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The official podcast of Ethan and Hila Klein of h3h3productions.


2:33:25The Real Reason Frenemies Broke Up - H3 After Dark # 41
1:54:24Bella Poarch - H3 Podcast # 247
Bella Poarch - H3 Podcast # 247Vaatamised 1,4 mlnPäev tagasi
2:47:04And The Number Of Babies Is... - H3 After Dark # 40
20:41I'm so angry
I'm so angryVaatamised 1,7 mln8 päeva tagasi
44:38Regarding Trisha Quitting Frenemies
Regarding Trisha Quitting FrenemiesVaatamised 4,1 mln8 päeva tagasi
1:39:28Talking About Gabbie Hanna - Frenemies # 39
Talking About Gabbie Hanna - Frenemies # 39Vaatamised 4,2 mln8 päeva tagasi
2:02:59We're Having Twins Or Triplets! - H3 After Dark # 39
2:02:14PREGNANCY ANNOUNCEMENT! - Frenemies # 38
PREGNANCY ANNOUNCEMENT! - Frenemies # 38Vaatamised 3,4 mln15 päeva tagasi
2:47:51We're Pregnant! - H3 After Dark # 38
We're Pregnant! - H3 After Dark # 38Vaatamised 2,1 mln22 päeva tagasi
1:43:44Ethan Destroys The New Office - Off The Rails # 1
2:05:45Taking Trisha To Meme School - Frenemies # 37
Taking Trisha To Meme School - Frenemies # 37Vaatamised 3,6 mln22 päeva tagasi
2:14:31Joe Rogan Trashed Hila On His Podcast - H3 After Dark # 37
2:03:37Trisha & Ethan Got Bullied & Are Fighting Back - Frenemies # 36
3:05:16Jake Paul & Triller Are Suing Me - H3 After Dark # 35
Jake Paul & Triller Are Suing Me - H3 After Dark # 35Vaatamised 1,9 mlnМісяць tagasi
2:04:56Trisha's Birthday Celebration - Frenemies # 34
Trisha's Birthday Celebration - Frenemies # 34Vaatamised 3,7 mlnМісяць tagasi
2:46:51Twitch Hot Tubs & Bitconnect Carlos Calls In - H3 After Dark # 34
2:03:25Humanity Is Doomed - H3 Podcast # 245
Humanity Is Doomed - H3 Podcast # 245Vaatamised 1 mlnМісяць tagasi
2:01:52Jeff Wittek, David Dobrik, & TRIVIA! - Frenemies # 33
Jeff Wittek, David Dobrik, & TRIVIA! - Frenemies # 33Vaatamised 4,2 mlnМісяць tagasi
2:02:52Jake Paul Fight Was A Disaster - H3 Podcast # 244
Jake Paul Fight Was A Disaster - H3 Podcast # 244Vaatamised 1,1 mlnМісяць tagasi
2:48:36Morphe & YouTube Finally Drop James Charles - H3 After Dark # 32
1:47:46Infowars Attacks Ethan - H3 Podcast # 243
Infowars Attacks Ethan - H3 Podcast # 243Vaatamised 962 tuh2 місяці tagasi
1:59:45Khloe Kardashian Photo Drama & Pizza Eating Contest - Frenemies # 31


  • Time stamp for when they talk about trisha?

  • Love you Ethan and Hila ❤❤❤❤

  • Lmao Love’s “hi chat 😋” such a goof

  • Omg yayyy!!! *I love the eating on the show!!!* I'm so happy Hila is starting to let her guard down with us!!! 💛💛💛

  • I teared up when you guys hit 3 mil. Ethan, Hila, and the whole crew mean so much to me. Every week I look forward to these podcasts and just being distracted from everything. This podcast and these people will forever have a spot in my heart.

  • W

  • So crazy how it went so well until the end. She just didn’t want to do the Q/A segment. Should’ve discussed off camera but whatever

  • Dr. Drew is nit deserving of any hate. The guy is the most unbiased fact based guy. Don't get me wrong no hate to the Steamies.

  • Love and his propeller hat💀

  • Sam is so sweet and cool! <3

  • Fiiive Percent

  • What the fuck:(

  • 😭😭😭

  • Here's the timestamps for the Donna Klein Chronicles 1:26:29 - 1:27:22. 1:28:54 - 1:36:38. 1:41:20 - 1:41:47. 1:49:27 - 2:01:13. 2:01:39 - 2:02:06.

  • The bits with ethans mom just trying to get onto zoom are the highlights of this episode

  • Why didn't Love have a request?

  • Because bridesmaids stand at the end of the aisle too

  • Loves joji face at 1:26:19 is just perfect timing *chefs kiss*

  • it's so tasteless and trashy to invite someone and pay for them (as you do in a normal, healthy family) and then throw it back in their faces. it's even more embarassing that it's trisha's entitled sister publicizing this who doesn't even have her own career or money.

  • Hila is glowing 😍

  • So what’s up with the wedding invites now? 😕

  • Stop with the sound bites. They are so annoying

  • I think Ethans mom zoom calling is the hardest I’ve ever laughed watching the podcast 😂 💀

  • Trisha is the Yoko of the H3 podcast. Trying to break up the band.

  • Is there a time stamp when he starts talking about frenemies

  • It was "Spicy accountant" A term used on TikTok for having an Only Fans because of that sounds "I'm an accountant. No one questions what you do when you tell them you're an accountant"

  • 2:17:37 Haha! that voice crack is just Bananas!

  • 2:18 israelis? Oh no buddy they steal it from the arabs

  • i cant believe this is what ended frenemies :((

  • Well this podcast was depressing 😂

  • 37:11 ur welcome

  • "Ethan can't afford me." Girl, please! ✋😂 Poor Kalli, I almost feel bad for her. It's clear she isn't smart enough to understand...that it's impossible to attribute value to something that's completely worthless. 💅

  • Ethan adds an extra g. Sing ging. Bang ging. Instead of sing ing. Bang ing.

  • No me wiping separately literally right before she said “I wipe separately”

  • Y’all please tell me Ethan is joking about the spirit cooking that is not to be joked about ...

  • I love how Ethan and hila are SO REAL! They are us (the older people who were here for the inception of social media) so we understand all these trends and stuff. I love how they are so innocent and question these beliefs and experiences and things Bella is bringin up like manifesting and claimin SHE was bullied?! Lmfao hila said CAP. Lmfaooo

  • Ethan should actually just bring back frenemies with a new cohost that can create a new dynamic where maybe they arnt the best friends to begin with but create a lot of entertainment and have fun while growing a friendship the concept is still good.

  • Ethan’s mom’s story 😭😭😭 she’s so iconic and funny.

  • starts at 37:09

  • i love Ab

  • 1:50:11 ethans face cracked me up hahahahhahha !!!!!!!

  • Sooooo Funny 😆 ✌️❤️

  • out of a million dollars profit hes getting 50,000 extra wtf bro like its really enough to pay one employee for a year like its not that bad

  • Im so glad that the froyo place is back up to 5 stars

  • Gods sake it's actually insane listening just hearing all the eating and mouth sounds Ethan makes when eating. I mean come on........... I have to skip when he's just sitting making the chew and smacking noises, it's really annoying. It's a god damn Podcast, don't sit and eat right into the mic as the first thing you do in the video. I know it differs how sensitive you are to that stuff but reading the live chat I know a lot of other people hates it.

  • Stop putting zach on camera he is weird cringe

  • That 5% is my favorite thing ever 😂😭 But Ethan pretending like they don’t make a lot of money 🙄

  • Forget Trisha's sister, put Ethan's mom on payroll.

    • when does trish talk start?

  • Ethan’s mom on Zoom is the best segment of all time 😭

  • Dan with the Animals as Leaders shirt !!!!! What a freaking LEGEND !!!!!!!

  • Love is fine af !!!!!!!

  • As far as the DD come back I think people are just excited to see true genuine friendship again! People fuck up all the time and we have no idea what happens behind the scenes! ✌️&💜

  • Ethans mom was the funniest segment

  • she needs to write a book

  • Manifesting is basically just being a hard working person. Like hila said. Just being focused. These kids now just want to put a hashtag on it lmfao.

  • She plugged the shit out of her stupid stuff and left everyone in dumps.... Yeah I wasn't expecting anything else she's such an unreasonable trainwreck...

  • Hila eating the shrimp chip is the actual highlight of this podcast

  • the sketch was super fun. love how you involved everyone. great moves ethan. keep it up

  • omg love bot keeps getting better my the minute

  • Wtf Trisha and her family gaslighting Ethan and Hila is on a different level. She can't claim to be the victim then consistently gaslight and manipulate.

  • My favorite part is when love plays with his little kid hat lol 😆

  • Just wanna say, Bella is an incredibly strong person and from her music I can say she is talented. However, I see alot of people here creating the narrative that it's now impossible to critique her tiktok content. She was able to create a music career, only after she garnered a huge following making very simple tiktoks. Have people been insanely rude to her? Yes, but alot of people are annoyed by her seemingly effortless rise. Pretty girl gets big on tiktok, people seem to think now that they know her past, that this completely changes her rise in fame.

  • She has been on that stage covering drama of other people mistakes has really good point and goes on to do the SAME what a very weird contradiction of hers

  • PAUSE. TRISHA USED TO TALK ABOUT SEX ON HER PODCAST WITH HER MOM. Who remembers? And she did an ONLY FANS video with her SISTER. How are they about to say they don’t talk like that?

  • Ethan looks so much happier! 🙏🏻💖 I love you two so much !!!!!! ✨ 🧿

  • the 5% skit was hilarious!! 😭😭

  • Zachs soundbites on point

  • “A mere drop from my vast wealth”

  • Was this an interview or therapy? I am glad we got to know her, she is a wholesome individual.

  • Seeing ethan and hila happy makes me happy Update: I’m crying

  • That “good luck” part floored me. Most abusive parents try to hide to themselves/other people that they’re abusive, but her stepdad thought so little of her that he didn’t even try to deny it. Rough stuff

  • Ethan's promises to not chew in the mic are LIES

  • he is actually making fun of jobless people making use of employers exploiting employers and also making fun of people with problematic past and she is trying to be better person but you are making fun of her the fact that you are not gratful for her for making you gain 5ù and mots of money from this as well as fake shitty subsribers

  • I got secondhand embarrassment from Trishas sister’s video. What a fucking loser.

  • Hey, I'm not saying what Trisha did was right (it wasn't), but this is also eeeeeh. :( Just sad. I mean, they will be family, right? Is the wedding still on? Why do they bast each other online?

  • Omggg the part with your mom trying to connect in the phone. I cried laughing so hard 😭

  • They should fo a time stamp to skip the dump shit