35 Secret Minecraft Things You Didn't Know

Avaldati 24 mai 2021
Minecraft has so many features I'm willing to bet there are tons that you never new existed. Well at least 35. From secret messages in end crystals to funny glitches with mobs to hidden features within the F3 menu, these are 35 secret minecraft things you (probably) didn't know. Let me know how many out of 35 you didn't know in the comments!

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A few of these facts I discovered on r/Minecraft, go check out some of the authors:

This is a NOT series called Minecraft VVSauce where I explore random features of Minecraft. Not Minecraft, but the water rises or Minecraft Manhunt but a list of 35 secret minecraft things that you probably didn't know. Some of these facts / minecraft secrets are really obscure, so stick around cause you may be surprised. I'm betting many of you including Dream himself didn't know a lot of these!



    • Really cool Wifies 😀🤔

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    • @Arham Plays you are so I'm not going back lol

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  • 1:58 That's actually a swamp

  • The petrified slabs are actually the old wooden slabs from around beta 1.7 or so. When wooden slabs were first added, the only other slab in the game was the classic stone, now smooth stone slab. The added wooden slab was really just a retextured stone slab and stayed that way all the way through release 1.0. I suppose they just wanted to engrave early minecraft by keeping it as the petrified slab

  • Hello so the cube thingy spells mojang

  • If they added flags then l’manburg would be better…..

  • 3:45 the moment i thought i got one more honey sponsor

  • 27 i heard that this is a lair


  • Cool video good job 😎

  • I knew some and didn’t know some.

  • Go on bedrock (Pocket edition) Of minecraft And then turn on cave and cliffs and go to y 0

  • For number 16, I think that endermites would have hatched out of the dragon egg and then they would somehow slowy but surely evolve into an Ender Dragon

  • Checkout: Survived 100 days Hardcore Mode - fumacrom.com/1aVtc

  • the zx(many) law

  • ripo-parody of skip the tutorial ;0

  • The swedish people can even die with a longer text

  • My sister: *knows how to use redstone alot* Me: You're a witch

  • 1:58 a ocean more like a swamp

  • Well that's because it is Mojäng (thing).

  • finally someone has mentioned the end crystal fact

  • Endermites can hatch the dragon egg

  • I think java is the best!!!

  • I knew all of them

  • I’m not trying to hate and this video was amazing but are you sure about the piglin and the cactus because I think I saw a name tag can I ask if you did that on purpose

  • Wifies: The biggest biome ever a 13 million block ocean The basalt delta I spawned in: Allow me to introduce myself

  • I am saying in 1.13 there was a potion only accessed creative mode the potion of luck it was supposed to increase chances of rare items in structures but got scrapped it only increases chance of rare items while fishing… Did anybody know this

  • So the dog is from the My Hero Acadamia TV show.Hmm…

  • Wrong, those “springs” are actually called “lava falls” 😌

  • I knew the slab thing and the wall thing.

  • 4:25

  • 4:08

  • 3:41

  • What’s the seed for the ocean one in bedrock

  • Jean Simmons is an american actress.

  • The egg could hatch into an endermite that would turn into the ender dragon

  • Who else thought he was about to say the video is sponsored by honey by number 9

  • I knew a lot of these

  • Me: swamp My family: swamp Wifies: ocean

  • 4:20 how nightmares when you are ill look

  • I only knew 7 🥲🔫

  • This is a ocean Me:Swamp

  • You are lying. Snowmen are supposed to protect players. Sooooo.......they like them too!

  • fun fact when you wanna hear every sound in minecraft: TURN YOUR VOLUME TO THE MAX C’MON MAN MINECRAFT SOUNDS ARE NOT THAT LOUD BRUH

  • the petrified slabs thing is technically still possible if you have older versions.

  • Tbh Amplified mode looks like most adventure games ngl

  • Do you think the Java wither is strong it is puny compared to bedrock wither

  • youtube.com/c/SkiptheTutorial

  • Maybe the mob bosses names are the name of the people talking in the credits🧐🤨

  • The endermite will go into the egg like a sperm and 9 months later herobrine is born thats the ultimate plan

  • what a coicidince, i found petrified wood in the creative menu for the first time today

  • Here is a minecraft story. Long, long ago when desert temples were being builded, the ancient people tried maked a new creature that would protect the temple also make temples with red sand and chisled red sand which showed the wither on it but, the wither turned on them and destroyed the wither temples thus, only getting them in creative. The people defeated the wither. They tried mutating a pig instead since they thought they would be *harmless* but messed up real bad making the creeper which like the wither turn on them and exploded to spread there spores and attack players. The early people traveled to different dimensions trying to find the perfect mob failed. When they found endermen they enslaved them and brought them to do work in the other dimensions. They were forced to pick up blocks and place them if they didnt they would place water on them. The people made endcities. Them the endermen were fed up and turned on them trying to break the endcities but failed. The end dragon helped them though and got rid of the people. The endermen are infuriated by humans. People were destined to kill the dragon. But the dragon layed a egg which hatched into another ender dragon when the warden was born acting as some kind of mob-destroyer but it was born blind sadly but had a OUTSTANDING sense of hearing and also placed the sculks to sense the humans and get them. Thats it for now sorry i dont have anymore plus the text is too long. Also a mob made the c411. Eventualy the dragon took over the enderman and owned them making them slaves again making them mad at them. Im gonna end this now

  • *picture of a swamp* “This is an ocean”

  • 1:58 what isn't that a swamp

  • 1:59 This is Ocean. Yes, you could say that but it’s A SWAMP

  • If there was a way to sleep forever then the bed trick would work...

  • 5:05 the seed i get whenever i try to speedrun

  • 3:45 I thought this was an ad 4 honey 💀

  • 5:09 Every bedrock seed

  • 9:54 thats why i play bedrock

  • In a minecraft realm world that no longer exists, i had my base next to a 12 block desert

  • Zombies should of been knights and skeltons archers and endermen well I guess just itself and the f Creeper should just be a tnter

  • The huge ocean biome, I had the bad luck of spawning in the middle

  • No the Ender Dragon is actually called Edward the Dragon

  • Br uh

  • I thought honey was gonna be a honey add lol

  • 14:20 fun fact: "suave" in spanish means "smooth", or even "comfy"

  • I knew 9. Have been playing for 10 yrs and am a wiki guy :p

  • Can you please do a theory on Minecraft Dungeons?

  • actually the house is like that because of the game.

  • btw i saw a meme about the tall villages lol

  • theory: the big idea was to mine the dragon egg,bring it home,and hatch it. once it would hatch the endermite,a baby version of the ender dragon,after that the endermite grows up,the game restarts and you get to play again

  • Ocean ? I though that's a swamp

  • 13:55 guys, use the captions. They were on when i started the video and even tho he doesnt say the company's name, in the caption it says "named Bethesda" lmao

  • 6:10 LOOOLLLLL

  • Am I the only one who had a flashback from " *H E A V I L Y I N S P I R E D* "

  • 3:44 Who else thought this was a skit for the sponser "Honey" lol

  • 9:50 this in java bro wdym

  • its gene simmons :D from kiss. jean and simmons

  • Tree do generat on sids

  • “It’s time for the squid segment, everyone’s favorite broadcast on EEpush! Glow squid: Am I a joke to you?

  • I don’t know if this is only in Bedrock edition, but in the woodland mansion you can in’s an efficiency 1 leather helmet!

  • Vertical slabs. This is the video where I saw that for the first time. This is why I claw through trash bins... for gems of pure genius like this. Thank you. I'm now .0983333% cooler. Have a like and a subscribe. May be recycled content, but YOU brought it to me!

  • Bedrock has baby squids

  • eepush.info/dash/4rXUflM6UOrfaa51Fboh_g

  • Fun fact Swiss have 8 tentacles and 2 longer sucker arms which they use to put food in there beaks

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  • Fun Fact!: this video is exactly 15:00 minutes long

  • 2:59 he misplaced the pumpkin

  • no irl squids do have 8 tentacles, they also have 2 arms.

  • Fall in a lava lake? Dint worry swim to the bottom and place a bed and get in so you can wait to die after you’ve comprehended it

  • Man just said a swamp is a ocean ☠️

  • For Number 7, the subtitles for an Endermen teleporting actually is Enderman Vwoops. That's right, VWOOPS. What kind of word is THAT?

  • I knew almost all of it because I played the game since it came out, and in between that I learned how to mess with game files. Not to mention I went on the website and socials all the time for it

  • Wither named Simmons Dragon named Jean Actress named Jean Simmons

  • Jesus loves whoever reads this =) God bless u all

  • The uneven dragonfly problematically shave because saturday untypically tip anenst a six veil. noiseless, bewildered south america

  • Everybody gansta until they find out cats are voiced by ghasts

  • What’s the ocean world seed

  • The lord could be the elder mit is the parents of the egg the ender man and ender dragon are not letting them get to there baby the ender man listen and obey the ender dragon of fear they can die by the dragon and that’s why they don’t get along