring back 50v50

    • Agreed!

  • Remember when Fortnite was fun and addicting?Remeber when u were dancing with players in the Match when u had the same skin or the same dance?When the game was played for fun and not for sweating?Ah I miss those days. Back then u were "best Mating" or " Loser dancing" with the half lobby

  • #freefortnite

  • Remember when Fortnite didn't have some fucking person making a 5 star hotel resort every time they heard a noise?

  • How the meta has changed

  • 24:46 didn’t see that coming 😂

  • 16:42 3000 IQ

  • 2:33 I wish team rumble was like this

  • 34:40 i like her atitude

  • 44:32 when fortnite gives out 10000 v bucks to all players

  • 45:22 American cops: target north east, shoot to kill

  • 21:13 mom watching me enjoy the game she bought for me

  • 18:35 only just noticed crackshots nose is crooked

  • I keep forgetting when did fortnite change?

  • 50v50.."💔"

  • I'm the first in the world

  • 4:06 the black knight 🤤

  • Best one is the first trailer

  • Chapter 1 is the fortnite we all fall inlove with.. not chapter 2... :/

  • Save the world is still Fortnite,it also has a mission called fork knife,a harvesting tool buyable in br

  • I F##king miss Chapter one.

  • God i hate the newer fortnite i miss old fortnite

  • 34:51 boneliss

  • Stop likening everything

  • Perfect

  • 5:35 i have that skin

  • Help me make a petition to make a game mode for season shuffle

  • Fortnite vs call of duty. Who wins?...fortnite

  • Flaregun in season 9?

  • Remember when you could kill ur teammate

  • Why would you put your watermark over trailers you didnt even make 😑

  • Rip the og map with the og skins

  • I love how every season has more trailers then the last one.

  • Okay your not a true og if you haven’t seen all of these more than once because I played back then and I saw all of these like several times back in the day like season 3 through 7 I would always look for complications like this and I’ve seen these a billion times and they never get old and I want all of this back

    • I remember when everyone was obsessed with school trooper and wanting him to come back and I miss all of these og locations

    • I remember when this game was so basic and fun. Season six was good but that’s when they changed it to a whole knew game

  • Fortnite chapter 1 season 3 come back to me

  • Feo

  • Remember when they put love in to this game

  • i played in season 0

  • this guy is a fortnite master and also SUBSCIRBE TO HIIM AND LIKE IF YOU READ THIS

  • Hi

    • Hey

  • 🔥 Yeah 🔥 Omg The Old-Fashioned memories Fortnite Franky were better

  • R.I.P old map😭

  • 23:40

  • In chapter 1 I actually killed LazerBeam in his new guided middle video

  • 1hour for over 1 and a half a year of trailers U-U


    • 🙏

  • This makes me want to play fortnite!

    • The trailers have always been a high point for Fortnite!

  • Is it just me or does everybody in these trailers have 5 health

  • You probably don’t know me but I’ve been in a wheelchair my whole life and I got up to turn this off

  • Plz hart this comment

    • 🤝

  • When there’s a free skin in the shop sorry I meant 43:00

  • When there’s a free skin in the item shop 40:30

  • When there’s a free skin in the shop😅😂🤣🤣😂😅😅😂🤣🤣40 30

  • so much

  • dobre cazsy fortnite

  • Who wants every mode avaible all time (for example 50v50)?


  • We are at season 6 chapter 2 and we have basiclly star wars

  • Thats was those missles are banned >:(

  • My first skin was ace Then I bought the season six battle pass will my dad got it

  • 2:50 look in the back there's someone rocket riding

  • All "BR" trailers

  • www.walmart.com

  • Brooo pls give me the skin pls

  • Brooooo the old death animation (s)

  • I miss the old days when fortnite was popular

    • @ZEE! but the game started dying since season 6

    • Its still popular

  • When fortnite had a lot of new players in season 4 chapter 1

  • 50v50 needs to come back and stay forever

    • But that would be worse with all the sweats

    • So much better than team rumble

  • season 0 the best days

  • 0:21 Name music?

  • If you don't realize what the hand Cannon trailer music is the music to the king of the monsters trailer

  • I got the season 2 night chapter 1

  • 27:28 it's the heroes we needed but didn't deserve it's the bootleg Avengers

  • We were so ungrateful for those times 😢

  • I miss it 😢

  • OG Fortnite come back!!!!! Pls😭😭