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59:06What pretending to be crazy looks like
What pretending to be crazy looks likeVaatamised 50 mln3 місяці tagasi
2:10:45Wrath of Jodi
Wrath of JodiVaatamised 23 mln8 місяців tagasi
17:18Guilty until proven innocent.
Guilty until proven innocent.Vaatamised 15 mln11 місяців tagasi
1:31:00Jennifer's Solution
Jennifer's SolutionVaatamised 30 mlnAasta tagasi
1:07:55There's Something About Casey...
There's Something About Casey...Vaatamised 21 mlnAasta tagasi
14:19The Legend of "Jeff"
The Legend of "Jeff"Vaatamised 15 mlnAasta tagasi
36:25The Bizarre Case of Stephen McDaniel
The Bizarre Case of Stephen McDanielVaatamised 13 mlnAasta tagasi
24:43The Case of Andy B.
The Case of Andy B.Vaatamised 2,1 mlnAasta tagasi
1:03:34The Case of Jon Koppenhaver
The Case of Jon KoppenhaverVaatamised 7 mlnAasta tagasi
17:01The Case of Ms. Sorella
The Case of Ms. SorellaVaatamised 8 mlnAasta tagasi
57:36The Case of Michael Dunn
The Case of Michael DunnVaatamised 10 mlnAasta tagasi
39:48The Case of Lee Rodarte
The Case of Lee RodarteVaatamised 13 mlnAasta tagasi
50:28The Curious Case of Dalia Dippolito
The Curious Case of Dalia DippolitoVaatamised 12 mlnAasta tagasi
58:33The Case of Michael Rafferty
The Case of Michael RaffertyVaatamised 8 mlnAasta tagasi
52:29The Case of Michael Drejka
The Case of Michael DrejkaVaatamised 9 mlnAasta tagasi
50:19The Interrogation of Stephanie Lazarus
The Interrogation of Stephanie LazarusVaatamised 14 mln2 aastat tagasi
30:38The Case of Chris Watts - Part 3 - The Confession
24:25The Case of Chris Watts - Part 2 - The Polygraph
21:20The Case of Chris Watts - pt. 1
The Case of Chris Watts - pt. 1Vaatamised 11 mln2 aastat tagasi


  • Who else laughed their ass off at the conversation with Mike and Dalia!!! Lol


  • I don't know if I feel bad for her stupidity or how she made a mistake but what I do know Is the father's yelling really messed me up. To think what he was feeling. And when he found out it was his own daughter that did this to him man.

  • Dude the lady detectives voice is so shakey and sad it sent shivers down my spin 😭

  • the begining killed me,,, lol no pun intended.

  • He thought the weird hand movements would convince us.

  • I like the emotional act she was playing. That would probably make me crack lol

  • Only thing worse than a cop is a wannabe cop

  • Do jacqueline ades

  • Thank god for our useless Canadian laws, she will be out is 12 more years? Pathetic

  • JESUS FUCKING CHRIST... stop with all the 'yappy pseudo psychological analysis'! A) Confirm it's him. B) Put a cap thru his noggin'! C) Bury the fuck...

  • The interrogator is by far the best! great job!!

  • Sometimes this is wrong, my best friend was raped a few months ago. And there was DNA, she reported it right away. And because her rapist was mildly autistic, he was let out on probation for 3 months. He has also done this before to another girl in a town over from us. And who knows how many other girls he has done this to. He was let off with not being allowed to be near girls under 16 and that's it. The system is really fucked up

  • why was the cop with the bizarre accent that didnt sound Canadian or anything clearly discernable not sacked for deliberately trying to get an innocent man jailed for robbery? Ive seen people sacked and it was unjust cos they couldnt do level expected of them in customer service /data roles, why was this man only suspended ?

  • I’m an ex hard drug user ( hard core). The narrator is correct- heroin most certainly does not cause paranoia. My god!! If there’s anything that does the opposite, it’s heroin. People stand in the street looking ridiculous, pants askew, and are immune to the judgement of others. That’s it’s beauty -(tell it starts killing you, lol). He’s screwed himself over there, poor bastard

  • poor girl

  • psycology is bs becaus eno matter what it can be taken either way

  • why does the female interrogator talks so much emotional nonsense?

  • Wat kind of lame kills people? I sure aint got time... Thats for SURE!

  • You think he got a divorce? lol

  • I like this Dunn guy, wish he killed them all, & got away with it. He did all of us a great service by getting rid of the filth.

  • wait but if he is a sociopath aint he insane

  • great material

  • Stories like these highlight that part in the Lords' Prayer " deliver us from evil"- the evil that can befall us or evil, that out of stupidity, we do to others.

  • god damit at 4am im wathcing this with earphone and you have to add that last scene.

  • I can't imagine going about my day to day life carrying the weight of the guilt that I had brutally murdered someone and got away with it.

  • bro these detectives are more insane than the dude who just murdered someone after stalking them for months

  • It's kind of shitty for someone getting 50,000,000 views a video and making at least 100k dollars off this video alone to hide his other videos behind a patreon paywall. Pretty scummy.

  • Who’s child is that in the background at 02.57 minutes into de video? You can see a little girl in one of the bedrooms left handside

  • TᕼIᔕ Iᔕ ᑎᑌTᔕ

  • Am I the only one who is annoyed by the sound of his voice and the constant knee and thigh rubbing? 🤢🤢🤢🤢

  • It makes sense why Michael was so polite he’s from Canada

  • He thought he had to sit down apparently

  • Mimi is way sexier than Jodi could ever be.

  • Of course it’s a brother lol

  • “who’s number is this?” “…that’s your home number” “oh”

  • I know it’s hard to talk a boat, but we need to talk a boat it…

  • Gabby Petito's body has just been found. Can't wait for JCS to make a video on this one. What a tragic waste of life.

  • JCS is an absolute hero! He produces documentaries better than most mainstream channels. Thank you very much 😘

  • 1:18:27 “He was on all 4 of his knees 🤣🤣I lost it

  • 37:18 to 37:29 😂

  • Wham bam thank you for the coke now put me back in my cell 😂

  • POV: your waiting on Brian’s video next

    • @InsertNameHere No worries at all :)

    • @Fitness Science My brain saw "Brian's next video" lol please forgive my mistake.

    • @InsertNameHere I think Maddie is speaking about Brian Laundrie, the guy who just killed Gabby Petito. All over the news in the US.

    • Fr tho these vids are quality

    • I need someone to make a what happened video for people like me who are out of the loop. That would be some crossover episode though 🤣

  • pure second hand embarrassment lmao

  • "Your demon wants an attorney?" Bruh I would've cringed so hard

  • Wait so did he get his house back ?

  • actually a good ending. i am surprised and happy for the guy

  • Plot twist: he was biting himself because he was trying to turn into a titan

  • I cannot believe how hilarious this comment section is for a serious true crime documentary channel. 😂

  • I'm the victor and the victim classic psycho statement...

  • I swear I hate y’all’s comments 😂😂 us crime junkies can’t take shit serious 😩🤦🏾‍♀️🤣

  • Two lessons here 1) Dont marry a women who sleeps with men for a living IF you want a monogamous relationship and 2) IF she decides to leave you and sleep with out men, MOVE ON! -- LIFE IS SHORT!

  • JCS Straight up LIED to the subscribers saying: "Uploads will be more frequent." What a LETDOWN.

  • The ending ! LMMFAOOOO!

  • JCS Straight up LIED to the subscribers saying: "Uploads will be more frequent." What a LETDOWN.

  • 11:22 very scary, I think I’ll just stay single for life lol

  • Ignored this video for months on my recommendations only for me to watch throughout without skipping it

  • I really enjoyed all the facts and the in depth look into this case. However, I felt like it broke down towards the end and was not explained as in depth as the beginning. Leaving so many questions unanswered and a shock factor. Did she ever speak to her parents again? Were they not brought in for questioning if it were a family pool drowning. Surely there is more to this case and was dissapointed at the ending of this as it lost traction and information. Either way, its terribly sad. This mother will live knowing what happened. That's on her. I just cannot understand how the police would not arrest her or jury find her guilty in the way she buried her own child with duct tape and never reported it if she new her child had died. 🤷‍♂️ Just all doesn't make any sense.

  • OOOPs! You were tied up to a bed but the phone was so close you could call 911 while you were tied up?

    • And did I hear you say you whipped out the phone? From behind you?

  • This guy is an idiot, but also people should be careful, you never know if the person you’re about to assault has a gun or knife.

  • I wonder what her plan was for why she wanted him so badly to see her in person?

  • Rightfully be sitting on death row

  • I skipped to the interview with the fake crazy guy, that was a mistake. The part dealing with the first guy was very interesting.

  • she is so untidy!

  • just wanna show some appreciation towards JCS, and all the hard work, and details he puts into these videos. there’s nothing else like it on youtube ! I learn multiple new things in every single one of his videos! 💗

  • Calling 91 minutes "right back" is the true crime here.

  • It's funny, I'm all for catching killers and obviously against all wrongdoing, but I find it partially disgusting how law enforcement is so keen to get at people before they can employ their rights, even if they are in the wrong.

  • This is a story of the two Muhammads

  • I love at 33:00 when he says, "you either had blood on your hand and you touched the wall..", and she shows her palms like the blood would still be there if she did kill him.

  • He refers to his kids as those kids hmmm

  • 11:27 if i was the cop i would have laughed loudly 😅

  • Best intro ever. The intro could be the same for LA too

  • I’m from the city this happened in. There is a ton of unsolved murders here. High crime and murder rate. Not surprised everyone is roasting the detectives, that’s how all the cops etc. act here.