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The official podcast of Ethan and Hila Klein of h3h3productions.


2:18:01The Vlog Squad Responds - H3 After Dark #26
2:37:15It Keeps Getting Worse For David Dobrik - H3 After Dark #25
1:36:38We Made A High Fashion Runway Collection - H3 Podcast #237
1:55:24The David Dobrik \u0026 Jason Nash Episode - Frenemies #19
2:16:50Logan Paul Says Ethan Is Scum Of The Internet - H3 After Dark #21
3:12:54These Are My Enemies Now - H3 After Dark #20
These Are My Enemies Now - H3 After Dark #20Vaatamised 1,6 mlnМісяць tagasi
1:27:53A Closer Look: Kenneth Copeland - H3 Podcast #232
A Closer Look: Kenneth Copeland - H3 Podcast #232Vaatamised 777 tuhМісяць tagasi
1:57:37Trisha Was Bullied \u0026 It's Not OK - Frenemies #17
Trisha Was Bullied \u0026 It's Not OK - Frenemies #17Vaatamised 3,4 mlnМісяць tagasi
1:39:22Does YouTube Have a Predator Problem? - H3 Podcast #231
Does YouTube Have a Predator Problem? - H3 Podcast #231Vaatamised 800 tuhМісяць tagasi
1:16:19Frenemies Is Under Attack - Frenemies #16
Frenemies Is Under Attack - Frenemies #16Vaatamised 2 mlnМісяць tagasi
2:43:30Was James Charles Inside The Capitol Building? - H3 After Dark #18
2:49:01The American Meltdown - H3 Podcast #230
The American Meltdown - H3 Podcast #230Vaatamised 1 mln2 місяці tagasi
2:12:06H3 After Dark (Defending Trisha From The Wicked David Portnoy) - #17
2:05:05The Fate Of Frenemies With Dr. Drew - Frenemies #14
The Fate Of Frenemies With Dr. Drew - Frenemies #14Vaatamised 2,4 mln2 місяці tagasi


  • Basically he tried to pull her shirt off and expose her bra... but went wrong

  • Britney did have a different girl singing one of her albums or something in the past. The other girls dad accidentally exposed it I think. And I bet a million dollars this happens quite a bit.

  • yall completely annihilated his video

  • I’m sure Gabbie Hanna would have a lot to say about the vlog squad

  • Why does Ethan move his wrist so damm much , no hate

  • 17:38 hila putting ethan on notice

  • Hila looks badas$ with that hair

  • Ethan probably got that fancy junk mail because of buying the Rolls-Royce

  • chris d'elia telling Bobby he crossed a line with physical touch image that ☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️

  • Ethan watch greg doucette he reacted to your diet and told you where youre going wrong

  • I guarantee the reason Seth asked to do a third kissing prank video was so he could have control in the situation finally. Which makes sense! When you are assaulted it’s out of your control and you’re helpless, so to gain some control you want to be in that situation again but be able to take control.

  • The vlog squad needs to go I'm assuming its only kids who watch their stuff?

  • The madden shit was sad lmfao

  • J-lo also doesn’t actually sing a lot of her songs

  • EATING SHIT CAN BE DEADLY GUYS OMG DONT DO IT WTF sepsis. Cedif infection and a lot more. Cedif almost caused sepsis and killed me when I was pregnant.

  • I'm seeing comments defending her saying that she's not white. She half Puerto rican and like half greek or Irish. Being Puerto Rican or latino is just an ethnicity. But she's part of the white race. She's white. You could be White and Puerto Rican

  • i lost 55 pounds on keto in 4 months. ethan, take it seriously and change your life.i actually was happy for you but you just quit too soon and make keto look bad

  • damn trishas gone huge her face and her body everything shes geting bigger and bigger god help her the struggle is real

  • guys i love you but this is fucking ridiculous. I cant watch the rest of it.

  • The laughs in the background make the video golden 😂


  • That girl got sepsis and died yeah

  • ethan and hila look like side characters from rocky horror

  • I just want to let y’all know that I don’t really watch Trisha alone I only watch her if she’s with Ethan and I don’t watch Ethan unless he’s with Trisha

  • At first I was just listening to the podcast and then I opened up my phone and I saw Dan with his sunglasses acting crazy. 😂

  • Scotty was the dumb friend in the group, we now know why DD used him 😂😂

  • Hila’s hair compliments her skin tone SO WELL

  • “Why can’t your master” !!!!! I fucking died hila coming for necks

  • Ya’ll gonna ignore the fact she beat his ass? And ethan answered for him that he wouldn’t be the kind of guy to deal with that?

  • “Sponsored by....literally nobody” 💀💀

  • Sam pepper was canceled with a quickness, it’s weird that’s Jason is still just roaming free

  • *You should have male victims of similar assaults interviewed on your podcast. I think it would really shed some light on male assault and how it differs from female assault! It would be a really educating segment and I’d love to watch it. I know after dark is supposed to be funny but sometimes we need to talk about these things*

  • Hila hair hella ugly

  • What's the music at 1:16:43 ?

  • You have to add oil to it for it to be a fountain.

  • The revenge porn argument is so irrelevant .... Even if Seth was a murderer or something it still doesn't justify SA.... His actions don't counteract anything that other people do to him. It's a separate argument completely

  • I teared up when they gave trisha the peeps like her reaction you can tell she didn't expect it 🥺🥺

  • This has become such a drama channel and I'm not a fan of the direction

  • and whats crazy is that in david’s video scotty is always portrayed as the friend they don’t like (apparently as a joke), and david does this to him. what a joke.

  • i love trish in this episode. she kept callin ethan on his phobic bs ( he defs gaslit her ) i saw seeing it the same way too

  • I'm 24 and Hila looks younger than me with her new hair

  • Ethan looks so much like the bartender from Shrek that has a male voice, I can't unsee it now.

  • 😭 i had to turn down my volume around the crazy christian part it was so loud

  • 😳WAIT......saying something about someone from another state is racist. 🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦😭 do people know the meaning anymore?

  • Ethans hair looks cool

  • Stop implying everyone is a good person Ethan, Scotty sounds like a PoS along with half of the people you say are good, STOP SAYING IT.

  • I love the show so much, but the arab is so ignorant..u should bring someone who knows something in islam

  • I instantly thought Fifth Element when I clicked on this video, then Ethan says it lol

  • This ep gets so funny

  • Trisha lies and says Hila doesn’t like her and things about their family constantly - and that’s what Hila doesn’t want - Ethan and Hila don’t want Trisha getting in the middle of their family drama and lying about things. Ethan was very clear but Trisha pushes and makes it about something else Hila doesn’t think she’s too good she doesn’t want to be lied about.

  • "put him in a fucking ditch"

  • Why is it that every other video Ethan puts out is about drama and trying to cancel David Dobrik, i dont like david at all but bro give it a break WERE OVER IT. I miss when i could watch this and laugh and forget about my daily stress. SunnyV2 did a really good video on this. Just to make this clear i love H3H3, ive been watching since vape nash, the law suit, when they didnt care about pleasing/ not triggering everyone(social justice warriors). I guess we just out grew each other.

  • nickelodeon needs to drop ties with David

  • 1:05:58 for what you really want to watch

  • Ethan went in and asked for the Layne Staley ended up coming out with a Lame Staley

  • Hila looks sOOOOO GOOOD

  • "A latin band right? Spanish" Solo un yanqui.

  • I don't think David every going to respond to this until he sells his app

  • I feel like Scottie is the same kind of guy that would march with a tiki torch chanting "Jews will not replace us." I also don't think that these guys would understand that what they are doing is wrong if the victim was a woman either... they take advantage of women too. Like, Trisha...

  • david using scotty as a mouthpiece seems awfully similar to when jefree used hair by J...

  • The timing of Scott’s video right at the same time dispo comes out lol..

  • ETHAN IF YOU WANT TO LOSE THE FUCKING WEIGHT THEN EAT IN A 100-500 CALORIE DEFICIT AND THEN GET INTO WEIGHTLIFTING. You have so much trouble losing weight because you don’t have a high BMR, I think the competition with Trisha proved that you need to put on more muscle anyways homie

  • I mean i hate the idea of supporting david but i really like the idea of the app, i always hate what i look like when i first take a picture and then i look back at it a few days later i like it.... idk might have to hate myself AND look into it...

  • What has this show become? It used to be so lighthearted and fun. Now all we get is gossip, hate, cancellations, Ethan & Hila spewing ignorance and arrogance.

  • this whole situation is sick. seeing people in chat blaming seth is sickening, i don't care what shitty things seth has done - THAT DOESN'T MEAN THEY CAN TREAT HIM LIKE SHIT?!? some of y'all need to be educated so when this happens to someone you know, you don't treat them like this...

  • What’s the link to his wikifeed?

  • Ethan just eat fruit and vegetables and work out you’ll lose weight, fuck keto

  • Please do Dog the bounty hunter and his girl next week omg that would be perfect!!

  • i love how trish just licked ethan’s hair and nobody saying anything 😭😭😭

  • Ethan looking like he’s about to be hit by operation yewtree

  • who texted her?

  • Don’t you guys dare quit this show!!! It’s bomb!!!

  • Dude 1:05:11

  • The amount of salt used was UNSOLICITED

  • Please don’t stop talking about the David dobrik situation. We can’t allow this piece of garbage to ruin Seth’s life. Male sexual assault is real and it happens. If you get into a lawsuit (worst case scenario) we’re here to back you 150%. I’m tired of seeing people get away with assault even when there is proof. Thank you so much for continuing to talk about it and not just doing two episodes for views and then dropping it. Seth needs support right now and this will help. Edit: *please tell Seth we believe him and we are here for him!! Ignore all the comments from 14 year olds on TikTok. They are too young to understand the seriousness of what happened. If I was that age I believe that I would unfortunately be siding with David because I wouldn’t know right from wrong and in that young of a person they just aren’t educated on sexual assault. To them, sexual assault is rape because they aren’t educated on it. You aren’t taught that in school.*

  • Hilaaaaa 😍😍😍

  • You know what- I feel like something happened for David to even have to ask to do the prank again. Seth must’ve made it clear he wasn’t comfortable the first time to have to ask the second time. And still didn’t see the consent. Scott trying to blur regret still doesn’t excuse the offense.

    • and that third time voice note doesn’t sound like a guy that’s excited. Looks like he was bugged to do it again

  • I know that there isn’t malicious with this argument but I really don’t agree with the suggestion that Seth would be taken seriously if he was female. It’s not about the victim, it’s about the perpetrator - take this example, everyone knew about Harvey Weinstein but he was so powerful no one said a thing. Those arguments said throughout that were applied to women are there because they are said so often. In all honesty I think people ignoring/not caring about this comes down to two reasons: People see it as just a prank, nothing serious, or they’ll ignore it because it’s David Dobrik

  • Man, Zack was quick on that "thank you Dan" soundbite.

  • Hila looks like a fire 🔥 queen 👑! ❤️