ABBA - I Still Have Faith In You

Avaldati 2 sept 2021

ABBA ARE BACK with Voyage!
A brand new album out November 5 and revolutionary concert coming to London Spring 2022. Listen to two brand new songs and pre-order the album.

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Directed by Shynola.
Produced by Josh Barwick and Svana Gisla
Production company : Aniara

Music video by ABBA performing I Still Have Faith In You . A Universal Music Group Company; © 2021 1221 AB, under exclusive license to Polar Music International AB


  • Ver y nice song

  • Thank you ABBA...A great young fan that loves everything connected to you. I also love Chess by BB and Piano album by Benny. I have visited your museum in Stockholm...been to Skopelos and Skiathos where Mamma mia was shot and can not wait to experience this joy of the year...

  • so many memories, so happy i am still here to see this happening. Proof they were and still are geniuses.

  • 5歳の時からの大ファンです。 なんといってもスウェーデンや、海外からのお客様との交流には挨拶の後のABBAの楽曲。 一瞬で心から一つになります。 ファッション業界の人たちもお偉い方も「Dancing Qeen」が大好き🕺💃

  • Ageless .. They are ageless and so are their fans!

  • after such a long time ABBA comes back ... and what a song!! WOW!! Great voice, and sexier than ever!!

  • I love ABBA forever songs end Szwecja Cantry end People. Andy.

  • ABBA....Ìnesquecíveis👏👏👏👏Só Saudade💔💕

  • Welcome back ABBA....thank you for the 2 new songs....

  • Merci pour tout ce vous avez pu me donner comme joie et d'amour, vous êtes vraiment au top même 40 ans passé 🤩

  • Fantastic

  • Chi ama gli ABBA ed a la loro eta' come me, non puo' non emozionarsi vedendo questo video con questa bellissima canzone e la splendida voce di Frida . Mi riporta indietro negli splendidi anni della nostra gioventu'' .. I love you splendida Frida .A big kiss...!

  • Viajo nas músicas deles...

  • Queria ter nascido neta época...

  • Amo de paixão esse grupo

  • Every fan of ABBA must comment this video:

  • Muita emoção

  • I love you ABBA!!

  • Quando ouço os Abba dá-me vontade de chorar de tanta alegria e de tão belas recordações maravilhosas da minha vida com os meus avós e família. Que saudades , o mundo era mais puro

  • Tremendous, these girl's voices are still so clear and sweet. They still move me after all the years. X

  • My a.t.a dad was a huge fan of you! We've litened to ABBA music very often and i love them since my chilhood 🖤❤️ i am very happy that they are back!

  • Goosebumps

  • I have been listening to this song all day. Why did it take so long? But thank you ABBA. You are incomparable.

    • Bc they didn’t want to work again together until the last 3 years ago

  • ABBA: age 0 too one is indifferent! 💖

    • Age has nothing to do with anyone enjoying music….

  • Love it

  • Is this the longest comeback...?

    • With all original members, probably so. Pink Floyd did it 20 years later but without Syd…

  • New spirit has arrived : the way old friends do!... Thank You for the music, I still have faith in You!

  • Excepțional.Bravo ABBA.

  • Без слез не вспомнить ,Любовь огромна,как приятно вспоминить настоящую северную музыку и их голоса

  • ABBA le meilleur groupe ♥

  • Che spettacolo..?.!! Lascia senza fiato e con gli occhi lucidi...! Grandissimi ABBA. I love you

  • В свое время показали как нужно во время уходить... А теперь показали как нужно возвращаться!!! Браво!!!

  • love that song - love ABBA

  • Eu nunca fui triste aaaaaaaaaaaa ABBA VOLTOU PORRA!!!

  • Ich mag diese Lied

  • adding an ABBA song to the "new release" playlist, seems like we are livin in 70s hahaha

  • Как всегда талантливо и безумно красиво .Благодарю!


  • Einfach nur Gänsehaut pur,danke dafür

  • Oh I can't believe my favourite band of all time are back!! Love them, always did, always. Sounding magic, I have faith for them anyway 🎶🎙️🎤🎸🎹

  • Thank you ABBA, thank you!!!

  • In fact, the truth that Abba was lost in whatever you call it, give me a small piece of hope, that Wilson also coming back. 😉 Wilsooooooon Does anyone know where he is?

    • @Col. Ludlow the Wilson soccer ball is a no brainer …the lost in whatever is the obvious choices of words I was referencing. But that’s ok…words get lost in translation, another obvious in btw the lines reference, Cutie

    • @OH_I _Will Sweatheart, not far away from Sweden. But your answer tell me that you haven't seen Castaway THE movie. You don't understand my humor. That's sad, but not hopeless. I accept that fact, because I can deal with it.

    • Abba wasn’t lost anywhere…not sure what fantasy land you’re living in

  • For two couples who went into a song contest back in the 70’s. And then started up up a billion dollar empire. It goes to show that it’s just what your heart believes in.

  • АВВА лучшие👍✌

  • Tengo 55 alos.Creci con ABBA,me enamore con ABBA,me despeche con ABBA.En mis momentos de triunfo y de fracaso escuché ABBA...Para Mí ABBA más que un grupo musical ha Sido una inspiración,un oasis,un sitio de esperanza...Su regreso es Magia en un mundo que necesita creer en La Magia... Soberbios, Imponentes, Innigualables...Los adjetivos se quedan pequeños.Viva ABBA

  • wow superb

  • your my only idols

  • Lovely song❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤🥰😙😙🥰

  • We didn't know how much we missed them, their celestial harmonies, their underlying melancholy, their quietly heartbreaking lyrics, their soul-reaching melodies...

  • Я не знаю, видимо так звёзды сложились. Чего бы они не исполняли они тут же проникают в душу. Ведь обычная попса. Так нет, значит не обычная.

  • This song only peaked at 39 in Australia. Weren't they the biggest ABBA fans?

    • @OH_I _Will Yeah I'm not familiar with how today's billboard charts work. It was so much better in the old days where chart position dictated success. I just thought they would be number one in all countries.

    • What did the Adult Contemporary charts reflect. Top 40 isn’t going to be an ideal source for older Artists like Abba, McCartney, Dylan

    • Considering how things are done these days, and the so-called musical tastes of younger people who download and stream more than older people, that’s pretty damn good. Here in the US, 46 of the top 100 songs were Drake and Kanye. Not taking away from them, but when whole albums are treated as individual tracks, chart position becomes pretty meaningless. We’re in a much different world, and ABBA, by their own words, isn’t competing with newer artists. This is an inspirational song by an amazing group who simply has no rival.

    • Wait til the will be number 1 worldwide.Loys if very big artists like Madonna, Kylie,Fleetwood Mac no longer have hit singles

  • Wow amazing❤🥰❤

  • They are the epitamy of family life in the world we live in.

  • I have listned to ABBA and think sad that it was finished no more from them. And now this come!! I hope they wrigth music and sing for the rest of there lives. They own humanity that, :)

  • I’m bored already now, after a few views and listens. ABBA cannot be sexy anymore, so they’re last-gasp efforts will definitely come to naught. They are not by any measure going to be prominent again in the cultural foreground. It’s an illusion to think that they still can. They’re certainly not going to win any Grammys anymore. Mind you, they had never even won one, had never been nominated for a single one. I hope they don’t get some condescending, patronising honorary award, mind you. They should reject it. Anyway, where was I? Yes, you see, in order for any artist to hog the limelight today, he or she must be a political animal. And young and fit, especially. That’s the unfortunate state of affairs today. And isn’t it so boring? So drab? But to some other creature, it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread. The mountain of mediocrity has ascended in the internet age. So why should I be bored now by ABBA’s lovely-enough two songs they’ve just put out? Perhaps it’s the old cynic in me. I can see their special magic waved off by those in thrall to today’s political culture executives. You know what? It’s worse than the Seventies, now. At least they knew what “catchy” was in the 70s, even if the term was used in a derogatory sense by pure moving-and-bright melody’s hardened detractors. The harder-edged wanted the harder sound. Nowadays nobody knows what catchy is. Nobody even utters it. It was a bigger word in the 70s (as was “sexy”: who was sexier? Boney M, Abba? Abba or Boney M? That was the harmless talk back then, I recall). The term “catchy” implies an ability to draw in those who are not traditionally of one’s own clique. The refreshing thing about Abba is that they never did cliques. They had universal appeal precisely because drawing in a clique or movement was not how they saw what the purpose of pure entertaining an audience was about. Does any artist today aspire to have universal appeal? Is to entertain and be entertained still important today? It seems not! What today’s artist or celebrated star aspires to have is some kind of quasi-political clout. His or her art or raison d’être is forgotten, almost a sideshow in his or her bigger quest for likes: likes from the clique. Clicks from the clique. Their actual raison d’être has become something beyond their art. Ultimately, everybody who might see something in their art is short-changed. Mediocrity looms large, moreover. Welcome to pop culture today, eh! Pop music used to be popular. When the name of the game is no longer universal appeal, I am sceptical of ABBA’s efforts now. Their efforts will be in vain. Even if their avatars, or Abbatars, see them burst back into their real selves, the silly world has already long dumped beauty and art. The swamp of the internet age is upon us. No matter how hard you try, the 70s cannot be revisited either. But that’s almost beside the point now. ABBA’s avatar strategy is in a strange way an attempt to claw back beauty, art, melody, feeling, emotion as well as youth, claw it all back into the general mood. But the mood is all political now. It would take a dozen new young ABBAs to produce a pinprick on the cynical reserve of people today. On folk like me, for instance. Good luck Abba. And thanks for the memories.

    • need to smoke some weed.

    • Well, you certainly took al lot of time and effort to pay attention to a band that you dislike...pityfull I would say.

    • Funny that you felt the need to write a book here to say that you are bored...because your book is boring...and inaccurate...and just ignorant. This is a MASSIVE comeback...the biggest comeback in pop history...and the album isn't even out yet.

    • No doubt. I agree 100 %. But there is one thing. Sex sells, was yesterday. And Sex alone whitout voice and Brain, we call "one hit wonder". In every decades in modern Popular music you can perform in different ways. Perform like Slade, Sweet or Boney M without new Song material and original members in bad 70's shows. Do it like Journey, pick up a new younger Frontman like Arnel Pineda and get big Success back, or perform like Abba in original Line up, new Songs by using the top of the top Equipment. But all this is at the End, there is one thing more. The Magic to reach young and old. No other Artist, not Elvis, Beatles or Rolling Stones. Not Madonna, Pink or Lady Gaga. Only one, Abba. You don't believe me? Try it on a new year's eve party. Play whatever you want,doesn't matter. You will see the reaction. After that. you play "Dancing Queen" Now you see the Magic.

    • Nearly 400 million plus records sales, who needs a Grammy. You can't be that bored given the length of your statement which I found boring. 😏

  • Gracias ABBA. Mil Gracias. En estos momentos tan oscuros de la humanidad, nos vuelven a dar amor y fe.

  • Thank You for the Music: ABBA Your music's special, while most is a bit of a bore I've told friends to listen, they said "we've heard them before" But they have this talent, I want you to see And now I can share it, so you will believe I'm just thrilled they're back now! And I want, us to sing it out loud So I say Thank you for new music, two songs were singing Thanks for all, the delight they're bringing We have been without you, and waited so patiently It's been four decades With your new songs, and your words I decree The world says, thank you for your music The gift you've given me

  • I love ABBA. Foreveerr

  • Ich hab ne Gänsehaut. 😂😎

  • Triple metre. The one thing that makes this song stand out.


    • Catch up COVID you suck!

  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ABBA

  • LEGENDS are in our heart and mind, the savior of music world returned!EPIC... Tears of Joy to see them again, a simple way to remind the music industry what they must do, the original voice without disturbing autotune and dramatization

  • Really???!! 😍❤️ Just amazing! Everything we expected and more! Love you ABBA! Reaction 😮 Xx

  • Todavía tengo fe en vos

  • Since ABBA last made new in 1982 Ronald Reagan was shot, Bill Clinton had an affair, the challenger blew up, there were nuclear accidents at three mile Island and a much Worse one at chernobyl. Sarajevo had a winter olympic, LA had a summer olympic. A giant Pan am 747 crashed over Lockerbie, a concorde crashed in France, All five Rambo movies were made. September 11 happened. Lots of war. The Kuwait invasion in 91, Michael Jackson, Kurt Cobain, Whiney Houston, George Michael, Prince, David Bowie, Glen Frey, Lemmy, Marvin Gaye, Peter Green, Aretha Franklin, Elizabeth Taylor, And so so many others have died. Bands that had their debut after ABBA retired were the likes of eurythmics, culture Club, wham, Britney, spice girls, roxette, Madonna, Whitney, Nirvana, Metallica, pink floyd without Roger Waters, a-ha etc. Movies like Tootsie, out of africa, misery, matrix, all movies with Tom Cruise, oprah winfrey being introdused to the world, etc etc. ABBA have been gone forever. They return to s society with cellphones, internet, social media, streaming services instead of record stores. Welcome to the new world. Nice to see you are selling your new album Voyage on the compact disc which was cutting Edge in 1982 and today a dying old format. The record will also be rekeased on those old 12 inch phonogram records as well as cassette tape. Welcome back! Other things I forgot happened since ABBA were last around in 82 anybody?

    • The Falklands war 1982. In 1983 Denmark and Sweden had their own version of it, a dispute over the slightly smaller island Hesselø.

  • ありがとう、ABBA. I know how the real world is harsh; full of disappointments and conflicts but ABBA's songs light our ways to survive through this reality.


  • ABBA forever.

  • Please note that it's just the story of one musical group...but it's also the story of a whole generation of humans.

  • Vad kan man säga

  • 🎵🎶🎵🎶🎼🎹🎸😭😭😭

  • Thank you for the music, Abba

  • ABBA is back. Australia is going to go mad. Abbamania.

  • This song "I still have faith in you" by ABBA Belongs to Dian Rubianti/ Owned by Dian Rubianti/ Created by Dian Rubianti.... This song "I still have faith in you" Taken LIVE on air by Dian Rubianti's vocal/voice only from Dian Rubianti's home as stealing Dian Rubianti's private home daily New song creation of 21st century. "I still have faith in you" Release by ABBA IN original style how to sing this song and original complete song as it taken on creating alone in home by Dian Rubianti (the way this song singing by ABBA just the way this song full "complete" was sung by Dian Rubianti as creator on creating (composing) alone in home without music instrument by Dian Rubianti--one take only, complete/full song ) Xtreme quick song creation by Dian Rubianti -- Xtreme quick taken --this song "I still have faith in you" still owned by Dian Rubianti release by ABBA's lyrics changing/replacing unlanguage words on melody created/sung by Dian Rubianti on creating this song. New song creation of 21st century by Dian Rubianti. 181181 X

    • Your Compositions of kitchen music with pot lids and the drumming from the dishwasher probably only get the rats interested and the neighbor under annoyed ..

    • Have you escaped from hospital?

    • You smoke too much!

  • I can’t wait to go to their london concert next July ✨ ABBA

  • es como mandar un correo.. Nadie sabe como, cuánto ni de qué manera ha marcado ABBA mi vida, pero vaya... yo sí lo sé ... sin ser fanático de nada ni nadie

  • such a lovely song .the girls still have fantastic voice s abba rock

  • TODOS hemos de hacer eso...

  • me encantaría que no fuese un perdón digital... pero lo ha sido

  • There is something about this wonderful song that reminds me of the original "beauty and the beast".

  • Please continue with the HD remastering of Abba's old music videos. The few you did look amazing but then you stopped. There's so many great videos left that would look wonderful in HD quality! I keep checking, hoping you've done more remastered videos!

  • Save in god my loby

  • wow im reborn in the 70s

  • Unbellveable but it is TRUE! It is a real DREAM!

  • Fantastiskt!! Började gråta när jag hörde dom första tonerna

  • So beautiful!

  • Emotional and authentic.

  • Fantastic to see the reunion after all these years!

  • Great like today tomorrow and forever ! Bravo ABBA! BRAVO!

  • I love you ABBA.

  • I am proud to be Swedish and happy to live the same century as you! Thank you for giving us happiness in this difficult world!

  • Next after Beatles this is the biggest reunion ever.

  • I didn't like this at first. It needs a few listens. Pretty good.

    • Pretty good?! This is one of the most beautiful things they've EVER done...and it's been 40 years.

  • Please one minute of silence for all the people that wanted to see ABBA together again and Passed away during the last 40yrs waiting for this moment that we are lucky to enjoy it !

  • I was not a fan fan of ABBA but I cried like a baby … such a beautiful voice

  • All I can say is......Thank You for the music, a stunning come back..

  • 🌸😌

  • what a awsome song