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0:28Couple's Backyard Erodes Due to Mudslide - 1181262
0:56Guy Gets Excited After Revving Luxury Car - 1181822
0:22Woman Balances Long Stem of Rose on Nose - 1179267
0:46Woman Balances Umbrella on Forehead - 1181390
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  • So Sweet. Precious angel. And a great Mom, too.


  • “Hello everyone this is your daily dose of internet”

  • LOVE itt

  • "Ahhhh...finally....air conditioning!"

  • a man has fallen into the canyon in lego city

  • You paint houses... Ya....also work at the railway..

  • How do you stop farting? Lol...

  • I wanna see these pigeons take on the penguins of Madagascar

  • That's a good Bobcat right there! More rattlesnakes you kill, the less I have to see !👀

  • Where is the original sound???

  • وصلوا اكلات النستقرام المشهور الي مليون

  • Good person if any animals line up for hugs lol

  • So cute ❤👉👈

  • He needs cuddles and treats stat, my boy going through it

  • Don't worry he must have flew when he was about to touch the ground, the part which you ain't recorded

  • I was expecting the dad to give a different sort of answer. But as usual, we Dads don’t want nothing to do with “shit” like this. 😂

  • the tail is curled forward idk what that means

  • Rugrats live version

  • me voy a matar te veo te veo Wiiii

  • Now dad look what you started lol they are too much I really wish my twin brothers would have survived they would have been 40 years old come June but there was Jesus the passed away at Birth leaving me the only child these babies are so cute I just love them with their bad selves

  • Absolute star-performance!!! Cutest thing ever!👼🏼

  • Mens shorts used to be that short didnt it?

  • watch 1:30 he rollin around absorbing that snake's powers! 1:37

  • Watch out watch out! oohhh!!!

  • Define your life... Me:- Other guy...

  • Snitches get stitches

  • So freakin' cute!!!

  • The youtube algorithm has brought us together again guyz

  • That cat has ascended onto a higher plane of existence and knowledge!

  • OK! Officially my favorite kid on You Tube! keep it up!

  • Spies in Disguise, when the villains turn into pigeons too to assasinate Will Smith

  • Wow

  • Thats a cat alright.. but it's not a puss* thats for sure...

  • This look like it was filmed on a Nokia 3310 if it had a camera

  • I know lots of people who curse around their kids and it depends on how the words are used. I don’t use curse words when speaking to my kids but from time to tome they hear me curse. It depends on how you are using the words. I just hate when parents curse their kids out and then when the kids curse they punish the kids. His kids gon be cursing everyone out. 😂😂

  • Dad is fine 😳😩

  • He says I can stay out here all day.

  • 😂

  • The fact that they just watch a pigeon being bullied and them watching not doing anything knowing the train is coming shows how selfish people can be

    • Bro they are pigeons chill with that shit. Nature is Naturw

  • I would have moved out from that place after I saw that zombie lol🧠

  • No homo but that man has a good derrier

  • Toooo cutee

  • And she says politely "can I ask dad?" Not "I'm talking to dad" as many kids talk .. may Allah bless her ♥️♥️🥺

  • Cats need to be put in their place I love this woman.

  • Well he's an idiot

  • نامت عليك طابوكه

  • Holy shit

  • For the best experience, pause the video at 1:09, switch to speed 0.25, and resume.

  • Awe what a sweet boy. I felt in my heart how happy he was to get his own puppy. One things certain...this boy & dog will be inseparable for many years to come. ❤️

  • Cute but all that swearing spoiled it :(

  • Her little jump at the end! 😅😂🤣😭🤣😂😅

  • Such a badazz lil kiTTy-kiTTy

  • I know exactly what he means. I bought a 6 pack menthol shower gel from amazon. Ended up using as hand wash 😂

  • First crunch: *opens eyes* Second crunch: _I knew it_

  • Thank's so cute that's is beautiful baby singing praises songs 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Lol. This needs to go viral. 😂

  • When this man gets robbed he robs them

  • So cute

  • My man do be boxing tho

  • Yes hi mastercard. Yeh my dog ate my bill can i set up online billing...

  • Little girl is a trickster for sure. She tricked her mom and said "oh shoot" multiple times and mom didn't even get it

  • That is really good personality When something wrong happen... He just blame himself first by asking what am I doing wrong?

  • He waited all year for this moment

  • I love it 😻

  • It is form my country Nepal . It is the karnali highway. The police have banned driving at night on this road due to the high number of fatal accidents.

  • Its so catchy Lmao

  • *Sir this is Wendys*

  • Absolutely incredible

  • Man, humans are just so stupid. Why the fuc* would you cut a cat's claws? It's their only defense and a very important tool for their survival. Because he scratched you? Well, that's what cats do you dumb bitc*. You want someone to pull off your teeth because you eat too much? NaananNNah! Shhhh quiet there! No whining, I'm pulling these teeth whether you like it or not

    • She put the cat in it’s place it’s not like she’s gonna let it outside to be hunted. It’s a domesticated cat it has no predators. And who tf would give a damn if she ate too much that’s just a horrible analogy she clipped the bitch ass cats nails cause it thought it was hot shit now it knows better. Cat owners are just so soft and praise the cat for literally doing nothing.

  • 240p!!!?? nooooooooooo

  • a man had fallen into the river in lego city

  • Aw man she’s an absolute treasure 😂♥️

  • I knew a few cats in my life and if she tried to cut their nails she would be in the emergency room.

  • Hands down, that was a decent song. I’d like to sing the hook for him.

  • He's Like Come on!!! 5 more Minutes!! I'm almost a ☃️


  • Checkmate

  • Doggo hears laugh, set head down and thinks, "Laughter? I'll show him how not OK I am by what I leave in his shoe later."

  • Hooman: *pettting rubber duck* Bird: OH HELL NO! GET YOUR FAKE PLASTIC BUTT OUT OF HERE! 😂🤣😂🤣