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Hoovies Garage documents the adventures of Tyler Hoover, an automotive writer who makes suicidal car purchases, and maintains a fleet of cars he calls the "Hooptie Fleet".

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12:48I Have Made a Bad Choice (Lamborghini Fate)
I Have Made a Bad Choice (Lamborghini Fate)Vaatamised 602 tuh22 päeva tagasi
17:28The Ridiculous 18 Quart Lamborghini Countach Oil Change
The Ridiculous 18 Quart Lamborghini Countach Oil ChangeVaatamised 583 tuhМісяць tagasi
20:24Why the GL-Class is the Worst Mercedes Made in the Last Decade
10:46The FATE of the "PIMP MY RIDE" Van
The FATE of the "PIMP MY RIDE" VanVaatamised 521 tuh2 місяці tagasi


  • It's so weird to see a gravel-lot scrapyard, over here (Germany) the places that pile dead cars are all paved with drainage and oil filtration and whatnot.

  • Buy the Isusu and give it to Tavarish, and make him make it a true sports car

  • Poor Wizard is gonna freak when he see’s these incoming! 🤣

  • The TT isn't "like the Z4" at all^^ It's a cut open Golf.

  • Rolls up in a Prius, leaves in a V70R🤣

  • i wish i found ur channel b4 i bought a 2009 750i.... also wish i listened to ppl when they tried to warn me... e/ are old mercedes just as bad?

  • eepush.info/link/video/pqTYn6ailmxlnK8.html

  • I’d go for the Sunbeam, a great old car

  • I'm sold on the SAAB... I miss mine!

  • She is so ungrateful loooooool

  • Only in America could a dealer afford to have that amount if retail space! Love it

  • The subtitle keeps showing Urination Bob

  • Any updates on the Maybach Hoovie??

  • At this point you might as well build a museum to hold the cars in

  • you are perfect for childrens tv Yak Yak Yak Yak.. 5 minuties of you and everyone in the house is fast asleep

  • The clear corner lights look much better then the amber, also you could easily get those rims restored and rechromed.

  • Sell the RR!

  • Such a quality vid here ⭐️

  • Why do you keep calling him Urination Bob?

  • Here in my garage...

  • And all this time I thought it was (an unfortunately named) "EuroNation" garage.


  • Z4, Z as in Zed not bee as in Zee.

  • Love the videos but ya gots to enunciate. I thought it was "Urination Bob" until I read the comment section.

  • That this is amazing. What a beautiful car very great looking, sounding and very fast

  • This guy talks like Jeff Goldblum. Drives me crazy.

  • sounds like a job for @vicegripgarage

  • Start doing drugs and get a new addiction

  • You can do a featuring with Hagerty lol

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  • And this whole time I thought his name was Urination Bob and wondering how he earned that nickname.

  • I am saving a chevrolet beretta from the the scraps, awesome car 3.1 v6

  • Even with your exceptional automotive knowledge, could you continue to do what you do, buying hoopties etc and sorting them out without relying on the Car Wizard or a car wizard?

  • Anybody notice eliots new balance’s and just wonder how old is this guy ?

  • That “storage cubby” are notorious for breaking😂 so is the passenger window that’s all I’ve experienced in my relations with the 135i

  • Carmax is a joke.

  • I bought my Honda Accord in 2014 and it hasn't given me a LICK of trouble. That vehicle is a true MONEY PIT! If you enjoy throwing your money down a rabbit hole, have at it!

  • 13:37 mercedes back in 80s? Lol Owners of CLS 350 1st gen would be pissed

  • You are such a beta boi

  • That awkward moment when you realized Urination Bob is actually Euroasian Bob . . . . 😶

  • It hurts my heart to hear that he's going to part out that RX8, over some tires.

  • let the benz die

  • CarMax is always the lowest of lowball offers when selling a car. They’re fucking ridiculous.

  • "High quality, no reliability". That's not possible

  • Hoovie just wants to thank all those who drove in front of him and didn’t throw that lit cigarette out the window🤣🤣

  • Nobody: Google Captions: *Urination Bob*

  • Wizard bird man hand rub through out the whole video.

  • All this time I thought it was "Urination Bob" 😳

  • is it my imagination or is Hoovie doing a Jeff Goldblum impersonation in all of his videos???

  • Has the R converted itself to FWD yet?

  • Urination Bob? Interesting name :-D

  • Hoovie: "I don't have any other convertibles, do I?... zero... none. Lamborghini Diablo: "Am I a joke to you?" Plymouth Prowler: "Do I even exist?"

  • If he buys a 4th Lamborghini, it should be the lamborghini miura, the most beautifully designed Lamborghini in my opinion

  • these type of videos are top tier.

  • I would love to have that 123 coupe as I've just had to scrap my 81 240D which was not my plan but sometimes circumstances force you down a path you don't want to go. Unfortunately I don't have the ability to give it the work it needs to restore it. Sure hope someone will take it on and do it right. Not slamm it or bag it or make some kind of stupid hotrod out of it.

  • What happened to the Maybach? I need answers

  • give it to whistlendiesel

  • Wizard has learnt some bad habits from Hoovie!

  • You have a classic "Jeff Goldbloom" delivery when you speak.. 🤘

  • Damn. Look at the lace loops on those New Balances. 😱

  • buy the Celica and turn it into a supra since thats what the supra is based off, would be a cool set of youtube videos

  • Swiss car guy has your number on that dumbest thing so dont brag if you arent really the no1

  • Sunbeam James bond car & Get Smart cars. Isuzu suv harder to find

  • 22:18 Damn...if only I could go across and pick that up...would be an awesome project. Hope someone saves it.

  • urination or euronation?

  • Who else thought urination Bob was euronation Bob but then learned today that it's actually euroasian Bob

  • Hi there I'm here watching from Panama 🇵🇦

  • 0:24 is that a freaking Rx8? Give please.

  • Waste of Carmax’s time just for a stupid upload.

  • You bought a British vehicle and thought it would be reliable?!?! 😆🤣😆🤣 Go Japanese, then German .

  • My mother told me, a fool and his money are soon separated...

  • Shitty TT is a auto!! 🤣

  • Just love to buy sh1t

  • I will start a EEpush channel with your help. I have the cash to buy it and a shanty shop to work on it. I live in Southern mo and would love to make this happen.

  • Get your hands dirty and rebuild it yourself!

  • I'm thinking that you might actual have more open cars than closed- Beck, Prowler, Lambo x2m. As for $6m to $8 m for that Alpine-that's a stretch, but hope it is correct....interior looked okay, dual carb, factory hard top. My 63 has been in the family for 57 years. But that and give it to me and you have a deal.

  • I always thought it was "Urination Bob", never could find his channel.

  • She's not hideous. She's beautiful 😻. Just needs some TLC.

  • The Great Sabretooth Vehicross

  • If you stance the diablo I will watch the video and hit like I promise