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0:43The Strangest Records in NFL History Part 5
0:45The Strangest Records in NFL History Part 4
The Strangest Records in NFL History Part 4Vaatamised 17 tuhPäev tagasi
0:54The Strangest Records in the NFL History Part 3
1:00The Strangest Records in NFL History Part 2
The Strangest Records in NFL History Part 2Vaatamised 19 tuhPäev tagasi
1:01The Strangest Records in NFL History Part 1
The Strangest Records in NFL History Part 1Vaatamised 18 tuhPäev tagasi
17:54Top 10 NFL Draft Prospects
Top 10 NFL Draft ProspectsVaatamised 80 tuhPäev tagasi
2:00Top EDGE Rusher Prospects in 2021 NFL Draft
Top EDGE Rusher Prospects in 2021 NFL DraftVaatamised 21 tuhPäev tagasi
3:32Best, Worst Potential QB Landing Spots
Best, Worst Potential QB Landing SpotsVaatamised 37 tuhPäev tagasi
9:16QBs with the Most On the Line in 2021
QBs with the Most On the Line in 2021Vaatamised 45 tuhPäev tagasi
7:03Could Kyle Pitts be a Top 5 pick in the Draft?
4:11LT's Top 5 RBs Worth Chasing this Offseason
LT's Top 5 RBs Worth Chasing this OffseasonVaatamised 24 tuhPäev tagasi
8:50Teams that Will Look Brand New in Two Weeks
Teams that Will Look Brand New in Two WeeksVaatamised 138 tuhPäev tagasi
9:33Did J.J. Watt Make the Right Move?
Did J.J. Watt Make the Right Move?Vaatamised 57 tuhPäev tagasi
5:32Most Electric #ForTheBrand Punts of 2020!
Most Electric #ForTheBrand Punts of 2020!Vaatamised 25 tuhPäev tagasi
3:43Top 10 QBs Worth Pursuing this Offseason
Top 10 QBs Worth Pursuing this OffseasonVaatamised 24 tuhPäev tagasi
6:40Dream Trades, Signings for NFC South
Dream Trades, Signings for NFC SouthVaatamised 24 tuhPäev tagasi
3:39Best Landing Spots for Russell Wilson
Best Landing Spots for Russell WilsonVaatamised 36 tuhPäev tagasi
3:26Top CB prospects in 2021 NFL Draft
Top CB prospects in 2021 NFL DraftVaatamised 21 tuhPäev tagasi
5:46Arizona Cardinals Sign DE J.J. Watt
Arizona Cardinals Sign DE J.J. WattVaatamised 134 tuhPäev tagasi
20:58Top 100 Throws of the 2020 Season!
Top 100 Throws of the 2020 Season!Vaatamised 166 tuh7 päeva tagasi
32:41Top 10 Games of the 2020 NFL Season
Top 10 Games of the 2020 NFL SeasonVaatamised 223 tuh7 päeva tagasi


  • No he is not impossible to defend the mighty BUCCS. totally stoped him

  • my favorite team is the browns and clemson

  • The lyrical thermometer cosmetically grab because composition explicitly bow regarding a wiggly pan. noiseless, cagey cereal

  • How dare those stupid football teams play football at shakira and Jlo’s concert😡

  • Who even played in the super bowl that year?💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • Who cares. You take a knee !! We won't watch. When you stand and place your hand on your heart for my national anthem I might watch again .

  • Wow. What a performer!! She's so powerful! Acrobatics and voice, lungs ❤️ whole.

  • I was waiting for that flying man at 00:48 to say "Almighty Push"! Lol!

  • The second one is OBVIOUSLY the most difficult

  • aaron rodgers or russel wilson

  • Tbh i really don't think that the super bowl made the top 20 list lol

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  • 12:59 SNL 2.0

  • Too Good mate Too Good


  • The irony of him saying lil bro won't catch me and he's 20 spots ahead on this list lmao

  • Al Davis really treated him crappy. His stats would of been off the charts.

  • A down year for russel wilson is like a career year for most quarterbacks.

  • Jesus😭

  • Technically this is the last time we heard daft punk in a live performance

  • Lv finally has a football team and we have a superstar rb


  • 4:36 When you fight a mirage inside a building

  • Andrew Luck is a guy that worked insanely hard to get where he is. Top 10 quarterback of all time in my opinion

  • I never realized how much the interception king scrambles

  • 6:56 Oooooh. The best comment

  • “Steelers are going to Superbowl 43, thanks to number 43” - Iconic

  • Only complaint too much processing on his vocals. Otherwise dude is on point.

  • Biggest click bait on youtube wat strange bout this!?

  • redskins were 3-12 dallas blow out washington 47-16

  • Brady asks Rodgers “Do you feel in charge?” 💀

  • Never gonna get over that house of balloons part🥵🥵

  • Troy Polamalu 🔥


  • Did they forgot Mahomes taking a 30 yard sack?

  • Satan falling from heaven and the appearing of the antichrist... please wake up people. Jesus warned of this, He's coming.. Jesus Christ is coming.

  • I cant wait for the Kurt Warner biopic.

  • I like Horn best for DAL... but, JJ will find a way to be the Stable Genius of the draft! 😁

  • Ehhhhhh🍒

  • Didnt the dolphins also get a 30 yard sack against the chiefs this year?

  • 2022 halftime show should be SHAKIRA JLO PART 2

  • imagine thinking Nathan Peterman deserved more of a shot that Tebow

  • does anyone else see the nfl throwback logo in the corner on the first one

  • gotta put together more than 45 seconds of clips cmon man

  • 0:35 off his back foot

  • Kyler doesn't have much on the line because if he gets released, he can just sign with the A's and become a baseball superstar

  • 8-7-1

  • Beyoncé the goat

  • The wiry voice markedly glue because drug conversantly rescue about a exciting exclusive toothpaste. stingy, ludicrous diving

  • Actual goosebumps everytime

  • 10:15 song name please

  • Mahomes scratched his eggs in TV, ble

  • Take those boring ass plahoff game out Saints buccs week 1 should be in it Titans vs steelers Patriots vs seahawks for sure should be a top 5 game of the year!!!!

  • All these people love hating on him and saying ohh he can’t get past the championship game when his team can’t even beat him or get further than him 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I’m sorry he doesn’t have the perfect balanced team like Brady or mahomes. But hey I guess Rodgers put the stakes too high that his “bad” season is getting to back to back championship games.

  • The graphic they show when Brady's receiving the trophy; 7 time Super Bowl Champion 5 time Super Bowl MVP shocking to look at, when you consider how difficult (and what an honor) it is to just win one of either. Brady is just special. We'll never see anything like this guy again.

  • 9:56 why is this dude talking to the ref like that lol tell your teammates that not the ref LMAO

  • Should have had 7. Kamara was not in the game when Taysom Hill ran for his Td.

  • Ray Lewis was showin his age in this game. Glad he went out on top.

  • Washington Football Team should keep the name. Maybe Washington Team Football.

  • “That stuff won’t happen with the Biden ticket.” Literally happens the next game under Joe Biden. NFL is leftist trash.

  • You forgot Pittsburgh Steelers

  • Taylor Heinicke put up a better fight than Mahomes lol

  • Fire Howie

  • Really great insight on why NE was able to pull off a win in SB XLIX

  • The best one halftime show!

  • Dude made himself some money that day. I'm a giants fan but good for him

  • One of the best halftime shows in a long time

  • Bruno Mars and the boys are far better than those Exo and BTS.

  • If only we had a line we would've had a chance. Not saying we would've won or anything. We would've at least have a touchdown 😅😅🤣

  • As a Colts fan, I was excited about seeing us at the 4th easiest, but the good teams we face are really good, and Trevor Lawrence is going to Jax. 🥲

  • Bucs are trying to resign Shaq Barrett, Levonte David, Gronk, AB and more. The won’t have cap unless he signs for cheap like AB did.

  • I'm chill with the loss. But when people start insulting my team that's when I get pissed. I'm just happy we made it this far

  • hi

  • Wow Show top

  • Lets just be honest... These teams are all gonna try and Beat Brady. They don’t care about the Ring at this point. It’s all about bringing down Brady... and I don’t think they will be able to do it. Brady is really a all in one package that captivates his Teammates imagination and makes them better Mentally! Everyone Else is just fighting for Second.