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3:56BlizzConline 2021 - Wrap-Up - Blizzard Entertainment
4:41:48BlizzConline Day 2
BlizzConline Day 2Vaatamised 374 tuh8 päeva tagasi
4:08:22BlizzConline Day 1
BlizzConline Day 1Vaatamised 1,4 mln8 päeva tagasi
1:21Blizzard® Arcade Collection - Official Launch Trailer
8:062020 Blizzard Fireside Chat
2020 Blizzard Fireside ChatVaatamised 109 tuh3 місяці tagasi
5:04Story Time with Chris Metzen: Snow Fight
Story Time with Chris Metzen: Snow FightVaatamised 70 tuh10 місяців tagasi
40:22BlizzCon 2019 | Diablo IV: Unveiled | Full Panel
3:51Blizzard | Girls Who Code Program Recap
Blizzard | Girls Who Code Program RecapVaatamised 42 tuhAasta tagasi
2:46BlizzCon 2019 | Day 1 Recap
BlizzCon 2019 | Day 1 RecapVaatamised 24 tuhAasta tagasi
4:32BlizzCon 2019 | Overwatch Recap
BlizzCon 2019 | Overwatch RecapVaatamised 49 tuhAasta tagasi


  • Activision: Happy Birthday Blizzard! You're being dissolved :)

  • why wouldnt they just do an ingame event for this

  • more dislikes pls

  • Why...

  • Настольгия

  • You killed overwatch

  • I've never seen so many snowflakes in one video.

  • Fix warcraft 3 Reforged🙏

  • Blizzard it's your collaps haha

  • Cartoon is better

  • Fix Warcraft 3...

  • yall are TRIPPIN Diablo 3 looks MUCH better than this.

  • that dog ahaha

  • PvP in d4 sound exactly like the dark zone in the division lol

  • The fans of Blizzard can be so epic sometimes!

  • METALLICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • put overwatch on psplus

  • Blizzard hates their own history and will RUIN every of their ole time classics.

  • The GOOD version of Warcraft 3 is gone forever.

  • They ruined Warcraft 3 with the worst remake ever and soon they will ruin Diablo 2.

  • Goodbye, the better made old version of Warcraft 3.

  • Штош, ждем дополнение. Кто-то говорил, что не возможно вернуть 2007. Ты ошибался, и не готов!

  • So we are still pretending that reforged hasnt happened and that hots doesnt exist?

  • STARCRAFT ????

  • DIABLO: 1:06:52

  • Warcraft reforged never forget!!

  • When Blizzard is no longer ran by creative people, they just keep recashing by the fame of yester year.

  • Who did the subtitle? It's all wrong lol 0:37 For the Horde, not Tomahawk 0:40 For Lordaeron, not For Lord 1:56 Strike with great vengeance, not Strike with great accuracy.

  • 4:00:00 MAMAMOO

  • Hope Carbot gets some subs after this. He’s so underrated. Sub to him, boys

  • Blizzard deleting comments they don't like. Typical. You truly are the worst.

  • Carbots did more for blizzcon than Blizzard. Also good detail that overwatch killing everything

  • The real question is: When is the rock'n'roll racing car going to be in HOTS?

  • MAMAMOO's coming to 4:00:00


  • Oms the voice in the song is amazing :)

  • fix warcraft 3

  • where is war3 reforged?

  • Activision will disappoint us again. rip Blizzard

  • Where is Warcraft 3 CustomCampaine?!? We want to create our loved Warcraft Campagnes😞

  • 3:25:31 mrllama's smile here is priceless. 20 years of being D2 pioneer pays off. Thanks blizzard!


  • 영화 드라마 공짜 남성커뮤니티 아시죠 ? 아이디로 접속 가능

  • Overwatch is going Warframe

  • wait no reforged # ban blizzard for lies

  • Where is warcraft 3 reforged

  • Great Work from CarBot, but Blizzard muting WarCraftIII is just disgusting....

  • Why was this even put up it had ZERO CONTENT.

  • ty blizzard

  • only unconditional love <3

  • 22:00

  • Oh... my word... No.

  • Time Stamps???

  • blizzard died 10 years ago

  • Mamamoo hard carry!

  • Garage Sale

  • Diablo 2 Reforged

  • Sarah Kerrigan is best character of blizzard universe.

  • Blizzard doesn't deserve CarBot.

  • honestly, the twitch version of metallica sounded better than anything they put out since the early 90s:)

    • WHERE IS MORHAIME !!!!!!??????

  • This was so good guys please do episode 2 next year! Please! This was so much fun!!!

  • Hold the dooor!

  • Where did they host Blizzcon Online? Only 75 comments? Anyone's wedding would have more crowd than this.

    • My mind has more pretend people's in it then this



  • Fix reforged

  • Fix reforged

  • Fix reforged

  • Fix reforged

  • Fix reforged

  • Fix Reforgef

  • Sharing love to old part of company

  • Laaaaaaaammmmeeee ..

  • 봐도봐도 웃기네 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • Friendly reminder that all of your custom made content are automatically owned by Blizzard, not you.

  • The real Diablo 3 is coming in 2021, it called Diablo 2 Resurrected.

  • Deckard Caine would be proud.

  • loved it. want more! :)

  • 1:24:52

  • Testing to see if my comment Not mentioning WC3R appears.

  • The March of Cringe

  • Oh you're gonna feel real alone when you have no customers