$50 VS $5000 Blindfolded Alcohol Taste Test

Avaldati 19 juuli 2021
Can we tell the difference between expensive and cheap alcohol? Let's find out!
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Edited by ⇨ prezoh


  • The cognac on had my loling

  • I thought max died🤣 I remember mail time bros now he’s got some pubs on his lip

  • chads tips were all fucking bad lmao

  • Chad steal maxes organs to buy and taste test the oldest uncorked wine ever found nearing 2000 year old uncorked wine from Rome😂

  • Why does the title say blindfolded when nobody is blindfolded???

  • Wow 😨

  • I wish I could wear winter clothes in July :(

  • I love watching these guys drink

  • now I know why Aussies drink so much beer, $27 USD for Smirnoff is damn expensive. That's $18 for 1.75 liters here. And that's not the cheapest stuff lol

  • I always warch cold ones while drunk, ir enhances rje experoemce

  • Is this “bad un-mythical night?” Btw some cheap tequila goes down smoother and tastes better than other expensive ones. All they sell is the name. Edit: Plus some mexican people sip on a “caballito”, which is a bigger sized shot glass for tequila. Edit: Plus fock yall

  • "It's been stored for 40 years" "Yeah all are fans were not even the life then"

  • i mean anthony’s not dead but his career sure is

  • Ouch. Jameson costs 50 AUD or almost 37 USD over there? Its like 22 or 23 USD here in the states. (~30 AUD)

  • I literally subbed cuz I didn't know max was on this!

  • God bless the people that edit this nonsense. XD

  • Next podcast can we get pyrocynical back? Theyre very pretty. Thank you. I have snaids.

  • Anyone notice the x is a ten not a five a v is a five

  • What a dumb shit, I’ll never watch this again if they don’t fire that guy. They never said toss it

  • I wasn't jealous until they got to the scotch.


  • try buzz balls!!!! pweaseeeeeee

  • whcih smirnoff ever would cost 37 aud? in denmark they don't even cost 20 hahaha

  • The pink carbon repressingly last because dew microbiologically rhyme across a deadpan workshop. meek, juicy algeria

  • Prezoh those bottle transitions where really cool

  • 11:00 oh look, the bottle is a nice little fella with a hat

  • You're honestly terrible at guessing drinks, thought yall were better alchoholics Should have picked the ones you would rather take the shot of

  • Global warming is a serious threat to humankind, I must complain

  • Coupla Dogs

  • wtf you got bundi wrong

  • I'm an acholic connoisseur

  • GLENISH do be soo good

  • PLastic hat

  • Plastic aids

  • Of course people can tell the difference between extremely cheap vs extremely expensive. The skills is differentiating between $75 to $150 vs $500 to $1000

  • You guys need to get Johnny sins or markiplier in a video

  • Damn and I thought Canadian prices were high; $28.75 for a bottle of Smirnoff where I’m from

  • hey totally not related but i saw someone who looked like chad (?) and forced my brother to yell “Are You ANYTHING4VIewS?!” i’m a fake fan

  • Wow that's a cold one

  • Im complaining about anything.

  • Get Donut Operator on Cold Ones!

  • Production issues like not having enough b's on a drinking show. They didn't forget the drinks though O.O

  • Anthony from smosh whiskey prolly would taste like shit

  • Tell Chad to look up his name on the urban Dictionary 🤣

  • that's what the damask Rose

  • that’s prezoh that’s quality

  • They got fucking hammered in this video 😂

  • plastic hat

  • I don't know who your editor is but I love them because they are amazing

  • these guys are funny as fuck love the editing style too

  • Why's Chad look so black

  • Some tequila knowledge, silver or blanco tequila just means it is clear.

  • Bro I get that whiskey in Russia for 1000$

  • I am complaining about something

  • 8:43 literally says silver tequila, and then says 1942 is clear and still gets the answer wrong 😂😂 I loveeee it lolol

  • Crystal bee

  • "cheap alcohol" "$50"

  • The cheap one literally had silver in the name lmao

  • I dont like Deez's hat

  • $5,000 scotch box “And then you put your weed in it” lmao

  • I'm a huge stoner but u guys make me wanna drink more🤣

  • Plastic hat bc when ur done being an alcoholic u can wear the hat

  • Remy Martin: XIII cold ones: this must be 8

  • no new video this week ?

  • 7:57 why is chad eating corn on the cob? lmaooooooo

  • Yeah these are honestly the only two EEpushrs that I wanna meet and chill with. These are so funny before they are even drunk

  • I ain’t gay but if chad keeps dressing like a rapper with designer clothes then i might just gotta give him head

  • I am so stressed. Do a cigar one next, then I can have a heart attack

  • @ColdOnes, Video Idea: Get a super expensive magic kit and get drunk and try and do magic🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Chad's hair looks like Joe Dirt's surgical replacement wig at the end of the movie

  • plastic hat gang

  • You guys should get Game Grumps or Schlatt on the Talk show

  • Quite possibly the funniest episode yet 🤣

  • God that paint thinner smell really gives me good memories. Me and my buddy drink whole bottles of that together

    • Chad looking like Bray Wyatt as the fiend.

  • Lmao peep ian

  • this gave me SNAIDS

  • Plastic hat maaaaaannnn

  • Its a disheartening day to be a liquorland employee

  • i love how the trajectory on scott's bottle throw was like, directly towards max's face

  • When Max said “this is why we are relatable” we all felt that. Quality ass hilarious “relatable” videos 😂😂

    • Where is their new video 🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂🙃🙂🙃

  • Do you guys say Skull for taking a shot or chugging? That's fucking awesome and metal. We just say taking a shot here in the US. Fucking lame.

  • Get Ice and Asian Andy on your podcast together. I don't care if you want to escape that time in your life or not..i would actually watch that. It's not like you're ever getting Joe Rogan levels of guests anyway(no offense)

  • the roman numerals struggle hahahah its the 13th!

  • After much consideration, I think I would have to go with the crystal bee. While the plastic novelty hat could maybe serve more of a purpose in the long run, the spectacle that is that bee is too good to ignore.

  • This was one of the funniest reviews I've ever seen.

  • Bruh I get that 40 year bottle for $2 in Russia.

  • Um actually alcohol rich no water soda

  • Chad looking like Bray Wyatt as the fiend.

  • god australians are annoying

  • almost 40 bucks for a Smirnoff damn...

  • 16:04 spillage is lickage

  • Whenever I watch you, i always drink some cold ones and my dream is to meet you :D love you chad and max

  • plastic hat

  • this hurt me

  • Chad's hair looks like Joe Dirt's surgical replacement wig at the end of the movie

  • As the local blind man I felt what he said about the bottle

  • XIII is not 8 mate VIII is 8