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CEO of Hi5 Studios, a place of unsolved mysteries.

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41:40A Stalker Left Me A Hidden Package...
A Stalker Left Me A Hidden Package...Vaatamised 523 tuhPäev tagasi
39:50A Stalker Texted Me...
A Stalker Texted Me...Vaatamised 559 tuhPäev tagasi
38:08I Missed This Entirely and I Can’t Unsee It...
38:09Someone Predicted Her Birth...
Someone Predicted Her Birth...Vaatamised 644 tuh8 päeva tagasi
37:55There Is Something Radioactive Hidden In Our Walls...
1:22[Trailer] We Hacked the Apple II.
21:54We Turned On The Abandoned Apple II!
We Turned On The Abandoned Apple II!Vaatamised 644 tuhМісяць tagasi
1:21[Trailer] Tomorrow We Turn on The Apple II
[Trailer] Tomorrow We Turn on The Apple IIVaatamised 262 tuhМісяць tagasi
19:49We Found A Hidden Trap Door Inside The Studio...
We Found A Hidden Trap Door Inside The Studio...Vaatamised 723 tuhМісяць tagasi
28:16The Police Case Started Counting Down...
The Police Case Started Counting Down...Vaatamised 708 tuhМісяць tagasi
41:21An Undercover Officer Contacted Us...
An Undercover Officer Contacted Us...Vaatamised 941 tuhМісяць tagasi
1:04[Trailer] Someone Contacted Us...
[Trailer] Someone Contacted Us...Vaatamised 283 tuhМісяць tagasi
17:43We Called Our Stalker! (We Heard His Voice!)
We Called Our Stalker! (We Heard His Voice!)Vaatamised 746 tuhМісяць tagasi
1:10[Trailer] Tomorrow we call him...
[Trailer] Tomorrow we call him...Vaatamised 257 tuhМісяць tagasi
53:05We're Being Followed....
We're Being Followed....Vaatamised 759 tuhМісяць tagasi
32:05He's Been Using This To Hijack Our Phone Calls...
He's Been Using This To Hijack Our Phone Calls...Vaatamised 706 tuhМісяць tagasi
20:28I Never Meant For You To See This...
I Never Meant For You To See This...Vaatamised 734 tuhМісяць tagasi
21:25I Found Out How He Did It!
I Found Out How He Did It!Vaatamised 865 tuhМісяць tagasi
27:20We GPS Tracked The Stolen Car To An Abandoned Location...
We GPS Tracked The Stolen Car To An Abandoned Location...Vaatamised 894 tuh2 місяці tagasi
21:34He Stole The Abandoned Car! (While We Were There!)
He Stole The Abandoned Car! (While We Were There!)Vaatamised 772 tuh2 місяці tagasi
35:27(We Caught Him!) 24 HR Stakeout Outside Hi5 Studios!
(We Caught Him!) 24 HR Stakeout Outside Hi5 Studios!Vaatamised 1,3 mln2 місяці tagasi
1:03Coming Soon...We Put Our Plan in Action
Coming Soon...We Put Our Plan in ActionVaatamised 319 tuh2 місяці tagasi


  • i’m waiting for matt to release an hour long video

  • The female is D


  • woods has the mostnormal looking house. its a vibe

  • The woman is dee

  • Matt, Sam, and Mike: “Who ever that woman is seems very concerned.” Me: THATS D!!!!!!!!!

  • Try the code that you found in the car

  • Whenver they go to reddit. It feels like that one anime filler episode

  • its D obviously

  • i love denozo from ncis

  • This sounds like an anime plot

  • Am I the only one that has no idea what they said..? By Matt and sam’s reaction I’m guessing it’s kinda bad

  • Nelson said that D was a she, and that you shouldn't trust her. He told you guys to look at the tape so that EEpush wouldn't trust D.

  • This is getting scarier and scarier ever video

  • I hope the Reddit & Key stuff keep being uploaded separately. With scrollers not having context & people being anxious & depressed, I don't think I want to encourage more of that. Hope it turns out well though team. I'm out.

  • d is the girl in the tape talking with the co founder i think

  • Wait a minute were they slurping the saliva In there mouth all the time or is it just me ??

  • Me: freaked out by heart rate moniter Also Me: "Raps opening lines to STILL D. R. E

  • What did they say at the end I didn't hear

  • D is the women I thought the women in the scenario was a random person but then I remember Nelson texted you about D and said “she” THE WOMAN IS D.

  • his text when he 180s his mood is a technique interrogators use to put people off or distract them from what you want and make them cooperative edit: it can also be used to put them at ease

  • They said at the end “I’ve never seen you like this D”

  • Sam looks very business-like in that pink suit jacket :)

  • When he said she keeps hiding things maybe that is the stuff you all found

  • You have to contact some game devs and ask them to make this a story game

  • noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • What if -D is planning to experiment on the three of them Samantha, Matt, and Woods. Which is why the files are in het office under the stairs while syphus just wants the evidence to use against her?. Either way march 5th is coming up so please be careful Matt

  • She is -D!!!

  • We all remember when Nelson Syphus In the text said something about D and also in the same sentence said she or her. D is the one talking in the recording...

  • The room that mike worked in is the room where Brian from team edge was stuck in that room for the prison escape challenge

  • In the last Audio he says "I've never seen you like this, D" then she says "Like what?". If u play it at 35:30 or at 35:36 with 0.75 speed u can hear it quite clear... So i guess this would "confirm" that D is a Woman

  • In7

  • Who's Here after the key saga in 2021

  • Maybe the girl is -D

  • What if the woman was D considering that Syphus said that D was a woman... and that she said about hiding in the “shadows” . The office under the stairs was clearly D’s.

  • And in the text he said it depends on my life.

  • I think the concerned woman is D.

  • Matt: “Texas is too hot” Texas: *Frozen*

  • Please Matt you need to read this you may not agree with me but what is Syphus is the good guy because that girl is D and Syphus said that D might not be giving you proper info and they said that she is manipulative and she is trying to trick you into thinking she is on your side and Syphus gave you that so that you can trust him because he is trying to prove to you that D is lying to you so that D can get more of what she wants and Syphus wants help so please just please trust me

  • um matthias dont worry because I got cavities and it was on a baby tooth so they just fall out unless its adult teeth then u should worry

  • Lol sammy

  • Plot twist Nelson is really the Hi5 studies ghost

  • Entertaining purposes only does this mean that mat sam and woods all made this story up for us the viewers

  • What if the woman was d

  • What happened to matt face 16:44

  • She=D

  • There plotting against Nelson to kill him and you call them good but if there plotting to kill him that would make them all bad and maybe Nelson isn’t the worst





  • Fan fic writers here’s a idea Hannah and woods



  • Matt this isn't real so can you please make the book lovers happy and write the book first and then act it out

  • The woman talking is probably D just a possibility tho don’t know for sure

  • Sorry if this annoys u guys but I think Sam and Woods would be a cute couple

  • Any one else simp for samatha

  • Me when I watch a trailer 👁👄👁 This is dramatic, I Love it!

  • For me that was the worst cliffhanger by far

  • I feel like most of the ideas to create this story are from marvel because there is a Pegasus thing in captain marvel

  • Samy

  • Wait wait wait D is a girl right so what if the girl taking is D and the other person is the founder of Syntec

  • What if John doe is the man in the conversation and D is the woman in the conversation.

  • I knew from when the conversation started that the woman was d

  • At the end it sounded like the guy in the video said, “I’ve never seen you like this D.”

  • Hey Matthias, what if Nelson wanted you to clean the tape to hear what they were talking seems like that

  • the acting improv on thisepisode was like watching CW hahahha

  • Mike is a dude! The fact he watches NCIS makes me love him even more then I already do. NCIS is a great show I highly recommend it but I won’t if you get squeamish or hate the sight of blood.

  • dis scard me out of my mind

  • wait i couldn't really hear what was the last thing it said on the tape before the video ended?

  • I've never seen you like this D?

  • Shipping woods and Sam

    • "Shipping woods and Sam" huh? shipping them where?

  • This cliffhanger hurt me

  • I got a suspicion that the female voice is D there. While the male voice is the co founder.

  • the police officer is the guy

  • I don’t think this is real I think it sounds like Matt and Sam talking

  • Sorry dudes. But what if syphus is alrwady die and the person that they are dealing with is the co founder? And - D is clearly the lady John doe may also be the co founder at this point, with the fact that he did say not to give syphus any thing at all no matter what

  • What if this women "D" is getting u guys on her side by giving u that emulator and she thinks if u r on her side u will help to kill or sabotage Nelson but in real Nelson might be the good guy maybe Mike is right