A Jealous, Bad Actor or Monster? The Dark Case Of Daniel Wozniak | Mystery & Makeup | Bailey Sarian

Avaldati 31 mai 2021
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A big thank you to Etah Love for giving me the opportunity to create some really cool pieces and most of all a big thank you to YOU guys. I cannot express my gratitude for all the love and support that you guys have shown my way. It truly means so much more than you know. I appreciate you.

Also 10% of sales from the new pieces will be donated to the Bee Conservancy which is a non profit organization dedicated to protecting bees, safeguarding the environment and securing food justice through education, research, habitat creation, and advocacy. Ya know just saving the bee’s from people like my previous, uneducated, bee hater, self. Don’t be a bee hater friends, they are simply amazing!!


Hi friends happy Monday!
Hope you are having a wonderful day today. Todays story is just bizarre. BIZARRE. What in the world was this dude thinking?? Seriously? Ive got a lot of questions not many answers though. I would love to hear your thoughts down below.
I love and appreciate you more than you know. I hope you have a great rest of your week ahead. xo
Bailey Sarian

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  • Why does it take me 7 hours to pull of lewks like Bailey when it takes her less than 41 minutes? 🙄 Also, I wish I could just listen to these videos on Monday... Not every.day.of.the.week. Send help 😅

  • in German "Herr" means "Mister". So when you say "Mister Herr" it's literally "Mister Mister" ^^

  • Sorry but I have an exterminator coming over cuz there is a wasps nest in the wall in my room and wasps are not as friendly as bees

  • Without bees we could not survive! My name means honey 🐝 bees

  • The bees 💗👏👏👏👏thank you for using your platform to spread this message.

  • Too bad this POS didn’t commit this crime in Texas where we use the death penalty. My heart goes out to Sam and Julie’s parents. Being a parent myself, that is your worst nightmare.

  • I love love love Bees! I'm a makeup artsit and my name is BeeYou MUA! My logo is a bee! I have sooo much bee jewelry! I knew I loved you for some reason more than just your awesome videos! You're my hero! (This is my son's account by the way, that'd why the name is Will Hoops lol)

  • Talk about a true coward!!

  • I am completely FOR the death penalty for a few reasons. If someone takes a life, I feel they should have theirs cut short as well. Also, if they sit on death row for years, that’s tax payer’s money, that’s MY money keeping them alive, and since we already covered how I feel about that… And I’m completely for the old-fashioned rope and tree method with public viewing an option. Deterrence is a wonderful motivator. Make the rope from he,p, so it’s strong, and let them dangle.

  • I love bees, and I’m always finding them around me. In my car, hair, house and I love it. Save the bees! 🐝

  • I’m so happy to find out that you’re donating to a bee conservation! I love them, unfortunately I’m allergic to them, so I can’t keep them like I want. Short story for the audience: my rescued pit mix, Perseus, will chase after bees/wasps when they’re around me and eat them! I’ve tried to deter this behavior, but my stubborn guardian doesn’t listen💙

  • Hmm 🤔 that seems premeditated on both their parts

  • They make the death penalty too easy for the crimes they commit. That the easiest and calmest way to go. Meanwhile they uproot peoples lives and torchur their victims....

  • What documentary did you end up watching? Also, slightly off topic but related to things that are important - *mycelium.* There is a great documentary on Netflix about mycelium called "Fantastic Fungi".

  • Like take out a loan

  • I love bees, too!!!!!

  • I wish I could send the photos of my garden because I have lots of bees in my yard! I grow 10ft tall sunflowers for my best friend in memory of her mother who loved sunflowers and died a week after my wedding in 2018 and three weeks before my friends wedding! I have bees everywhere sleeping in my flowers and falling into my hair and I have to save them.

  • i want those bee ear rings

  • He has the same last name as Scott the Woz

  • I agree, execution is an easy way out. Imprisonment is better

  • 7 min intro bruh

  • Yessss!!! I believe sitting in jail is worse than being put to death!! I hate that certain people get the death penalty who only deserve to rot. 🤷🏼‍♀️ I feel like death is getting off easy...

  • You are such a beautiful person!!! ❤️❤️🐝🐝

  • And then the wedding didn’t even happen!

  • Boop bi dat boop boop 🤣🤣🤣 Is that how people act Bailey?

  • That jewelry is the 🐝 bee’s knees!

  • I have a bee 🐝 hive. I like bees. My name melissa even means honey bee. 😃

  • Can you please do a Monday story on Cheryl Coker from Dayton Ohio

  • I'm all for life in prison as opposed to execution!!!!

  • I love bee’s too! 🐝

  • Ugh they are like the kindest people im sick 🤧

  • I am absolutely thrilled that Bailey loves bees!! ❤🐝 I love her even more now!! For real though, thank you Bailey for taking some time to use your platform to advocate for these misunderstood pollinators. If people took a little time to get to know bees, I think many people would have a change of heart as you did.

  • Do one about pirates crime story ! Please 😩😅

  • Love your EEpush vids...all the way from Greece🇬🇷

  • This is so sad and makes me so angry two innocent people lost there lives because of two animals are totally selfish wow that's describing

  • Rotting in prison is definitely better than lethal injection 👍👍

  • You are the best Bailey

  • Karma IS real!

  • Love the makeup especially your eyes! Bees

  • *i want to watch the documentary that made* *bailey love bees* 🐝

  • They should rot in jail it would be so much worse

  • I would love to see you do more make up styles like you have done on Dark History. More Natural looks...

  • Okay did anyone find that this Dan guy looks like Uncle Carlos in desperate housewives? No offense really…

  • Bailey PLEASE do a MM&M on Rebecca Middleton, it's a story that has stuck with me for years after my mum told me!!

  • May 21st is my Birthday, I will not celebrate the same way anymore

  • So Beautiful 🌹

  • He dismembered him! Something tells me this wasn’t his first rodeo. And Rachel better Eva neva get a big wedding. 😡Bridezilla on steroids.

  • Thank you for your shout out to beeeees! Without bees and trees we wouldn’t BE here! 👍😊

  • Ouuuu Bailey I see you with the bee inspired eye makeup!!

  • I'd seriously recommend you read the book "the secret life of bees"


  • Would people who are allergic to bees want to like bees if they don't?

  • The bee story 🐝♥️♥️♥️

  • haha can we smoke of the devils lettce together btw love all the videos

  • "You can grow, you can change!" 💛🐝

  • 7:37 wait wut I go to Orange Coast College😳

  • the point that Sam and Julie are both nice and close to their family member, made their lost event worse :(

  • So basically don’t tell people that you have over thousands of dollars in your acc

  • DEATH PENALTY=YES💯 When someone gets Life in Prison and just sits there for the rest of their lives, the Tax Payers pay for that. So YES, I DO Support the Death Penalty.

  • Girl i love bees to ❤ also i planned on doing my kitchen in bees cuz well u never see that. Its always cows or chickens and roosters 😂 so im like no.. Lets do something different. And why not.. Bees. I also found some cool cups. One looks like a hive. Im like in love with this cup lol but anyways Cool huh 😂 love it.

  • what type'a wizardry , is thisss ? :))

  • Love the ring but it's $215 for sterling silver 😬

  • You have to hate those tattoos.

  • 6:30

  • I agree!!! Let’em sit!!! I hate people too!!! I love my fur babies!!! 😆🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Thanks for speaking for the bees 🐝 I love them too!

  • Sam’s dad is a legend 💗

  • There's so much joy and excitement in her eyes when she's talking about bees and I love it. So much passion.

  • I love you

  • Did…. Did a bee force you to record this, Bailey?

  • Hey! My husbands name is Fernando too lol! Coolness!! 💙🙌🏼

  • Really appreciated that bee rant at the beginning. Bees are a privilege, seriously.

  • love the eyes, but not really into that lip color. You're amazing, girl!

  • You love bees, I love that. I am obsessed with owls 🦉

  • Never tell people how much you have saved in your bank. Nobody!

  • I’m sorry I still hate bees. One sting and I would be dead

  • Your not a Victim Blamer, You just speak the FACTS#

  • U must cover the case of balery prtdvy eho easurdered in her bed...16 knife wounds...her father was a senator and her twin Sharon married Jay Rockefeller !!! Unsolved. Happened 1966 in Kenilworth Illinois !!!

  • I appreciate the death penalty for guys like that. I don’t want my tax money keeping him alive forever.

  • I am so excited what makeup you are going to use your makeup style is so cool

  • Those are great earrings they are so cute my mom would love that bees are so cute in a creepy way

  • life in prison sounds much worse than just dying tbh ..

  • also seems like a lot of girlfriends/mistresses get away in crimes...

  • Bailey I love you so much always 💯 genuine "devil's lettuce" girl yass

  • The Bees are so so grateful for you sharing your understanding of them!

  • Watch the animated. THE Bee Movie. 😊

  • The fact that I go to this park often will make me never look at it the same


  • 🥰🧡🇨🇦

  • Did anyone notice that her eyes look like bees?? 😆😆😆 black, yellow and gold.. suspish🤣🤣🤣

  • Can you please do a story on Henry Lee Lucas

  • San Quintin they be f**king lol if you seen the movie get hard you know what I mean

  • I loved you before, but now that I found out you're a 🐝 lover? 🤗

  • 🐝 🍯🐝 🍯🐝 🍯🐝🍯🐝🍯

  • In my country, it is believed that if a bee come to our house and make a home for them. It means we're going to get rich, it is believed that bees bring us wealth and money. We also have one at home, and my mom doesn't allowed to touch or destroy. And some neighbors will try to destroy them coz of jealousy. My mom was a business women and a contractor, she told us that during that time a bee make a home in her house and she gets alot of money after that. So it's our belief, so we appreciate bee. 😁

  • My husband is a beekeeper and we sell local honey. We have roughly 80 hives! Bees are AMAZING!!! Buying this jewelry!!! Save the bees!!!!!! 🐝💛🖤

  • Can we get the link to the bee documentary? Sry this comment is within the first few mins of the video before she even got to the story

  • This is wild. I live less then a mile from the area of the dumping and I remember cops everywhere at the park when this happened.

  • I agree being In prison is a better punishment than death penalty.

  • Hands up if you always do the intro with her! 🙋‍♀️ 😂